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See the rest of the story here:And now comes some news about the Facebook (FB) IPO that buyers deserve to be outraged about.Reuters Alistair Barr is reporting that Facebook’s lead underwriters, Morgan Stanley (MS), JP Morgan (JPM), and Goldman Sachs (GS) all cut their earnings forecasts for the company in the middle of the IPO roadshow.This by itself is highly unusual (I’ve never seen it during 20 years in and around the tech IPO business).But, just as important, news of the estimate cut was passed on only to a handful of big investor clients, not everyone else who was considering an investment in Facebook.This is a huge problem, for one big reason:

  • Selective dissemination. Earnings forecasts are material information, especially when they are prepared by analysts who have had privileged access to company management. As lead underwriters on the IPO, these analysts would have had much better information about the company than anyone else. So the fact that these analysts suddenly all cut their earnings forecasts at the same time, during the roadshow, and then this information was not passed on to the broader public, is a huge problem.

Selective Dissemination is ILLEGAL.

“Selective dissemination of this sort could be a direct violation of securities laws. Irrespective of its legality, it is also grossly unfair. The SEC should investigate this immediately.” ~ Alistair Barr


See the rest of the story here:


“The bottom line is that, even if dissemination laws were followed to the letter (which frankly seems unlikely), the selective disclosure here was grossly unfair.The SEC needs to look into this.”  Reuters Breaking News on THE TICKER



Facebook plunges 18% below IPO price

By Aaron Smith

“More than 80 million shares changed hands in the first 30 seconds of trading on Friday. Volume spiked to about 567 million shares by the end of the session, setting a new volume record for IPOs.

“When some people didn’t see a pop on day one, they got out,” said Nathan Drona, a senior vice president of equity research at ABR Investment Strategy.”

Let’s get real here!4

“Robert Greifeld, the chief executive of Nasdaq OMX, said he was “embarrassed” by the technical glitches that caused the stock’s debut to be delayed.

The glitch reportedly kept some traders from knowing for more than two hours whether their orders had been completed or canceled, leading some pundits to wonder whether the delay eroded Facebook’s debut.

To prevent a repeat of such delays, Nasdaq said Monday that it has tweaked its IPO process and will no longer accept last-minute changes to orders for shares of an IPO.


On top of it brokerage houses are still displaying this on there websites as of today May 22, 2012

“… continues to deal with the aftermath of Friday’s market issues in delayed processing of orders for Facebook (FB) stock. As they did then, our systems continue to operate normally. Although some executions were reported back from market makers over the weekend, we are still waiting for final responses on other orders. This is an industry-wide issue and we are working aggressively to address it. We appreciate your continued patience.”



More proof that some funny business is going on right under the general public’s nose!


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