Deborah Tavares talks about your rights and Smart Meters!  Let’s talk about the deception of so-called SMART meters and the  push for a Global Energy Grid [Global Governance—Technocracy]


The electric companies will tell you it’s “safe”. They will deploy them without your knowledge. They look like this, check your home and see if you already have a SMART METER INSTALLED.

If it looks like this photo, you are one of the unlucky residents who has already had the Smart Meter installed .



Here is one way to make sure your analogue electricity meter stays put and not removed without your permission replaced by a Smart Meter. Look up the dangers of radiation from one smart meter and think about the effects when thousands are transmitting. This is just the beginning…smart Gas, smart street lighting, smart water meters are only the beginning. They have the capability to spy on you and smart chips are coming in your appliances that will communicate with the smart meter to monitor your use. Plus data mining with the results.




“The electric company put a “smart meter” on my bedroom wall! I didn’t even know it was there, but mine and my husband’s health started to suffer horrifically. Then I saw the meter and put the puzzle pieces together. I even bought a radiation meter. It’s a constant bath of radiation, as if I put my computer in bed with us. Then it sends out powerful “microwave” signals as well! Like cooking your brain and body. We bought an analog and changed it back.”


The Truth Denied Talk Radio Interviews Deborah Tavares!

This is  eye opening!!! Please listen to the show here because Deborah Tavares offers not only the facts and the experince, but hope and remedies for the public.



How to purchase an Analog Meter

The Real Goods store, located in Northern California, has analog meters for sale, at a reasonable $49 each ($7.95 shipping). You can order one by calling them at (707) 472-2407.

You can also buy them on here:
These are analog meters with a numerical readout (not digital). They are used but refurbished, and their accuracy certified by a firm in Florida. Shipping is FedEx Ground, and it usually arrives in 1 to 2 days for CA addresses. They will also ship out of state. (The photo here is not a direct representation of the meters they sell, but very similar to their model.)

Please see the comments on the site, there are many residents who successfully removed there smart meters with no problems whatsoever!




One customer stated:

“The electric company came and got it. BY THE WAY we just received a certified letter from SDG&E saying everyone with SDG&E can now OPT OUT. They’re charging a $75.00 fee to opt out (a one time fee) and $10 more per month (to pay the meter readers no doubt). We’re opting out, and asking our neighbors to do the same thing. Did you know that in ancient Rome the waterways were made of solid lead pipes. Did you know that the Roman civilization “disappeared”. (Fall of Rome) Think about it.”


I too called the electric company in Southern Arizona, and opted out of the smart meter installation, and I requested it just in time! They are deploying them in my neighborhood this week! They said they would send me a notice as to how they will handle my current “OPT OUT” once they (APS) clear it  with the Arizona State Utility Commissions   I imagine it means what the resident above had stated, they charged him $75.00 to opt out.


Want to help stop neighbors from not opting out of the smart meter? Create awareness! Deborah has flyers and signs! It’s important to get all of your neighbors to opt out as well! The RF signal travels roughly 1000 feet from the meter, so we suggest that you get everyone within 1000 feet of your home to opt out as well.

NEED HELP WITH FLYERS? Deborah Tavares has them for you at no cost whatsoever!


Other flyers include:


More help and contacts for you, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!


Please feel free to contact Deborah Tavares with any questions at (Removing the Smart Meter)  watch “Iron Mountain”.





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By The Truth Denied

Owner of controversial website The Truth Denied and Chemtrails Kill. Journalist and video maker.

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  1. Deborah, you have mentioned in your Granada Forum interview a video “Madness In the Fast Lane”. But when I go to YouTube, there are many videos with this title. Can you please tell me which specific “Madness In the Fast Lane” video you would like us TIs to watch. Thanks! God bless!

    1. Hello Ima,

      According to there website:

      “The InPower Docu-Series illustrates a powerful new method to restore social justice and accountability. Episode #1 focuses on solving the ‘smart’ meter problem: how we can prevent and reverse the installation of this dangerous technology, through holding corporate executives and government actors financially accountable — for the first time ever.”

      Here is there FB page:

      I watched the first in the series, and i have to say I am very impressed. How did you find out about this movement? This is truley excellent material from what I can see. Please write us back to let us now more?

      Thank you,
      The Truth Denied Team

      Smart Meter-The Truth Denied

  2. THE “SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS HOAX” & “THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN HOAX” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE HOAXES: The promoter of these two hoaxes falsely claims that the document entitled, “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars” “(“SWFQW”) is a “secret” government document which proves that the United States (“U.S.”) government is actually using “silent weapons” in a “quiet war” against the American people. Likewise, the promoter of these two hoaxes also falsely claims that “The Report Form Iron Mountain”(“TRFIM”) is another “secret” and/or “leaked” and/or “suppressed” government document which proves that the U.S. government is tricking the American people with fake wars. But, none of this is so.

    “SWFQW” was a POLITICAL SPOOF written by Lyle Hartford Van Dyke. Van Dyke believed that the U.S. had advance knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happened in order to draw the U.S. into World War II. Van Dyke was outraged by this treasonous act of war by the U.S. upon its own soldiers and wanted to make the HORRORS of this treasonous act of war PERSONAL to the American public. So, Van Dyke wrote SWFQW and suggested that instead of intentionally killing its own soldiers in such an act of war, the U. S. government was instead INTENTIONALLY KILLING ITS OWN CIVILIAN POPULATION in such an act of war (a clever twist of the facts). But, Van Dyke realized that the public would not actually believe his premise (of a U.S. war against the public) without the presence of the usual weapons of war (armed soldiers, trucks, tanks, planes, missiles, bombs, etc.). So, in SWFQW, Van Dyke suggested that all of the weapons that the U.S. was using in this imaginary war against the American public COULD NOT BE SEEN OR HEARD. This being the case, the reader could not dispute Van Dyke’s claims (of INVISIBLE & INAUDIBLE weapons), which actually made his claims MORE (not less) BELIEVABLE. By using this ruse, VAN DYKE ACTUALLY MADE THE APPARENT ABSENCE OF WEAPONS EVEN MORE HORRIFYING TO THE READER THAN THEIR PRESENCE WOULD HAVE BEEN. It was absolutely brilliant. Van Dyke incorporated sections of REAL scientific and economic studies into his work and created it to read like an official governmental document in order to make the threat of the U.S. government waging a covert war against its own citizens appear more real and therefore more terrifying to the reader. It worked.

    TRFIM was another POLITICAL SPOOF written by Leonard C. Lewin which was so popular and so widely read that it actually made the New York Times Best Seller List in the 1960’s. (So much for the promoter’s “secret”, “leaked” or “suppressed” document story.). Lewin was critical of U.S. government policy because the U.S. had been in an almost perpetual state of war for decades and because the U.S. economy was too dependent upon military spending. In criticizing U.S policy, Lewin SARCASTICALLY observed that U.S. policy makers must have believed that “the U.S. could not afford peace” (meaning that if the U.S was not at war, the U.S. government and the U.S. economy might actually collapse). Lewin sought to make a MOCKERY of U.S. policy and the ABSURDITY of the beliefs apparently underlying it, so in TRFIM he took both to their logical extremes. In writing TRFIM, Lewin pretended to be an imaginary committee of the U.S. government which reported to U.S. policy makers that the U.S. was so dependent on perpetual war that if the U.S. ever found itself at peace, IT WOULD ACTUALLY BE FORCED TO CREATE FAKE WARS (called “credible substitutes”) to prop up the U.S. government and the U.S economy. Specifically, Lewin, while pretending to be an imaginary committee of the U.S. government SARCASTICALLY suggested to U.S. policy makers that if the U.S. ever found itself at peace, it could create FAKE WARS against FAKE alien life forms and against FAKE environmental calamities. It was absolutely brilliant. Lewin created TRFIM to read like an official report of a committee of the U.S. government IN ORDER TO EMBARRASS U.S. MAKERS WHO SUPPORTED PERPETUAL WAR. It worked.

    As proof that Lewin is the real author of TRFIM, when an unauthorized publisher re-published his book without his permission, he sued the publisher and won, something that would have been impossible if the book had actually been written by a committee of the U. S. government as the promoter falsely claims. (See links below.).



    GO TO PACER.GOV. See all five LOSES filed under the name “Van Dyke, Lyle” and “Van Dyke. Lyle Hartford”.


    The promoter is a professional hoaxer and charlatan. She has always known that both SWFQW and TRFIM were two harmless documents of political FICTION. But, she nevertheless told the American people they were “secret”, “leaked” or “suppressed” government documents anyway (in order to fraudulently incite hatred and violence against the ELECTED representatives of “We the People” and their appointees). Unfortunately, these two hoaxes (described above) are not the only hoaxes that this promoter inflicts upon the American people. They are but a very small part of a much larger pattern of fraud.

    This same promoter, her co-conspirator in these two hoaxes (described above) and amateur legal theorist, “Rodney DALE Class”, are the same three charlatans who brought you the “Judge DALE Hoax” in which they distributed FAKE “legal” books which revealed FAKE legal information WHICH THEY THEMSELVES ACTUALLY CREATED, but which they fraudulently told the American people were written by a FAKE “retired federal judge” named, “Judge DALE” (which uses Rodney DALE Class’ middle name, “DALE”, as an inside joke). As hard as it is to believe, the promoter and her co-conspirator in the “Judge DALE Hoax” STILL peddle all three of these FORGERIES from their own personal websites, despite that EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE ENTIRELY FAKE.

    (And, speaking of “MATRIX” hoaxes, for more “MATRIX” hoaxes by the very same charlatans, go to: (Go to this video FIRST. Then, go to :30-:45 for an ACTUAL PHOTO of “Judge DALE” inside the “MATRIX”);; ; ;


    CLASS’ CO-CONSPIRATORS CAUGHT ON TAPE WHILE ACTUALLY ENGAGED IN THE “JUDGE DALE HOAX”. (Jeff Rense is NOT involved in the hoax.). (Do not click on blue numbers below. They link to the wrong video.
    Instead, go to the following videos FIRST. Then, go to the times indicated below. They are the exact times of the hoax documented therein.). (Go to this video FIRST, then go to 2:25-11:35) (Same as above. 42:10-49:15) (Same. 3:50-4:30 & 7:15-56:00) (Same. 34:20-36:30) (Same. 1:30-1:45)

    This same promoter and her co-conspirator are also behind the “NASA War Document Hoax”.

    Rodney “DALE” Class’ partner (and co-conspirator) in the “Judge DALE Hoax” and several other Rod Class hoaxes is a well-known, PROFESSIONAL CHARLATAN AND HOAXER. She does nothing but create, manufacture and publish online hoaxes. She has long engaged in a pattern of FORGING FAKE, COUNTERFEIT documents and FRAUDULENTLY attributing those FORGERIES to others (like the federal government or its agencies). When not FORGING her own FAKE, COUTERFEIT documents for that purpose, she takes documents written by others THAT SHE KNOWS TO BE POLITICAL “FICTION” and FRAUDULENTLY tells her unsophisticated followers that they are REAL documents written by “GOVERNMENT INSIDERS” who are “IN THE KNOW”. All of this woman’s fraudulent claims in all of her hoaxes are intended to incite hatred and violence against the ELECTED representatives of “We the People” and our Republican form of government.

    This woman is behind ALL THREE of the “Judge ‘DALE’ forgeries” (all of which she co-wrote with amateur legal theorist, Rodney “DALE” Class), including “The Matrix And The US Constitution” (2010), The Great American Adventure: Secrets of America” (2012) & “Lawfully Yours” (2014), the “Judge DALE Hoax” (with Rod Class), the “All Government Agencies Are ‘Private Entities’ [or ‘Private Contractors’] Hoax” (with Rod Class), the “Property Into Other Names Hoax” (with Rod Class), the “Court Registry Investment System Hoax” (with Rod Class), the “Federal Government Is A Private, For-Profit Corporation Hoax” (with Rod Class), the “B.A.R. Card Hoax” (with Rod Class), the “‘Esquire’ Is AN INHEREITED TITLE For Those Born Of NOBLE BLOOD Hoax” (with Rod Class), the “British Accreditation Registry Hoax [B.A.R. Hoax]” (with Rod Class), the “NASA War Document Hoax”, the “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Hoax”, the “Report From Iron Mountain Hoax”, the “FAKE Jim Traficant Speech Hoax” and numerous other hoaxes, all of which she uses to INTENTIONALLY DEFRAUD the American people.

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    The message? Just tell the truth.

  3. THE “NASA WAR DOCUMENT HOAX” EXPLAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The promoter falsely claims that the “NASA War Document” is a “secret” government document discovered and downloaded (or “leaked”) from a “NASA website” which she claims proves that NASA and/or the United States government intend to develop (or are currently developing) and intend to use (or are currently using) terrifying, horrific, futuristic, high-tech weapons AGAINST the American people. But, these claims are not so.

    The “NASA War Document” is NOT what promoter claims it is, was NEVER on a NASA website, was NEVER “secret”, does NOT reflect existing or future high-tech weapons that NASA and/or the United States government intend to use (or are currently using) AGAINST the American People and does NOT reflect that NASA and/or the American government intend to kill all of the American people.

    Instead, what the promoter calls the “NASA War Document” is simply her “MODIFIED” version of a PDF reflecting a 2001 power point slide show presentation (WITHOUT THE ACCOMPANYING ORAL COMMENTARY THAT EXPLAINED IT). The power point slide show presentation was created by a NASA scientist for his presentation AT A 2001 CONVENTION OF MILITARY CONTRACTORS THAT WERE IN THE BUSINESS OF DEVELOPING COUNTERMEASURES TO POTENTIAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS THAT OTHER NATIONS COULD POSSIBLY DEVELOP TO USE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OVER THE NEXT 25 YEARS. The purpose of the power point slide show presentation was to introduce the thousands of representatives of the military contractors in attendance to potential, theoretical, future, high-tech weapons (AS DEPICTED IN THE PRESENTATION) AND TO ENCOURAGE THOSE IN ATTENDANCE TO DEVELOP COUNTERMEASURES AGAINST THEM (before those potential, future weapons became operational). Nowhere in the subject original document does it imply, suggest or state that NASA itself or that the United States Government were developing any of these horrific, potential weapons to use AGAINST American people. That false claim was made solely by the promoter and by her affiliate in the hoax.

    The original power point slide show presentation was written by Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief NASA Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Langley, Virginia. Bushnell had been asked to speak at an upcoming CONVENTION attended by thousands of representatives of military contractors. The convention was hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), a trade association for American military contractors.

    The title of the Bushnell’s presentation at the upcoming convention was “FUTURE Strategic Issues/FUTURE Warfare (CIRCA 2025)”. Thus, Bushnell’s power point slide show presentation reflected what he THEORETICALLY believed could be POTENTIAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS THAT OTHER NATIONS COULD POTENTIALLY DEVELOP FOR USE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY THE YEAR 2025 (then, 24 years into the future). Bushnell created the subject power point slide show presentation AS A “VISUAL AID” FOR HIS ORAL PRESENTATION that he was to give in person at the upcoming convention. Bushnell first published his original power point slide show presentation TO THE PUBLIC on the “US Department of Defense’s Defense Technical INFORMATION CENTER [its REAL name]” website in July 2001, a month BEFORE the convention at which he was to speak on the subject. (So much for the “secret” or “leaked” document story.).

    Bushnell actually gave his power point slide show presentation on August 14th, 2001 at the “4th Annual Testing and Training FOR READINESS Symposium and Exhibition [its REAL name]” organized by the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) which was held a the Rosen Centre Hotel (then, the OMNI Rosen Hotel) in Orlando, Florida. Thousands of representatives from defense contractors were present at the convention/symposium/exposition. The theme of the convention/symposium/exposition was “EMERGING CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES [its REAL name]”. The purpose of Bushnell’s presentation was TO ENCOURAGE THOSE THOUSANDS OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY CONTRACTORS IN ATTENDANCE DO DEVELOP COUNTERMEASURES TO USE AGAINST THEORETICAL, POTENTIAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS that the American people potentially might face by the year 2025 (AS DEPICTED IN BUSHNELL’S POWER POINT SLIDE SHOW PRESENTATION). It is her “MODIFIED” version of the PDF version of this very power point slide show presentation that the promoter calls the “NASA War Document”.

    PDF metadata of the promoter’s “MODIFIED” version of the subject document indicates that it was “created” on “March 27, 2011 (10 years AFTER Bushnell’s presentation), that it was created by the promoter’s affiliate and that it was “LAST MODIFIED” (means last “altered” or “revised”) on January 23, 2013 (12 years after Bushnell’s presentation). This “MODIFICATION” of the promoter’s version of the document may have been benign (“harmless” or “innocent”) or it may been done to make the promoter’s version of this document better fit the narrative she was peddling (“NASA is killing us all with horrific, high-tech weapons.”). Other investigators have commented that the NASA logo that appears on every page of the promoter’s MODIFIED version of the document s is pixilated and of poor quality, something that would be unlikely If NASA itself had duplicated its logo prominently on every page of the original document. Only the promoter and her affiliate would know the truth about why her version of the subject document was “LAST MODIFIED” on January 23, 2013 and what those “MODIFICATIONS” really were. reflects that Bushnell’s original power point slide presentation was posted in the “PUBLIC DOMAIN” FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE on the “US Department of Defense’s Defense Technical INFORMATION CENTER website [its REAL name]” (So much for the “secret” document story.). indicates that the subject original document was not posted anywhere else on the web.

    The promoter would have had good reason for misleading the America people about the true source of the subject document. If she truthfully admitted that the subject document was downloaded from the website of the “US Department of DEFENSE’S DEFENSE Technical INFORMATION CENTER”, then the subject document would not appear to be either “secret” or nefarious (both of which are necessary to create the illusion a “conspiracy”) and such would have destroyed the illusion of a “conspiracy” (because the government does not usually post written proof of its own conspiracies against its own people on ITS OWN PUBLIC “INFORMATION CENTER” WEBSITES).

    CONCLUSION: Thus, contrary to the promoter’s claims, THE “NASA WAR DOCUMENT” DOES NOT REFLECT AN EFFORT ON THE PART OF NASA (OR THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT) TO KILL ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WITH HORRIFIC, FUTURISTIC, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS. To the contrary, the “NASA WAR DOCUMENT” actually reflects an effort on the part of a single NASA scientist (and hundreds of American military contractors) TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM POTENTIAL, THEORETICAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS (exactly backwards to what the promoter claims).






    NDIA CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS BY YEAR showing the RECORD of the “4th Annual Testing and Training For Readiness Symposium & Exhibition: Emerging Challenges, Opportunities and Requirements, 13-16 August 2001″ (SCROLL DOWN TO YEAR 2001, GO TO 5th ITEM DOWN, SEE THE ENTRY DATED 13-16 2001.).

    ANALYSIS OF PDF METADATA OF THE PROMOTER’S “MODIFIED” VERSION OF THE SUBJECT DOCUMENT (Scroll down and read the comments of senior member, “Flamesong” beginning with the comment posted on “26-06-2013, 09:02 PM” and the following comment posted on “26-06-2013, 09:39 PM”):

    OTHER KNOWINGLY & INTENTIONALLY FALSE INFORMATION PEDDLED BY THIS SAME PROMOTER (Jeff Rense is NOT involved in the hoax and is NOT responsible for the claims of the promoter): (at 2:25-11:35) (at 45:30-49:15) (at 7:15-56:00) (at 34:30-37:00) (at 1:30-2:00)


    FINAL NOTE: Snoop4truth did not reveal this truthful information to harm the promoter or her affiliate. Instead, Snoop4truth revealed this truthful information solely to reduce the CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE that this (and similar) DISINFORMATION inflicts upon the American people every single day. Had it not been for the role of the promoter and her affiliate in creating and posting (and thereafter refusing to delete) information that they knew to be false at the time that they created and posted it, Snoop4truth would not have exposed the “NASA War Document Hoax” here. When it comes to public statements made to the American people, simply tell the truth.

    (My experience by Melanii Diva)

    It all started when my daughter and I moved into a 3 bedroom house on
    the corner of Vardon street and Adrian street in Springvale, Melbourne
    Australia. It would make sence to settle into your new abode, but for
    me it was the signs of being stalked and watched in the home my
    daughter and I so longed for. So many windows around the house and so
    many times I spotted one of the neighbours spying in. Encouraging me
    to pry into the matter i took note. The first incident noted was a
    couple peering through my bedroom window and the male telling his
    female partner to keep her head down low. Many times I would catch my
    neighbours in my yard peering through one of the windows. The first
    suspect is a male in his 30’s. tall and black hair, his girlfriend or
    partner in crime has shoulder length bleach blonde hair and was seen
    driving a silver car on her Pplates, The 3rd suspect is a young male,
    tall, slim and black hair and heard his name is Nick. He may be a
    computer repairman. They rented the garage from the neighbours on the
    left of me to stalk me. They rented the garage from Mr. Kunal Prashar.
    I beleive they are connected to the neighbours that were on the right
    to me where they had a large satellite dish so large it was bolted to
    the back wall of there house almost positioned where it can’t be seen.
    I saw an asian man at one point hanging what looked like a micraphone
    over their back fence into my yard. They even went as far as
    approaching my friends Craig and Elle in the front of my house to
    question them about me face to face.Even other surrounding neighbours
    witnessed these individuals renting the neighbours back yard. The
    names and numbers of these many witnesses had been handed into the
    Springvale Police Station, Melbourne. It was around this time I
    started to recognise the strange happenings. The beginning of my
    Electronic harassment.
    When ever I had my lights off they had a light turned on into my house
    so they could see my shadow. Every time my daughter, her friends and I
    used the bathroom they would be staring in through the bathroom, When
    my daughters friend Candice was changing I spotted one of the
    neighbours staring in.This is an act of Pedophillia. I would notice
    funny lights always directed into my bedroom and could always hear
    them talking about me. Even my daughter and her friends kept on saying
    they could hear the neighbours talking as if they were in the house. I
    soon started to feel each day as if something was directed on me and
    cooking my organs. My body would heat up inside causing an abnormal
    wind problem in my stomach. My glands started to get blocked. I
    started to hear a popping noise in my brain. Yet I had been to the
    doctors and had everything tested and even a cat scan to show there
    was nothing wrong with my brain, Because they cooked my organs I had
    to have my heart monitored several times. I am a fit dancer and never
    had health problems, Only a year before I had my heart exrayed at my
    local doctors only to be told it was very healthy and strong.
    Electronic harassment, or psychotronic torture, or electromagnetic
    torture is a conspiracy theory that government agents make use of
    electromagnetic radiation, radar, and surveillance techniques to
    transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads, affect people’s
    bodies, and harass people. Individuals who claim to experience this
    call themselves “targeted individuals” and many have joined support
    and advocacy groups.
    Why i agree with this is because my gangstalkers were running through
    backyards of Dunbar ave. Cranbourne when they were sprung running
    through an elderly man’s home. My gangstalkers flashed a police badge
    to the elderly resident to get out of their situation. That’s how I
    know they are police officers or posing as police, could most
    certainly be associated with CIA. At one point they cooked my organs
    more than other times that I would loose control of my organs, The
    pain is something i have never felt before. I even heard at one point
    one suspect telling the other “that’s enough, she should have been
    dead with that much exposure!”
    The stalking continues, they followed me and were sitting in camera
    view in front of the Ibis Budget Hotel in Dandenong on the 23rd of
    November 2015. So gangstalking and Electronic Harassment is very real
    and anyone of you could be a victim. Since all this started I have had
    my facebook hacked twice, I have had my internet banking hacked, they
    even made a request for a copy of my superannuation. My email accounts
    all hacked. Had my phone checked and it is bugged aswell.
    Being Harassed and Terrorized by RNM Remote Neural Monitoring Private
    criminals or corrupt government are tapping into and somehow gaining
    access to Government satellite technology using RNM Remote Neural
    Monitoring also known as Satellite Terrorism and terrorizing
    individuals. This is being done illegally to individuals across the
    United States and now around the world and these criminals are going
    unpunished. in many instances these criminals are using a Bogus
    illegal terroristic so called “investigation” once the satellite is
    locked on the individual this “investigation” is nothing more than
    repetitious harassment and terrorism to the victim that last for years
    and is meant to drive the victim insane commit suicide or have them
    jailed or institutionalized. Targets or victims should be aware that
    the definition of paranoid schizophrenia as “amended”, includes
    victims references to voices and the belief that someone’s
    reading/controlling their mind. Although, current technology allows
    this and illegal experiments to involve the remote causation of all
    these “symptoms”.

    1. Thank you Melanie for providing us with your story, and as you can see from this thread of conversation, it seems it is happening everywhere, problem is we don’t understand exactly why. We applaud your ability to do the research to protect you and your family. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

      The Truth Denied Team

  5. Deborah,
    My names Regina and I’m 25 years old. I want to join your cause. I have done extensivecreseach on everything going on and I want to help spread the word and maintain human rights while it still exsists. The mass reasearch and knowledge I’ve obtained has consumed me and I struggle everyday knowing what is in our near future. Most conditioned minds think I’m delusional. However, I’m seeking someone who can help me on this journey. This was the only way I was able to reach out to you. I beleive time is running out and not only do I seek safety and refugee but Id like to take my knowledge on a much greater scale. Please, please if you read this and have a moment email me as a believer and as a activist who seeks support and safety from whats to come.

  6. Deborah
    My name is Brian Glasser I am the Host of Nashvilles “Home Improvement Hotline” on 1510 WLAC ClearChannel. I would like you to be on my show to discuss the “Smart Meter” it is a concern in the Nashville area and we need you to educate our listeners. Would you be interested?
    Brian Glasser Cell # 615-829-9334

  7. On August 4 I “opted” out the day they installed the Meter. The Electric company came right away. Since then everyone in our complex wants to “opt”, but now all of a sudden the company is making excuses as not to come out. why? What is the product to install in our homes that “block” from our neighbors that do have it? Also, where do you purchase it? Thanx.

  8. Here is one way to make sure your analogue electricity meter stays put and not removed without your permission replaced by a Smart Meter. Look up the dangers of radiation from one smart meter and think about the effects when thousands are transmitting. This is just the beginning…smart Gas, smart street lighting, smart water meters are only the beginning. They have the capability to spy on you and smart chips are coming in your appliances that will communicate with the smart meter to monitor your use. Plus data mining with the results.

  9. THIS IS A CRIME : Want to help stop neighbors from not opting out of the smart meter? Create awareness! Deborah has flyers and signs! It’s important to get all of your neighbors to opt out as well! The RF signal travels roughly 1000 feet from the meter, so we suggest that you get everyone within 1000 feet of your home to opt out as well.

  10. Roxy, I have begun to listen to your show often, but I cannot listen to that Anthony guy any more. He had no information and interrupted all of the time, taking up valuable time promoting himself and his films while insulting you and the other guest by calling you “girls” repeatedly and insinuating that the only reason you have a voice is because of your looks. He was terrible and I will have to stop listening if you can not find anyone better to listen to than this ill mannered and insulting fearaholic.

    1. Oakelyanne, He was not on the show of this thread, but yes I as a host and researcher feel the same way, and the consequences of his behavior are that he will not be returning to the show. I do not conduct interviews like this, as a matter of fact, out of 78 shows in the past year, I have never had such a disrespectful guest as he.

    2. BTW, you are not alone, the flood of emails proved as you stated and more.Thank you for your support and for taking the time to comment.

  11. […] Deborah Tavares from joined the show as well, and held her own through the Hilder rant. As a matter of fact, as sparks flew, Lopez and Tavares just kept hitting the public with more and more facts about Smart Meters, or as AJ calls them “Murder Meters”. Deborah Tavares  was amazing as usual and provided much information for the public. Also please refer to article and radio interview : […]

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