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The Truth Denied Talk Radio Interviews Barbara Peteron of FARM WARS & Russ Tanner of Global Skywatch
Host: Roxy Lopez
Website: http://www.thetruthdenied.com/
Time: Fridays, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Central

Show highlights: Barbara Peterson & Russ Tanner discussed the following topics!

  • GMO’s
  • Morgellons Disease and how it is caused
  • The Chemtrail Connection
  • Globalists Agenda
  • Monsanto
  • Synthetic Biology: What is a “spider goat” and why do we need them?
  • Who are the culprits?
  • 50% of Chickens sold in Supermarkets have E.Coli  (CDC)
  • Monsanto introducing abiotic stress resistant seeds , why? Barbara explains.
  • Ailments associated with Chemtrails, Russ talks about heart attacks, Tenitas (Ringing in the ears ), Low Potasium levels associated with Barium Toxicity, Mercury poisoning, and Activism, why is it so important?
  • Where to purchase food, cooking tips, herbs for supplements all at a fraction of what you are paying right now and better for you!





Barbara Peterson of Farm Wars


First hour with  Barbara Peterson 


Jan. 19, 2012 UPDATE:

“While I might assume a particular position on an issue, that position is subject to change when new or more relevant information becomes available. Remember the sorghum aluminum resistance patent that we thought was created by Monsanto to counter the effects of excess aluminum found in the soil after heavy chemtrailing? Well, it turns out that we were partially right.” ~ Barbara Peterson http://farmwars.info/?p=2927


“Control the weather, you control agriculture”  ~Barb Peterson


Health Authorities Now Admit Severe Side Effects of Vaccination



A new study shows that low doses of Bt biopesticide CryA1b as well as the glyphosate herbicide, Roundup, kill human kidney cells. The Bt biopesticide conferring insect resistance and the glyphosate tolerance trait tied to the use of glyphosate herbicides account for almost all the GM crops grown worldwide. Bt crops already constitute 39 % of globally cultivated genetically modified (GM) crops, yet this is the first study that provides evidence on the toxicity of Bt protein in human cells.



Russ Tanner of Global Skywatch


Second hour :       

 Russ Tanner of Global Skywatch

Website:    www.globalskywatch.com


Also, this video contains a lot of footage that Russ Tanner captured, both from the ground and timelapse:http://globalskywatch.com/podcast/misc/Bangor-Maine_3-Years-of-Chemtrails.html

Chemtrail Photos in Bangor area:



Russ Tanner
President, Herb Allure, Inc.
Email: russ@herballure.com
Website: http://HerbAllure.com
Toll Free (U.S. & Canada): 1-800-358-4278
Worldwide: 207-584-3550
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Fax (24/7): 207-584-5552

Change Your life, seek out BEAUTY






 Cooking Tips

by Barbara Peterson

1. When you cook something, make extra, and freeze individual portions for quick meals later.

2. Drying doesn’t have to be a chore. Cut your fruit and/or veggies up and simply place in a colander or on a raised screen under a fan. Every so often when you pass by, jiggle the colander or toss the fruit around a bit so that it dries evenly. Store the dried fruit and use for snacks or rehydrating for fruit cups, etc.

3. Place tea bags in a covered glass container filled with water and let sit for sun tea. No fuss, no muss, and quick.

4. Dry herbs and veggies (see item 2) and store them for soup making later. To make a soup, just add water, seasonings, and any other ingredients you choose. You can make up individual soup starter packages with your own dried herbs and veggies. Boil water, add the package and there you go – instant soup mix.

We go to the store for convenience, yet if we buy in bulk and whenever we cook, make a large batch and freeze individual portions, we actually save the time it takes to go to the store and get individual servings. Win win. We can make our own “TV dinners,” “soup starters,” dried fruit and nut mixes, and just about anything the big box stores can do, only without the added chemicals and poisons. And we can do it cheaper, healthier, with less environmental impact, and without “trusting” the likes of mega corporations to do it for us.

~Barbara Peterson


For those who are pressed for time:

Buy Direct from your Local Farmer

Farmigo connects you with local farms in your
community enabling farms to thrive



Russ Tanner Tips:


  • Have your dentist remove your mercury fillings that cause toxicity in the body
  • Use supplements to offset poor nutrition
  • Buy Produce locally
  • Go to Russ Tanners website to see what you can do to heal yourself with herbs. http://onlythebestherbs.com/how.php
  • Russ Tanner
    President, Herb Allure, Inc.
    Email: russ@herballure.com
    Website: http://HerbAllure.com

Toll Free (U.S. & Canada): 1-800-358-4278
Worldwide: 207-584-3550
Software Technical Support: 207-584-5553
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Email: contacto@herballure.com
Website: http://spanish.herballure.com
Toll Free (U.S.): 1-800-746-3619

  • En Espanol
    Email: contacto@herballure.com
    Website: http://spanish.herballure.com
    Toll Free (U.S.): 1-800-746-3619



  • Support your local Organic Farmers!





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Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied


The Truth Denied Media

April 13th, 2012





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