Psychic-Medium Thomas John
Psychic-Medium Thomas John

Our guest: Psychic-medium Thomas John


Today, Thomas John ,” who resides in New York City, enjoys an outstanding reputation as a psychic medium and clairvoyant, as well as a published author and life coach. He maintains a full-time private practice helping individuals around the world connect with loved ones on the Other Side. A member of Best American Psychics and listed on Best Psychic Directory, John has been described as amazing, extraordinary, highly gifted and powerful. ”

With clients like  high-profile celebrities  like: Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, Lynne White, Donny Deutsch, Magee Hickey and Judy Licht, I thought maybe he would be a bit stuffy. But Thomas was as down to earth as they come, described his childhood  and it sounded like any of us. He doesn’t make a big deal out of being a “celebrity” psychic, as a matter of fact, he never once mentioned any of the aforementioned! Impressively humble!


His website offers a range of services like a (one) 1  question reading for $12, to longer sessions for $45.

Other services included are  energy cleansing, Life coaching, and general guidance, all of which can  can be found here: tp:// 


Some of the questions we asked Thomas John on the show today were

  • The Truth About Psychics and Mediums
  • What is the difference between a psychic and medium?
  • How do you receive your information as a medium? Do you see things? Feel things? Hear things?
  • I know you also work with law enforcement sometimes to help in cold cases or missing persons cases—can you tell us a bit about that?
  • You also work with law enforcement sometimes to help in cold cases or missing persons cases—can you tell us a bit about that?
  • Predictions for 2012 by Thomas John 

    “2012 is the year of Karma. Those who choose to move away
    from a Spiritual Path will learn that avoiding enlightenment comes at a major
    price. This will be a year of change, many positive, some negative. There is a
    rise in the human consciousness and a reconnection with the Divine Source!”  ~ Thomas John

    See all 99 Predictions here :

    Please listen to the program. Thomas John also  did some readings for our listeners LIVE on the air!Check it out:


    On the live broadcast, Thomas commented on his past experience with his clients, (or those who call him for a reading), and noted  that “most individuals seem lost or confused about their lives”.   In some cases he is able to point out something that was hidden from view, in turn freeing them up to move forward in life! Thomas seems to also validate what most clients have been feeling all along. We did get to hear him in action on the phone lines, and he was spot on, which really surprised the listeners. My opinion is that Thomas is the real deal!

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    Thomas John


    Psychic Medium

    445 Park Ave, 9th Floor
    New York, NY  10022

    Phone: 347-637-8592
    Twitter @MediumThomas
    Facebook :  MediumThomas


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