Rosalind Peterson of the Agriculture Defense Coalition  joined us for a scheduled two hour radio show on Friday.

The show started out with  a lot of technical issues, interference and echoing,  but we made it through, well that is until we finally were kicked of the air at the 55 minute mark. However, the show is packed with information that you are going to want to listen to. Rosalind and I spoke after the show, and we decided to reschedule the show for March 2 at 12 noon, so be sure to tune in to hear the rest of the story. And believe me , there is a rest to the story!


I urge you to check out Rosalind Peterson’s website, look under the  categories tab (click here to view all of  the the in depth  information regarding geoengineering programs, all at the click of a mouse! I must say , she has made this site easy to navigate, and it’s loaded with information. Please be sure to bookmark this site, it is the encyclopedia of Geoengineering and GMO.


While you’re at it, visit  articles  Section of the ADC Website, which were all  were written by Rosalind Peterson.  The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author.  click here


Rosalind’s Website


Here is the video of the one hour show:

And remember, Roslaind Peterson and Roxy Lopez will make this up to the listening audience, so Rosalind is returning for another 2 hour interview with  The Truth Denied Talk Radio on March 2 at 12 NOON (MST), so be sure to mark your calendars!
She assures everyone that she is still open to answering your questions live on the air. Look for future advertisements on located right on the front page!




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