Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is our guest today and you do not want to miss a word of this exciting and enlightening interview!

“Laura is a Cosmic Mythologist, Global Alchemist and Clairvoyant Healer and is the great-grandaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower.  She is on a profound mission to complete his legacy and reveal our true origins with extraordinary intuitive gifts which are deeply connected with the ‘Magdalene’ and ‘Sophia’ energies of love and wisdom. These two forces connect many dots that are coming into our awareness, now more than ever, as our solar system aligns with the Galactic plane in 2011-2012.”


Laura discusses 2012, what we are going through on our planet, The Mars Recruit and what it means to her and you, the Convergence, Ascension ,  Activation of the DNA , the Illuminati and much more!



Laura is a wonderful guest who touched me deeply, and moved the audience with her ability to channel and speak so openly to the listeners…truly a woman of love and tenacity!  Laura gets right in there, doesn’t waste anytime and really makes you think! She says “Ignorance is not Bliss”, and we best get on with our journey before it is too late.  You will most likely want to listen to this show more than once, the second time with a notepad. She inspires ones innermost spirit, and certainly does not mince words. Nice to see someone with such vigilance and clarity, who is not afraid to bring her experience of the  underworld to the surface for all to see. Laura explored her past with us, and spoke of the future to come, for herself and what she sees in humanity and offers a path to freedom, one that she has been on all of her life. When you listen to what Laura has to say , you feel as though you are on the journey , right beside her running through the mazes and the labyrinth  of the Matrix. Laura is upbeat and wild, full of love, full of life!

Thank you Laura!

Host: Roxy Lopez


Here is the full one hour show, enjoy!



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