The Truth Denied Talk Radio Presents: Electronic Monitoring & Microwave weapons testing: just a symptom of the bigger problem! IF you have any of the symptoms, we highly recommend that you contact Jesse Beltran at  today! Jesse Beltran’s email is

ON the show today, Jesse Beltran and Lars Lundgraad Mentioned the following symptoms for the thousands of victims that they have interviewed, please check the list.



Sleep Deprivation/Insomonia


Ringing in the ears

Death threats (including via phone and email)

Unwarranted assaults


Gang Stalking

General stalking

You feel you that you are ‘under surveillance”.

Find items in your home that are not your belongings

Come home to find items misplaced

Items in your home that are moved and you did not do it.


Nightmares that is consistent day after day

Voices (either when going to bed or when the room is quiet external voices or conversations)

Hearing Conversations of people you do not know when the room is quiet

Unusual paranoia

Burning sensation that persists on a particular part of your body when there is no ordinary explanation for it.

Involuntary movements (unexplained)

Implants located in your body


Today’s radio interview covers everything you need to know, so listen here:


Guests are Jesse Beltran & Lars Drudgaard


Jesse Beltran of ICAACT

Jesse is from Sacramento California. He is a retired Sacramento City Firefighter Paramedic. He was educated by one of the premiere paramedic training facilities in the United States.  M.E.T.S. has a reputation of producing some of the top performing paramedics in the nation under the professorship of Rodney Shimamoto. Mr. Beltran is a retired sworn peace officer who helped with training of newly recruited cadets in the Sacramento Police Departments training academy.  Mr. Beltran has been an expert witness for the City of Sacramento in litigation and has also been as a professional witness in murder cases.   Mr. Beltran was also a member of the Mathematics Science and Engineering Association through an outreach program through the University of California at Davis. He attended California State University of Sacramento and became an instructor of blood and air borne pathogens. His professional profile includes such positions as the founder of a technology company which specialized in virtual reality sciences. He is a proprietary programmer, a network developer, and co-founder of a company which was acquisitioned in the late 1990’s to become the third largest Internet service provider in the State of California. Jesse was the Vice President of this Company under Coastal Web Online. Coastal Web Online was one of the first companies in Northern California to develop and disperse line of site high speed data via micro wave technologies. He then moved on to become Chief of Operations for NexTrac Communications which was one of the top three dealerships in Northern California. Mr. Beltran brought his expertise on telecommunications to this company which gave it a National footprint overnight.
In 2009 Mr. Beltran went public as a victim of Domestic Terrorism after being witness to a murder committed by law enforcement.  Mr. Beltran was scanned by Dr. John Hall and was found to be emitting a radio frequency from his right mandibular area.  This corresponded with a foreign body visible in MRI scans and High Digital Panoramic x-rays.   Mr. Beltran works closely with Dr. John Hall, the author of a book titled “A New Breed Satellite Terrorism in America.  Dr. Hall is a leading expert in the field of electronic terrorism in the United States and is the serendipitous stimulus to the world wide radio frequency testing now being performed on a global format through ICAACT.ORG.


Lars Drudgaard of

Lars Drudgaard


– AP. P. in Electronic Development Engineering and Technology, O.T.S.
– Graduated as a Sound Engineer and Audio Designer, Danmedia/Music Academy
– Partly finished education in Audiology. O.T.S/K.T.S.

Lars is from Denmark in Europe. For the last 15 years he has worked in many fields of Sound engineering, at Radio/TV broadcast stations, in music studios both as a sound engineer and producer and has thought sound engineering and audio design. After 10 years in the Rock´n Roll Industry, he decided to scale this down in favor of a full time job at the Danish association of the Blind. Apart from the daily audiobook productions, he worked with the implementation of the digital navigational DAISY format throughout the organization. He was also involved in projects involving the implementation of “audio description” for TV and Cinema. He didn’t quit music completely but limited it to 1-4 times a month at Denmark’s most prestigious modern music venue, VEGA where he worked as a sound engineer and in-house technician.

In recent years he has used his spare time on inventions in the field of professional sound engineering and audiology.

Case Story, the short version

“Due to the International Financial crisis, donations for the Danish Association of the blind where decreasing, and in December 2008 it was announced that they would have to lie of several jobs, a colleague presented me with a job ad that matched my technical background. The Danish Military Intelligence service was looking for personnel with the exact Electronics education that I had. I applied for the job in January 2009, just around the same time, when the Danish Prime-minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was putting in his bet to become NATO general secretary.

I started to take notice of surveillance. Towards the end of February 2009, I got a reply from the Military Intelligence Service. I was rejected for the job, but the surveillance increased instead of going away. Towards the end of May 2009 I got a good insight into the nature of the surveillance system and how it worked, and shortly after that I was subjected to an assassination attempt. Undisclosed sources have since stated that it was possibly an attempt for extraordinary rendition. In the same period the perpetrators, also managed to steal one of my inventions.

I reported my story to the police in Copenhagen, who advised me to contact the Danish Chief of police. The reply I got from the Danish Chief of Police was that he was not authorized to make an investigation into my case.

What followed were a couple of years of extreme psychological torture, which culminated in 2010 with the attempt to program me to become an indiscriminately killing Manchurian Candidate, Where even children would not be spared. Apparently the whole thing was revealed behind the scenes and in autumn 2010 someone intervened and the torture program stopped, and a phase of deprogramming was initiated. Since that time it has been Harassment and surveillance. In January 2011 I became active in the international community, to expose these crimes against humanity.

I started an International Skype call that leads to the forming of ICAACT when Jesse Beltran came into the meetings in autumn 2011.

The work with ICAACT has been my focus ever since.”  ~Lars Drudgaard


The following links reflect a Documentary produced by director Michael Buniak called Redsheep.mpg.  He produced this for two reasons, to keep Mr. Beltran safe and educate the public on the type of human rights abuses that exist in the United States utilizing electronic terrorism.


Dr. John Hall performing RF Scan and Testimony by Dr. Francis Collins of NIH

Symposium hosted by Dr. John Hall, Dr. Terri Robertson, and Dr. Peter Phillips.
Part I

Part II

Part III

Video evidence of RF Scanning from victims around the world performed by ICAACT.ORG

Richard Northern Story

Dr. Barry Trower Interview: 2010

Nuero Revolution:


Please view some of the sources and articles that we have for the listeners and readers to  better educate yourselves with the electronic monitoring of the planet as well as Microwave Weapons Technology.


The following are implants removed from the whistleblower Dave Larson after working for and being tortured by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) who are Special Access Program (black ops) contractors for the CIA.


Any further questions feel free to post a comment to this article , and some one will contact you.

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46 thoughts on “International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies: Jesse Beltran & Lars Drudgaard Interview on Covert Technologies affecting us all!”
  1. Hi I live in the UK and currently experiencing a form of harrassment via electronic means I’ve been picking up signals in my house and over my back garden can anyone help me please?

  2. Hi Can anyone help please….2 years plus of covert abuse…I now reside in Perth? My health is deteriorating..!

  3. Lol, I see the trolls are messing up this comment section. At least I hope they are trolls. I know that it is devastating to be targeted by this portion of Agenda21.

    I should add a bit more to your knowledge base here since I am a long time truther (informing the masses with distribution CDs against globalization since 2003) Was identified as a threat to the NWO in the summer of 2006, avoided capture until ‘safe’ with family. Survived an attempt to stop my heart via some drug in an orange I ate in 2007, placed my trust in some family members who have turned out to be following their orders from the secret society my father and grandfather were in. I rejected joining ‘Demolay’ as a teen when the blindfolding occurred. I guess they are told they are saving my life by following their orders but I don’t think they know about the slow-kill process happening to me ever since the remote control, wireless braingate chip placed over my motor cortex. Oh, the mind jobs have been real head-shakers.

    Yes, that manchurian candidate chip they gave me in 2008 can seamlessly turn off the conscious mind and then take brain motor control of the body… the perfect soldier, secrect assassin, and even flesh eating zombies will all have this remote control braingate chip hiding on their motor cortex.

    Amazing? I couldn’t believe the chip was deciphering my brain activity and translating it into computer code… translating that into english language for central command to wirelessly record.

    I couldn’t believe at my Aunties 75th birthday party my body was being taken over by central command so that they could assassinate my character in front of my family. Sounds far fetched or a story, I wish it was. I really wish it was. Because the confusion and horrors the NWO collectivist megalomaniacs have in store for everyone pure(ish) or not corrupt is eventually going to be here. Going along to get along personality types are going to wish they stood up against these beasts and at least tried to bring them to justice before there is simply no choice.

    You all have choice right now, use it for what is honest and right! For what is good…. and at least try to remove the evil.

    Thanks again and good luck everyone, have faith and fight them for God’s and your own sake.

  4. David Larson is one of the rare individuals that I have read had the implant removed. What are the creditials of the extracting surgeon and how may I get in contact with that person?
    Thanks and great site!

  5. I have one of the best documented case of rfid chipping to date most likely, with multiple hospital documentation, recorded audio from a registered nurse, and all the symptoms that go with it, I just need confirmation via a private xray, or scanning to confirm the chip in both my neck and right arm. Do you have a private office or referral to anyone that can help to confirm and where to go next. My health is failing rapidly and I just need conformation privately. Thank you.

  6. Experienced at hands of neighbour’s sons. Attempt to make family insane, experimental electronic torture drug. Joined by network of people on Facebook medium. Use of audible voices for past two years at workplaces, residences, everywhere we go, loss of finances, property, attempted insanity, murder. Swearing, blaspheming, accusations, derogatory comments about appearance, physical blows to skull, burn on back of calf, voices emanating from walls at office/residences to date, physical voices, “connected to you”, false imaginations/hallucinations. Constant battle to wrestle “mind” out of these perps and participants of such a brutal psychological crime, with no physical evidence, and crime blocked by cops. Would love to hear if anything similar in Johannesburg, South Africa?

  7. The Big Brother Syndrome is real, is the result of the forever mutation of primitive genes to humans, genes that controls the mind of the human victim, transforming it into a real monster. The subjects lives in a permanent state of primitive fear of hunger, and insecurity, an obsession that evolves and became visible in their actions: greed, tyrrany and butcheries. The accumulation of more and more resources and more and more power, is an never ending story and never ending state of mind, that ends up in Mega Psychopatic obsessions with power, total surveillance, never ending conflicts, revange, assasinations, oppression, tyranny and man-made big disasters.
    North and South Korea, a nation not divided by the most military secured border in the world, but by the genes of pure madness. Watch the effect on the human brain, one raised in permanent fear, tyranny and insecurity, the other one raised in freedom, free thinking, permanent healthy evolution of human brain. South Korea is the latest phenomenon, an example of free thinking and permanent creation that amasses us all. Therefore WE don’t need an other Big Brother! We want to live Free!!!
    ”All man-made big disasters started with a mad man’s obsession with money and power, and his ability to corrupt others”! Former victim of Communism Big Brother Syndrome, excaped with six fractures! Present time: the victim of the second Big Brother Syndrome, that signed my Death Certificate allredy, for daring to expose their crimes. Butchered, in pain and dying, excaped from FBI, to Denmark in May 2013. USA is using the most powerful military weapons ever, the Energy Directed Weapons against humans. Google my name, watch videos, see my graphic pictures after the Big Brother “touch”.
    Marin Pitu

  8. Eric Prince founder of Black water built by stolen drug money has been involved in Killing my grandmother with a Micro wave oven and poisonings Erics uncle Steven Tyler and other relatives in the music industry and his cop uncles in Oregon helped in the torture and murder to steel millions in drugs that were buried on her Properties back in the 60s she is one of several killed by Eric and cops in the same family and music industry relatives after decades of of CIA and NSA Mafia family crimes
    against my grandmother and I by my family that has been ruthlessly trying to steel massive amounts of wealth left to me buy a God father back when I was only six years old i have never got a dime from this inheritance only 4 decades of crime against me and her buy one of the most Evil N S A / CIA perp families in the country Eric and his partners in crime have chipped me and others this was confirmed buy two FBI agents my home was part of my inheritance through signature scams and murder and misrepresentation they have stolen my home to steel what was buried in the yard for over 40 years and for years have bribed with millions the local police and FBI if anyone knows who helps victims of crimes committed buy intelligence agency cults that think everything they do and every crime they commit is a national security secret please let me know , caling the victims and witness perinoid is a old Army intel scam to help cover up there criminal cowards crimes if you know anyone who will remove or disable chips or help with a lawyer to go after agencies that support criminal activity against us citizens like NSA please call me 503-709-7407

  9. Hi my name is latesia davis and I have been gangstalk with electronic harassment my perphs are next door at my neighbor house I seen him please me at 916-333-2717 I move from oregon 3 weeks ago and they followed me here it a long storie please call me.

  10. Please Help me My name is James m Quinn I my nephew Eric Price has chiped me with a Digital Angel micro chip that has a Poisen lode in it it is drilled into the bone in my gum line above the tooth they have murderd my grandmother with a Micro wave oven with the door latch riged several Washington county cops and Portland cops all in the same family and fbi all to steel hundreds of millions please I am broke they are stalking and poisoning 503-709-7407

  11. Hello, i just wanted to know who i could call to help me possibly see if i have an implant. i origionally had one for my bladder, and had it taken out because i had felt like i had been controlled like elctronically, eyes moved back and forth, and horribly tortured! i had it taken out, however it got way worse, and i have been terribly tortured, i cant even go to church, cause people can hear voices and things comming from me, and i’m not even speaking. Now i am underterrible attack, it is very strange, i think other people are able to see what i’m going through, my hispanic neighbors, and pictures, anyway it it really bad and very painful, i have now developed an immune defficiency problem. and feel like i am getting cut inside my skull a LOT. i get terrible death threats, and i also have been isoulateing because people know and can see this horriffic abuse on or about me. please let me know if there is any way or any one who can help me see if i have an implant as this is quite unberrable. i have medicare and medicaid too, or if you could tell me where 2 look on my body, for x-rays, like how 2 find it and what it would look like, i sure would appreciate it. i went 2 the airport, however they wouldn’t let me go through he detectors unless i actually bought a ticket. i’m just concerned and appreciate any additional help you could give me! i just want 2 make sure!! May God our sweet hevenly father bless you and everyone! Thanks again Christine

  12. Hi, This is Ms. Kris again for the 3rd time! I have been in constant continual pain!! Is this site a scam?? Know one has bothered to contact me!! I have now tried over 3 times!! I cannot wait!! can you please have a ligitimate person call me!!! Do not e-mail as I do not have email at home!! Call anytime or write: 2005 N. Pennington Dr., Chandler, Az 85224

  13. Seeking an Expert Witness, stop my covert torture and murder attempts by the government, need a specialized attorney, I have not been able to find one yet who would ligitimately handle this type of case!! Please call: not e-mail internet at homell

  14. Help. I read What Happened to Eileen and was referred the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technology. I believe me exhusband works in the Tijuana Police and I fear he may have referred me to have an FBI file opened on me. I have been trying to get a hold of someone at, but have not been able to get a hold of them. Does anyone have a phone number for or any of them in management? I will check the posts here. I have already emailed the Senators and my House Representative and contacted the police.
    Thank you,

  15. I’m a targeted individual in OC CA who spoke with Mr Beltran in July 2012
    At that time Mr Beltran agreed to to scan both me and my son a minor if we drove up to Sacramento CA. After addressing the abusers whointially targeted us in 2010, at a local court a stipulation was agreed and filed. Although, the abuse by community watch programs, local, city, state and govt law enforcement continues to date. Mr Beltran has evaded taking OUR calls and I’m concerned as to why. I have corresponded with other Ti’s other Ti’s who have also encountered some form of issues with the organization questioning the true nature and legitimacy of the organization and it’s involvement disclosing covert and electronic harassment/assaults by various entities Globally.

    Mr. Beltran I apologize for having to post my the incidents and my personal opinions and hope that you will not hold this against both me and my son, a minor whom I believe is also micro chipped. Still…I have to question as to why you have intentionally evaded my calls and I hope this has nothing to do with freedom from harassment as I also question the possibility of selling out Ti’s information to the abusers. I have spoke to Dr Hall via email and informed him to contact you in hopes to scheduling an appointment for scanning. i suppose that’s how desperate we are in scanning and further addressing the abuse of power and human rights in a federal court. With out this we are at a loss.

    This post is my last attempt to request help from ICAACT. I hope you will help us. Thank you for reading my comment.

    Tanya & Johneray
    “Victims of irganized hate crimes aka; Crimes against people”

    1. I have forwarded your letter to Jesse Beltran at ICAACT. I have asked him to contact you, to contact me, and to give me the name of someone else if he can not be of assistance to you. I am here to help, please do not give up.

      Let me know if you hear from ICAACT please.

      Roxy Lopez

  16. Need my chip confirmed.
    Will travel to you.
    P.S.- Have repeatedly attempted to contact Jesse at the ICAACT site, to no avail; the last time I got an error message stating that the ‘disk is full’.

    1. I have forwarded you information to Mr. Jesse Beltran at ICAACT today. I have asked him to contact you, to contact me, and to give me the name of someone else if he can not be of assistance to you. I am here to help, please do not give up.

      Roxy Lopez

      1. I need immediate security, help or attorney what ever you all can do!!
        See my story under my name on YouTube and/or I am on and befriend me..I do NOT have internet at home due to 24/7 torture and covert torture/harrassment. Seeking a ligitimate attorney or help and expert witness…….call anytime day or night!!! 480-786-8883

  17. To Roxy Lopez… Thank you so very much for having Mr. Jesse Beltran and Mr. Lars Drudgaard on Your Radio-Show for all of us! As Jesse, Lars and even Mr. Peter Rosenholm are here and going to other radio-shows educating millions about electronic terrorism. And it will always be successful because of people like you! Our truth and our accountability will also one day get us help and that is because of all of US! is the link where Jesse Beltran is scanning me for these RFID microchips. Again I and my I say it for all of us victims and the public “THANK YOU” again Roxy Lopez! <3

      1. Can you or anyone on this site help me too? I am almost dead after 9plus years of covert harassment and torture in Chandler (Phoenix suburb) and they are now pressing and I was arrest for 3 counts of disorderly conduct as I alleged to yelled at the air assault airplanes (drones continually with radiation, microwaves and more causing dizziness, cancer most likley and pain and suffering) to stop torturing me…I only yelled inside my house and now they are trying to kill me as I have no money for a lawsuit and no one to represent me!! know one saw or heard me!! They have my house monitored and take what they get off the tapped of the inside of my house!! This is so sick and they knocked my mail box down, took away my jobs and won’t stop attempting to kill me!! It is mostly Hispanics ganging up on me….very very sick…need help single lady with 3 cats now (was 4 before they killed sammy) call day or night..I do not have internet at home: 480-786-8883….need legal and more help now!! see my story on YouTube under my name and on

        1. This is Ms. Kris Durschmidt!!
          Still to this day, I have got no help!!! 480-786-8883…no not email, as I have no email at home due to the damage and they got all my jobs taken aways from me and I am on the Federal Exclusion List!!

        2. since 16 i have gone thru it
          Death threats fights police
          Harrassment no job cause they make your employer go along everybody goes along
          If they dont they will be in trouble!!
          I conducted a 53 day veggie fast!
          And fruit and water!
          Ancestors to the rescue!!!!!!
          Get behind me satan!!
          Proper diet and natural diet kills fear anxiety
          Paranoia stress tension worry it disappears!!!
          Go within and find your higherself!
          Let go of this 3dimensional world!
          You will be fine!
          When you fast the holyghost will take care of the rest!

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