Chemtrail Photography 101

By: Iam Awake


Chemtrails are easy to photograph, you point your camera at the sky filled with chemtrails, push the button, and ‘click’ an image of a chemtrail born.  Amazing as the image of those chemtrails may be, there are just a few little basic photography basics, if applied correctly, will turn an ordinary chemtrail image into a stunning one.


It’s all about composition, looking at what is in your viewfinder.  By just moving yourself a few feet in any direction, you can usually include something on the ground in your image.  A rooftop, a lamppost, a building, treetops, even just an electric or telephone wire, anything on the Earth will do.  Simply give the viewer’s eye something else to focus on besides the chemtrail.  It’s all about perspective; the photographic technique I’m writing about is called “framing”.


“Framing is the technique of drawing attention to the subject of your image by blocking other parts of the image with something in the scene.”


This image of a very faint chemtrail would be lost in the blue sky around it if I had not “framed” it.  I moved around and found a way to get all four sides of the image to include something on the ground.

Why is this faint chemtrail interesting to look at?
Your eyes naturally identify what is around the edges of the image and are drawn into what is inside.  

I know, there are times that you cannot get all four sides “framed” around the chemtrail.  This is why I strive to at least get the very bottom portion or something else in the image.  I call my technique “grounding”.  Long ago, when I first started posting my chemtrail images on CHEMTRAILS KILL Roxy messaged me and told me that I have a “Style”.  My “Style” is very simple, its just called grounding.  I’ve taken thousands of chemtrail images, first I get the chemtrail in the viewfinder, and then I search for something else from the ground to include.  It really is just that simple.


Below are some other images I took with just the chemtrail, then seconds later something from the ground in the image, you can see the difference.  Our eyes just naturally work that way.



What kind of camera am I using?  From 2009-2010 I had a HP 5MP Photosmart, It was fine, all of those early images are on my website;  I wanted to get some better shots, using a little zoom, the price of the 12MP Nikon Coolpix dropped, so I got one of those in 2010.  Every picture you see on since July 2010 was taken with my simple Nikon Coolpix camera.  It’s perfect for chemtrail photography.  It’s small, I always have it with me, and it works.

What I’m saying here is that it’s not the camera; it’s what you compose in your viewfinder that makes for interesting chemtrail images.

What settings do I use? 

I leave the camera on ‘AUTO’.  Even the night shots are taken on ‘AUTO’ (night time images are taken with a tripod, flash set to off) I let the camera do all the work.

Summing this all up, to 
take interesting chemtrail photographs, just take a second, think about what is in your viewfinder, get something from the ground in the image, and push the button. 

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Iam Awake

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By IamAwake

I am a chemtrail photographer, webmaster, editor, owner of, there are currently over 5000 chemtrail images, all taken by me, on my website.

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  1. Interesting technique. We do see the proportion with ground object included in picture.

    If you want to capture the plane, use the highest ISO available to your camera.

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