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A friend of mine, who will remain nameless, asked me to write an article about a month ago and since then I’ve sat here and thinking, what do I have to offer anyone in these really crazy times where truth as a principle has been turned into a commodity to be bought and sold by the highest bidder. I’ve been tripping around the planet for awhile now, in others words I’m no spring chicken anymore. I’ve got a shit load of gray hair and the wrinkles get deeper every year. I not only remember hippies, I was a hippie. I remember watching the Viet Nam war, the first war to be televised in both black and white and living color. In those days there were no embedded troops, the press was pretty much free to go where they wanted if they were willing to risk getting shot. America still had a relatively free press back then. Every evening on the news came the US vs Them score, or casualty count. It went like this 150 US servicemen killed in action, 506 wounded, 600 Viet Cong killed and 800 wounded. A scorecard for that damnable war year after year. It’s easy to understand why they don’t report on war they way they did back in those days. They figure it was the reporting that eventually led to the anti-war movement that eventually swept through the nation threatening to make changes that needed making. I remember John F. Kennedy and the hate he engendered in some parts of the nation during his run for the Presidency in 1960. I remember the Bay of Pigs and even more terrifying, the Cuban Missile crisis, where it seemed the world was a hair away from going up in a mushroom cloud of smoke any day. The realization dawned on most people that we now had the means to destroy the world in a matter of minutes.. And what none of us knew then was the beginning of the end of the US had started.


I remember separate drinking fountains for coloreds, and whites, separate rest rooms, and everywhere were signs in businesses stating they had the right to refuse service to anyone. The Jim Crow South where as polite company said Negroes and Whites live separate but equal lives. Bob Dylan sang it though, ” The times they are A-changin’ “. And there were plenty of things that needed changing but as usual people hate change as most of them are downright suspicious of change. And the people of the South hated the change the winds were blowing in changing the grand idea of segregation in the South. It wasn’t anytime at all until Martin Luther King the unspoken leader of the Civil Rights Movement was being maligned as a Pinko Communist Pig by no less than J Edgar Hoover, Chief crime fighter of the US, much to the relief of most southerners. They thought they had the nation’s chief law enforcement official on their side but, what they didn’t know was the Kennedy’s and LBJ  were about to turn Jim Crow on its ear. And in 1964 that is just what happened with the passage of the Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act was one of the first decent laws that were passed to insure and protect the rights of all Americans not just white male property owners. This brings me to one of the major problems with the US Constitution as it was written and passed in 1787 it provided equal and inalienable rights only to white men. Thomas Jefferson realized the shortcomings and he did write about them with the hope that as he said each generation would take the original document and improve upon it.

President Kennedy had the highest approval ratings of any modern President ranging from 58% all the way up to 83% and the reason he had those ratings is he was uniting the nation in a way that had not been done before. Of course the powers that run things and their gold couldn’t have the very thing they fear the most, THE PEOPLE” being united and coalesced into a force for good in the world. And so it had to be that the President who was bringing “We the People” together had to die. And die he did on national television for all to see and for all to understand that those who with the gold rule the world will brook no threat to their power. And “The People” have gone downhill ever since. We have stood in silence and watched as our Bill of Rights has been whittled down to almost nothing. We have watched in silence as my generation was beaten down in the streets when we did all we could to exercise the power to assemble and protest the War in Viet Nam, to begin to agitate for a Green America, to march for and Equal Rights Amendment for women what a certain percentage of Baby Boomers saw and wanted to remedy was a world that starting to spin out of control. And then the unthinkable happened another Kennedy was shot down in cold blood as he was about to sew up the nomination to run for President for the Democrats. Another coup, another overt act to thwart the will of the people. It was a given Bobby Kennedy would easily defeat Richard Nixon in 1968 for the Presidency. In 1971 we saw what the US government was really capable of when four students protesting the war at Kent State were shot down and killed and others wounded. Sticks and bottles against riot gear, tear gas and finally bullets. While the deaths and injuries were bad enough there were people who stood up to say they deserved what happened. Another nail in the coffin of American liberty. So you see this is something that has been happening now for decades.

Modern Day Revolution OCCUPY

The Seventies and the Viet Nam war gave way to the Eighties and a new enemy had to be found to threaten the security of the US and American people. The communist thing was pretty well worn out and people were beginning to understand that there probably weren’t any communists coming to occupy America, as we had been told since the end of the WWII. If you wonder why they weren’t coming to take over and occupy the US just look up how many military casualties they suffered during WWII. Best estimates put their military losses at between nine and twelve million.The Russians weren’t in the position to occupy any nation anywhere, anytime soon. While our losses at 250,000 were tragic we still had a large enough military to keep any enemy at bay. So the communists are coming in the as we were told in the 50’s was a bald faced lie told to us to keep us living in fear, to keep us clamoring for our security. It worked quite well to undo the gains the labor movement had made during the 30’s.The fear surrounding the hue and cry of communists lurking everywhere in America led to Congress becoming in a sense a law enforcement agency by dictatorially summoning people to appear and testify before Joseph McCarthey’s, House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA) (1947–1975) about not only their alleged activities in a communist organization but to snitch on their friends and relatives.It was the same kind of ploy engineered by the Nazis in Germany. The SS relied on average Germans turning in their neighbors, employers, employees, aunts uncles cousins friends in other words, just about anyone they knew to be Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, communists, and and all the persons that weren’t considered worthy to be members of the Master Race.

It is time for Americans to wake up and get this fact down hard. The communists, leftists, liberals, progressives aren’t the enemy that is tearing America down a little bit more each year. They never were the enemy anymore than they were in Nazi Germany although by the time most Germans not in the camps realized it it was too late to do them any good. Yes there are lessons to be learned from history and it is true in a sense that history does often repeat itself although always in the exact same way. Neo Nazis today have learned some lessons from their history, and their tactics are more covert this time around. However just as they completely suckered the German people almost 80 years ago, we must now  begin to comprehend that this same scenario can easily happen on  US soil today; just check into the NDAA.  Here is one of the keys as to why  a liberal, progressive, or  leftist will never be a fascists, primarily because they are inclusive in the way they see others. They are not exclusive in that they believe everyone has a place at the table. As long as We the People continue to let our unity be divided by economic, social, religious or any other issue that can be derived by the ones with the gold, the ones who tell the government what rules to make then we will go down as surely as the German people did under Hitler.

The Devil Himself


There are several lessons that history can provide us if we will but look without fear. We need to look at who put Hitler into power. After all how does a nobody like Adolph Hitler come to power in a country as advanced and as educated as Germany? Where did the money come from that put him and his band of nobodies into power? Perhaps it is time to take a hard look at the elements that we always use to help solve crime. Who had the motive to put in Hitler in power? Who had the most to gain and who in fact gained the most from his being in power and in starting a war that resulted in the loss of between 60 to 70 million people that includes both military and civilian deaths? And above all who had the means to commit the cold blooded murder of 70 million people. The next things we need to start asking ourselves is how do we stop it from happening again? Did we defeat fascism in WWII? I don’t believe we did. I am not sure the purpose of WWII was to ever about defeating fascism. What WWII did do was ensure communism would never survive. Was communism the boogie man I was taught it was? Or is the real boogie man very much alive and stalking us just waiting for the right moment to proclaim the Advent of the Fourth Reich and it’s thousand year reign. These are some of the issues and questions I will be covering over the course of several articles. I hope you will join in the exploration with me and see what we can learn from history and it’s outcomes. NO FEAR ONLY TRUTH! If you want to learn more about The  Third Reich check out “The Third Reich, A New History” by Michael Burleigh.




~The Truth Denied







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By Sandy

Someone who barely recognizes America anymore

6 thoughts on “The Fourth Reich: Germany’s Agenda is on America’s Doorstep”
  1. Thanks Sandy. A very good read, thanks for the information. I’ve been looking into this lately and even seen some articles trying to say Hitler was misunderstood and was actually a good guy. I am trying to find out the truth as I don’t believe he was a good guy. I now question everything.

  2. Wow so the story changes again, i was taught first that 80 million were killed, then 60 million and you say now 70 million???????? uggghhhhhhhhhh face palm, nobody can get the story straight. How about all the people, fact knowen 40 million folk communism exterminated, noooo we cannot do that now can we???

    note to self, never never ever trust what people and my teachers and books tell me!!!!

  3. Hey Trinity…nice to meet you and thanks for the welcome and kind words. Hope to get to know both you and Izzy better in the future. 🙂

  4. Hey Sandy, meet my friend Izora, who I call Izzy too! How wonderful! Sandy thanks so much for writing for TTD now! You are a treasure, Izzy is a writer for us as well! Cheers ladies!

  5. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me Izzy. I think the propaganda worked on those that need to be led. it doesn’t work so well on people that would rather explore and search out things for themselves or maybe just have basic trust issues and don’t like believe everything they are told. I know that when I was school I was taught to question everything. What is funny is that while we being taught exactly what propaganda was it was being used to further a really nasty agenda.

  6. Sandy – great lead in article – I will look forward to the rest – sounds like we have much in common – I too am a grey haired hippie, remember the Bay of Pigs and sitting and waiting for the Russians to back down, hiding under desks etc. You have touched on something I think about a lot – you and I and most U.S. and Canadian boomers were raised on WWII movies – while the war was over we were taught how propaganda enslaved a nation and led them to behave psychopathically. These movies showed us how cleverly people could be swayed. then in the early 70’s all the information about subliminal seduction, especially in regards to lust, violence and the female image – it was all over the media – yet we continue to be seducted and it actually got worse – now kids and men buy into it!? So I guess my question, or comment is why doesn’t it work on you or me? I certainly have some of the ‘culturalization’ ingrained – ie. sympathetic to the jews. But I understood for most of my life that Canada turned them away – that GE backed Hitler – this isn’t new info – why does it work on this educated population? How is it that our entire generation ended up buying in??? I suppose you will be addressing some of these issues – again – looking forward to more!!! Izzy

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