Gifting means an activity to improve or restore the environment from the damage done by chemtrails or other bad energy source like wifi, tower or radioactive. Gifting use something that produce good energy or good orgone. Some example of physical devices often used for gifting are orgonite, cloudbuster, chembuster, cemenite, vinegar, ormus and agnihotra ash.


With orgonite, gifting usually done by gridding or placing an orgonite to every surrounding microwave or cellphone tower. This orgonite is called tower buster for its purpose is to bust the tower. To achieve better results, people build a chembuster and install it at strategic locations. Success is then determined by how fast the chemtrails dissipated.

Unfortunately, because of this limited goal, the current way of gifting is expensive, time consuming and often give unsatisfactory results, some get no results or even bad results. This article will explain the correct way of gifting, to overcome the limitation of current way of gifting.


It is very important to learn the goal of your gifting. If you want to fight chemtrails, then you must know how the chemtrails harm you, what kind of destruction they have caused. You must know what is the bad effect of chemtrails. You must know how the environment degraded because of chemtrails. So you know what is a good results, what to expect when you succeed in fighting back chemtrails.

Fighting chemtrails means to negate their bad effect to the environment, to reduce the chemtrails harm, to make your environment enjoyable again, to make your weather friendly and no longer extreme anymore.

Because everyone have different opinion about how the chemtrails harm the environment, each people may have different goal. But the basic of measuring the gifting success is the same. Your gifting must reduce the harm, whatever you think the harm is.

I believe that chemtrails produce this problems:
– drought
– flood
– a lot of lightning
– extreme weather
– the dominance of high altitude clouds / elimination of low altitude clodus
– white out / haze / blocked sun
– headache, nausea, insomnia, breathing problem, etc
– mass dying plants / animal

So, the goal of my gifting is:
– to stop drougth
– to stop flood
– to reduce lightning
– to stop extreme weather
– to allow low alitude clouds to dominate the sky again
– more blue sky
– reduce people chemtrails sickness
– reduce mass dying plants / animal


If you believe that chemtrails release deathly poison, then your gifting goal must be the neutralization of the poison. If you believe that chemtrails control your mind, then your gifting goal should be freeing people’s mind, and so on.

You can then observe how good your gifting to the environment is, by observing how much harm that you can neutralize or cancel.


Narrow minded people
Unfortunately some gifter (people who do gifting) are very narrow minded. Their goal is only to make chemtrails dissipate faster. They think that the chemtrails harm is in proportion with how long it sustain in the air. It is sad that those people do not think about what happen to the released particle.

What is worse, some people consider more violent weather as part of the goal:

A gifting supposed to be an activity that negate the bad effect of chemtrails to our environment. I can not imagine what kind of chemtrails definition that would allow them to have such kind of goal. From their description, it seems that their definition of chemtrails:
– has long trails life
– calm storm
– reduce lightning

All three of them are false. There is a lot of testimony of invisible spraying activity. People often reported worse weather after the sight of chemtrails. People also report a lot of lightning without rain. Chemtrails produce bad effect, but for them it seems that chemtrails is a good thing.


Their gifting reduce trails life, increase storm and increase lightning. Their gifting do not weaken the chemtrails but make chemtrails stronger instead. This is unfortunate because many of them really have a very good intention. They want to contribute something to their environment. But the corruption inside them make them destroy their environment more. They help chemtrails, instead of fighting. Unfortunately I get banned and isolated when I try to raise this issue.

Gifting supposed to improve weather. To reduce lightning and to reduce storm. I hope someday there is someone with enough influence among the gifter that can lead the gifter to gifting method that improve the environment instead of destroying it.

Even Eva Reich (daughters of Wilhelm Reich) is getting it:
Student Discussion with: Eva Reich and Bill Moise
“And there is something to this because when…since Dr. Reich did not have thunderstorms over the observatory for many years. there’s a sign that the energy as static is piled up to a great amount and then it discharges violently. And thunderstorms do damage, they start fires for instance, they are frightening and cause cloudbursts and why not…. And people are wounded. In other words the whole aim of oranur weather control as I see it, is to have a gentle harmonious weather all over the earth. What is happening by itself due to DOR emergency is the dying of the life energy. And the weather is getting very inharmonious: too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet, too violent…you know. And mankind will do better with harmonious, gentle, and equal-grated weather.”



The target of anti chemtrails gifting should be man made clouds, which are chemtrails and the clouds it create.

According to official document, man made clouds mess up the sky:
Emissions trading in international civil aviation (PDF)
As a result of aviation, emissions are expelled into the global atmosphere that contribute to climate change and the destruction of the ozone layer. Emissions and expelled particulates alter the concentration of greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide (CO2), ozone (O3) and methane (CH4). They also trigger off the formation of contrails and can encourage the occurrence of cirrus clouds. All of this contributes to climate change (IPCC 1999).

Climate Impacts of Aviation
Climatic impact of aviation on stratospheric ozone for a supersonic airplane fleet and the impact on radiative forcing via persistent contrails and contrail-induced cirrus clouds can be significant.


Scientific document mention that contrails and cirrus clouds are a big contributor of climate change. Unfortunately, many gifter only care about the chemtrails and choose to ignore the cirrus they made. As results, they do not see any improvement of their weather. Some even get record breaking natural disaster lately. To get good results, the target should not be only the chemtrails. The cirrus that created with the existance of chemtrails must be neutralized too.


The sign of DOR pulluted environment is clearly defined in a cloud buster operating manual compiled for Wilhelm Reich:
Wilhelm Reich ~ CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering) OROP Desert Part 1: Space Ships, DOR & Drought
(Publications of the Orgone Institute, Vol. VI, Nos. 14, July 1954)
“(1) “Stillness & “Bleakness” ~
A “stillness” and “bleakness” spread over the landscape, rather well delineated against unaffected surrounding regions. The stillness is expressed in a real cessation of life expressions in the atmosphere. The birds stop singing: the frogs stop croaking. There’s no sound of life anywhere. The birds fly low or hide in the trees. Animals crawl over the ground with greatly reduced motility. The leaves of the trees and the needles of the evergreens look very “sad”; they droop, lose turgor and erectility. Every bit of sparkle or luster disappears from the lakes and the air. The trees look black, as though dying. The impression is actually that of blackness, or better, bleakness. It is not something that “came into the landscape”. It is, rather, the sparkle of Life that went out of the landscape.”

Based on the above description, then it is clear that the goal is to dispell the stillness and bleakness. So the birds start to sing again, frogs start to croacking, birds fly high, animal are active, the tree leaves are green and alive, sparkling lakes, etc.



Many people think that any weird shaped clouds is unnatural. But that is not true. Trails only make cirrus, a high altitude clouds at 3.5km or more altitude. Stratospheric geo engineering is done at stratospheric layer, that is high altitude. Haze and patterned clouds are high altitude clouds phenomena. Trails in reality will eliminate low altitude natural clouds, the reason for why chemtrails invite drought in the region.

Most clouds that form at high altitude today is unnatural. This is happen because chemtrails release particle in the sky. This particle will accumulate and can form a clouds even during a chemtrails free day. To fight chemtrails, you should prevent the formation of high altitude clouds.

Many people mistaken natural low altitude clouds as unnatural clouds. As results, they do not realize when they use the wrong method of gifting. They thought it is a good thing to get rid of low alitude nimbus clouds. It is not.

When they bust low altitude clouds, the water vapor will be send upward. People usually reported less fog too. This is a bad sign because rain from high altitude clouds will be much more violent.

When the water vapor is at low altitude, the rain will fall down easier. You can even get rain even without any apparent clouds on top of you. Because it rain easier, the rain will fall more often. Periodic rain will prevent the build up of water vapor.

When the water vapor sent upward, the rain will become rarer. The water vapor then build up more. When it is time to rain, it will pour down heavily, producing flood or landslide. Lightning will also increase because falling water drop will produce electricity. The higher the water drop, the higher the voltage.

The target should be trails and cirrus clouds, because they happen at high altitude, what we should bust is high altitude clouds. Nimbus clouds should never become a target.


This graph bellow show that the warming happen because of clouds at high altitude. The clouds at low altitude cause cooling instead:

Observed Cloud Cover Trends and Global Climate Change



Many consider sylph as an elemental being that also help the fight against chemtrails. Sylph clean the sky from the toxic material being spread by chemtrails. Sylph often show up during chemtrails spray. When we see sylph after a chemtrails, we can expect the sky to be blue later.

Gifter are happy when they see sylph. Many thinks that sylph is sign of successfull gifting. They are proud when they can see sylph everyday. Some even measure their effort by the number of sylph appearance at their place. The think more sylph indicate better gifting. Many gifter want to see sylph all the time.

There is a problem with this kind of thinking. If sylph is the earth janitor, then it should only show it self when there is something to clean. They usually show it self during chemtrails spray, and trails do contain harmfull material no matter how you look at it.

However, old gifter expect to see them all the time. If there are no chemtrails, and the sylph still show up, isn’t that a sign that there is something as dangerous as chemtrails in their sky? What if gifter effort actually pollute the sky as bad as chemtrails and force the sylph to show up more often in their sky?

If sylph is the keeper of the weather and if they only show up when there are things they need to clean, then proper gifting should never force sylph to always show up all the time.



The old method of gifting is by putting some TB (a type of cheap orgonite) to every tower in town. This kind of gifting is very expensive and a very hard labour. But since many completely miss the goal, their expensive and hard effort had become useless. Many people start to express doubt and become impatients because they could not get the results they wanted.

Based from my own experiment trying to neutralize chemtrails, I believe that gifting must be started from our own home. We do not need to gift tower. We need to gift based on how the sky react after gifting. What we need to observe is not the trails dissipation, but the formation of contrails cirrus (clouds created by chemtrails). We need to observe if the low altitude clouds start to show up more or less. We should observe the rain pattern. The rain should be gentle. Lightning should reduce too.

Gifting can be expanded to other location only after the gifter can notice the effect of their gifting in their home. They can decide the next location by observing how far their gifting can change the sky or their surrounding.

Their gifting must be able to eliminate most, if not all, known effect of chemtrails. Otherwise, the gifter must find a way to improve his tool. I use cemenite, but I am sure any other tool can be improved to eliminate not just the trails but also the other effect of chemtrails.


Here is the gifting methode based on latest Wilhelm Reich DOR elimination method:
Student Discussion with: Eva Reich and Bill Moise
“For instance Trevor James Constable is a magician and he enhances storms. It’s really what he is doing. He is taking storm clouds that come along and making them more powerful. If you don’t DOR remove first you will get some really violent reactions. So that’s not good oranur. Like a cloudburst is not what Dr. Reich was aiming for. He aimed for gentle increasing humidity and drizzle rain in the desert which is a very rare phenomena in the desert but he got it.

One of the ways that you know you are bringing up DOR is that you get a slight breeze. Like stroking an animal. It feels like that. And the response, the breeze comes back at you. So you draw more from the areas you get a slight wind from if it’s very still and stagnant. Another way you know you are reacting is because the wind is your flow.”

This video explain how cloudbuster or chembuster or orgonite is not designed to be an anti chemtrails:


I hope this improved way of gifting can give new insight to people who willing to make a difference by doing something with real results.

Or at least, if you are a newbie, you will know the false solution that they spread in the net. If you see people eliminating low alitude rain clouds, then they must be fake even if they can dissipate chemtrails. I believe that HAARP can make trails dissipate faster too, but to convert them to haze cover. Dissipating trails is nothing phenomenal. In fact, it may be fake tool spread by people who spray chemtrails to save them money on chemtrails operation. Fake gifter wasting money to support the enemy they try to fight. Fake gifter make the enemy stronger.

You know if you are fake gifter or not by observing your results. And no, faster trails dissipation is not results.

Good intention matters, but to get good results, you must know how to do it correctly too.

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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

10 thoughts on “Fight chemtrails with correct gifting”
  1. Why don’t the authors on this site include a bibliography with their reports? Perhaps they dont want the facts checked?

    1. What is bibliography? If it is results, you can check the weather of Sidoarjo or Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, starting from May 2011. Compared to city that is gifted with orgonite or chem buster like Jakarta or Denpasar. Denpasar said to be fully gifted with thousands or more orgonite and chem buster. But the news still mention bad weather.

      I encourage people to check the weather of people who claim to have device that can restore weather:

      The reason I make this article is to make people aware that gifting is not just about neutralizing tower or making chemtrails dissipate faster. The main goal of gifting must be restoration of your weather.

      If you still get bad weather, then your gifting fail.

  2. I believe chemtrails make people depressed. As results people can be hard to sleep, have headache, have high temper, or in an extreme case going nuts or crazy. People that unable to sleep for days can develop symptom of crazy rambling. Correct gifting can prevent this.

    About the solution for sick people. Injecting or consuming something may cure them, but I believe the solution do not need to be injected or consumed because I believe that chemtrails can make people suffer before their particle touch people.

  3. The amino acid, NAC, 1800mg a day, will stop a “Cytokine Storm” of anti-bodies from filling your lungs and killing you when you get the required dose of chemtrail toxins in your lungs. The mercury in the chemtrails can also be removed if you eat the super green food of Chlorella, as well as the food, Cilentro. The mercury in the chemtrails was recently added because people weren’t taking the flu shots that had the mercury in it.

    1. That look like a good solution, but I see that as theory, that need to be proven by at least testimony from people who suffer at the instant the trails show up.

      Can you explain that solution will cure what symptom?

      To tell the truth, I rather afraid that when NAC solution become popular, the chemtrails spray can just add their poison into any brand of NAC. People who think will get better by consume that daily, will get worse instead.

      This is why I prefer to solution that is not to be consumed.

    2. Also I believe our body need a balanced pH. An intake of acid must be balanced with an intake of alkaline, like baking soda.

      I believe that chemtrails acidify our body, so anti chemtrails must revert the pH to neutral condition.

      Some people believe that over acidity is the cause of cancer.

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