Our guests are Producer Anthony J. Hilder and activist Deborah Tavares


Producer, Anthony J. Hilder

Get ready for a couple of hours of madness. Anthony Hilder goes off on the public; though many have written in with comments which some were great comments and applauded Anthony, whilst others were appalled and outraged! IN the end it all worked out, the public heard the message and that’s all that matters! And if I were all of you, I would take AJ seriously, the man has been at it for 40 years! After all , we are here to report the TRUTH. Pay attention folks!

Deborah Tavares

Deborah Tavares from www.refusesmartmeters.com joined the show as well, and held her own through the Hilder rant. As a matter of fact, as sparks flew, Lopez and Tavares just kept hitting the public with more and more facts about Smart Meters, or as AJ calls them “Murder Meters”. Deborah Tavares  was amazing as usual and provided much information for the public. Also please refer to article and radio interview :https://www.thetruthdenied.com/news/?p=3713

Other websites that Deborah Tavares runs are http://www.iclei.co/   and  www.stopthecrime.net


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 Listen to the Radio Show Interview here!

Anthony J. Hilder is the creator of The Free World Alliance. He is dedicated and determined to alter the course of “Planet Earth” by destroying the Illuminati’s capacity to carry out their crimes “under the cover” of darkness. These Vamparian Bloodsuckers cannot exist in the Light of Day.

“As a Talk Show Host”, Investigative Journalist and War Correspondent, Anthony J. Hilder, has done approximately 17,000 interviews over the past 30 years, working 24/7 to bring his dream of a Free World into being. Always controversial, always original, always in the fight for freedom he continues this life-long goal. Hilder is the Author of THE FREE WORLD MANIFESTO.1

Anthony J. Hilder’s ever-present goal is to insight a Revelation to avoid a Revolution & form an Alliance of Independent Tribal, Linguistic, Religious, Political, Ethnic and Racial Nation States in opposition to the United Nations. Hilder is fully cognizant that the world must have an option to the U.N. and the chaos & killing that is being deliberately directed by this Brotherhood of Death to bring about our control.

Anthony J. Hilder  has an important film out called Man Against the Machine.

Man Against the Machine – Their Poison Propaganda NGOs & Foundations – Anthony J Hilder

 Obtain a full resolution complete dvd coming soon from: Free World Film Works: Support the people who are supporting you. It costs to make pro videos. Pick up your copy today!

“Some People who pose as activists are insiders and are leading environmental movements backed by NGOs and Foundations. Then Universities and activist movements propel the propaganda to the people which serves the Illuminati plan to reduce the population and install world Government. In the background are the likely suspects as always….the Council On Foreign Relation, Trilateral Commission etc.”  ~Anthony J. Hilder



Anthony wants you to join him at The Conspiracy Conference (otherwise know as Con-Con)  www.conspiracycon.com  Call today 925-449-6844 Sat. June 2 and 3, 2012


Meet up for Bohemian Grove for Bilderberg West 

Friday 13th and 14th contact info@thetruthdenied.com if you want to attend the weekend of  “Cremation of Care” that Anthony speaks about in the interview. The Bohemian Grove location is  where the Bilderberg’s meet every year and allegedly perform human sacrifices and santanic rituals. Anthony J Hilder will be filming a new movie, and has asked Deborah Tavares and The Truth Denied’s Roxy Lopez to attend and be in the movie.


Look For Anthony J Hilder Videos On UK Paradigm Shift TV Sky CH 203 & simulcast on the Net:







Again, Anthony J. Hilder is the  the producer of over 50 films:http://www.freeworldfilmworks.com/actionary.html



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