What do you do when The Truth just won’t go AWAY?


The secrecies of the government and the criminal elite are beginning to become more and more transparent to Americans as well as the rest of the world. This phenomenon of revelation & transparency has only occurred because of a worldwide movement to spread awareness by only a few who stand at the front lines.

These true patriots have one thing in common. They are part of the 99%, part of the majority of free thinkers who with the unity of the public will create a new America! Our country  that once stood for  liberty and freedoms that were unsurpassed,  the same country that has since been infiltrated by a rogue government whose  only agenda  has been to  consistently and purposefully erode the freedoms and the sovereign  rights of American citizens.We need to wake up and take action.

My guests today are running for congress, sharing with the public the public the truth about viruses, 9/11, geoengineering, GMO’s, the recently passed NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and the Global Cabal’s agenda. They bring a message of HOPE, in a culture that has sucked the concept dry. They bring the truth, in a time of secrecy and cover-ups.

These fine men are putting their lives and their safety on the line by speaking the truth publicly at a time where it could be construed as domestic terrorism. That by the way is a FACT, not a conspiracy, look into the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) for yourselves, and then you tell me!



My Guests:


Zach Grady no longer sits in the bleachers; instead he stands on the front lines educating the American public. Let his words not be told in vain. He is running for office; pay special attention as to WHY.

Zach Grady


Steve Susman has waged a campaign of educating the masses in Austin, Texas…he is a force to be reckoned with, he is one of the 99% that will no longer remain silent. He is running for the 22nd District, and he needs our support.

Steve Susman

A few years ago, John Fitzgerald awakened to the horrific truth of the event know as 911, and once his eyes were opened to this truth, he chose  never to look back. His future is carved out; he reaches out to the public (daily), and spreads awareness of our history whilst running for congress! John will not back down.

John Fitzgerald

Patrick Roddie directs John Fitzgerald’s campaign, and together they wage the war on lies, and spread the truth of what they know. Together they are fearless.  They have no days off. Their campaign is not a job, rather an ideal, a passion, and a calling!

Patrick Roddie


Listen to their stories, and do whatever you can to be part of their movement. WE THE PEOPLE are not the problem, we are the voices of the growing REVOLUTION, and it is time. We must act now!


Click below for the entire 2 hour radio show, it was very illuminating! 

ENDORSED BY: www.liberty-candidates.org   http://www.liberty-candidates.org/2011/12/zach-grady/
Also endorsed by Cody Hess and Matthew Medina, activists from We Are Change San Antonio and Truth Exposed Radio http://www.truthexposedradio.com

EMAIL: zach@gradyforcongress.com   http://twitter.com/zacharygrady
TO SEND A DONATION: Make checks or money orders payable to Grady For Congress, and /or  mail to; Grady For Congress, P.O. Box 598, Alvin, TX, 77512


Videos: http://stevesusman2010.ning.com/video


BP OIL SPILL  :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOk3Ybuxlrk



 John states “I’m not taking any corporate or special interest money – not that Monsanto or the Bill Gates Foundation are beating down our doors. Please help in any way you can so I can bring truth and liberty to both Contra Costa County and Congress.”

To Donate : http://johnfitzgeraldforcongress.com/donate/




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  1. Good to see so many famous people taking a stand against NDAA! I find it worrying that a lot of Americans still think NDAA is a “conspiracy theory” and not something has has officially been signed into law by Obama. There’s a good article that spells it out very clearly on Martial Law USA. Take a look sometime.

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