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About Fritz:

Fritz Zimmerman is the author of The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley“, which guides readers into the mysterious world of the Allegewi Hopewell mound builders from 1000 B.C. – 500 A.D. Two-hundred-twenty-two mound and earthworks sites have been photographed, with directions provided in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Michigan. The Guide is the result of physically exploring over 700 burial mound and earthwork sites in the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes Region.


Zimmerman’s second book, The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley, leads readers on an ancient journey from the Levant to the British Isles to the Ohio Valley, where the remains of giant human skeletons have been documented.  It includes the historical accounts of over 300 giant skeletons that have been discovered within burial mounds and subsurface tombs.  The accounted giants in the Bible, known as the Amorites have not only left their physical remains, but have have left an indelible mark across the landscapes of the British Isles and the Ohio Valley with their conical burial mounds and open air solar and celestial temples known as henges.


The Radio Interview


This was a most interesting interview with Fritz Zimmermen, so much so that we wished we had more time to spend with him. He covered a lot of ground on the show, and we be sure to invite him again in the future.

The most historical reports of giant skeletons



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Invasion of the CroMagnon Giants to North America



CroMagnon Giants Remains in the Great Lakes Region



A Tour of the Giant’s Tombs in the Ohio Valley


Amorite Numerology Codex of Gematria Found Within the Earthworks in the Ohio Valley

Here are just a few of the points that Fritz brought up on the show today.

“Fallen Angles”

1. Hunters and Fishers of the Maritime Archaic : Maritime migrations to North America
Stretching across
the expanse of Eurasia was a homogeneous culture yeilding bone
harpoons, leaf shaped projectivle points, fish hooks, slate ice
picks, net sinkers (plummets), gouges and polished stone axes.
Patterns decorated on these implements were chevrons, cross-hatching
or other geometric desings.  (This is a continuation of designs found
in Upper Paleolithic CroMagnon graves)

1. Burial types of the Maritime Archaic
Remains of the Hunters and Fishers are found in Kitchen Middens, Glacial Kames.  Burial many times contained the evidence of charcoal or fires. Childrens burials are found accompanied by dogs.

III.  “Archaic” type skulls
are desribed as having a protruding brow ridge, sloping forehead,
thick skull walls, massive jaws.

IV     “Archaic” skull types are found on both the Pacific and Atlantic
coasts. They are also found in large numbers in the Great Lakes Region from New York to Wisconsin.

V. There also a number of skulls found with a double row of teeth. This dental anomolie is found in the greatest numbers in the coastal regions and always with giant skeletons.

VI. Earliest mound and earthwork sites
at Watson Break (3000 B.C) and Poverty Point (1500 B.C) contained
large number of plummets. This is good evidence that these early
mound sites were connected to the Maritime Archaic groups on both

VII. Shell mounds occur in the Late
Archaic in southern Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. It is believed
that these are the early Sioux.  Archaeologist believe these same
areas were the origination of the later “Hopewell”

Part II

I.)  Prehistoric
Mining in North Amerca
Where is all the
copper 500,000 tons missing

II. Early and Middle
Bronze Age ype weapons found with thew “Copper Culture”
sequuence of tanged daggers to the socket in Wisconsin along with
adding a mid-rib on the blade for additional strength.

III  Origins described in the Book of Genesis 6:4
1.) Bronze Age metals technology, knowledge of the coarse of the Sun, Moon and Constellations is elaborated on in the book of Enoch.

IV.  Origins of the Biblical Amorites with the Cro Magnon
1. historical reports of giant Cro Magnon remains

V.   Amorites migrations across Europe to England under the guise of the “Beaker People”
A.  Beaker People were a combo of Dinaric, Corded People and Boreby Cro Magnon
1.) Conical mounds surrounded by a curb or ditch found from Syria, Kiev, Germany to England
2.)  Henges found in Germany and England
3.) Large skeletal remains found in the conical mounds

VI   Same “head types” of the Dinaric, Corded people and Boreby Cro Magnon found in the Ohio Valley burial mounds.

VII  The Ohio Valley mound and henge sites are identical to that found in the British Isles

VIII  Numerical Codex of Gematria     666= Sun Father   1080 Earth or Lunar Mother
1.) First noted with the Amorites of Babylon 1950 BC
2.)  Evidence in the Bible
3.) Evident at Stonehenge
4.)  Evidence on the Ohio Valley

IX   Complex mathematics and the use of pi and square roots were used in the construction of the earthworks of the Ohio Valley.

Travel Guide.
I.      222  sites photographed that was the result of 13 years of field work investigating over 70 burial mound and earthwork sights.

II.    Importance of understanding ancient religion and the meaning of the symbolism of shapes in the construction of the earthworks

III.   The importance of understanding the balance between the Sun Father and the Earth Mother in the construction of the earthworks. The Sacred Marriage or the Holu Union of opposites

IV.   Signs in nature that are evident on the “Sacred Landscape” where he earthworks were constructed

A special note from Fritz Zimmerman

Two Iroquois burial mounds are scheduled to be destroyed to make way for funeral plots in the Marion, Indiana IOOF cemetery. The owner of the cemetery is a minister. The cemetery is now the Historic Estates of Serenity. Please call and express your anger. 800 747 2692 Ext: 208698”

We intend that you enjoyed the show!

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