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“Jack Allis is an author and spiritual teacher.  He is the author of the recently released book “Prophesy, Challenge & Blessing – Visions of 2012 & the Shift,” and the DVD, “2012 & the Shift – the Power of Ceremony.”  The focus of his recent work is 2012 & the shift, and his message echoes that of the ancient indigenous prophesies.  This is an age of monumental transformation, in which we are blessed with an exceedingly rare opportunity to transform ourselves, and our world.  Jack practices what he preaches, living minimally and close to nature in a tiny cottage in Mount Shasta, California.  In his talks and workshops, he also shows people how to practice and enhance their spirituality through the use of ceremony.  This includes prayer, fire ceremonies, and music and chanting, with rattles, drums and singing bowls.  He is also the author of two other books and a DVD, as well as his popular monthly newsletter. ”

For more information, please visit his website at www.jackallis.com.


What did we discuss on today’s show?

  • The Power of ceremony

  • 2012 & The Shift   The Power of Ceremony(Jack’s latest documentary)

  • How do we insure our own personal evolution?

  • What has happened to humanity and how did we lose our relationship to the Earth & the Celestial beings?

  • Indigenous Tribes and our Ancient Ancestors Message to us

  • What is the SHIFT? What should we expect?

  • Is it humanities “fault” that we are enslaved?

  • REMEMBER who we are, and how to remember who we are.

Please listen to this wonderful interview here:


“Go ahead, sing along as we let go of the old world, and ascend to the new,with the power of our vibration” ~Jack Allis



                                  JACK ALLIS

Author & Spiritual Teacher


PO Box 132 – Okauchee, WI 53069-0132

(262) 569-9873 – 1 (800) 995-0796, Ext 9486




Purchase your very own copy of the DVD here :http://jackallis.com/



                                   REMEMBER the GIFT.






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