Guests today: Naturopath Dr. Wil Spencer and Farmer and Honey Bee Keeper Jamey Behringer


Dr. Wil Spencer, Naturopath, VMSP, Author and Researcher

Wil has been reversing and healing conditions of human health, animal health, plant health, including reversing the effects of GMO’s as well as increasing the nutritive values of food, reversing the many issues of honey bee health, restoring vitality to soils and compost, water purification and air quality.


Dr. Wil Spencer


Dr. Wil Spencer believes that all health goes back to what you eat, as in “you are what you eat”. How does he know this?  He has been working with people from all over the world, as well as farm animals,dogs & cats and even has success with  honey bees. What is the secret? Keep reading!

What did we talk about on the show today?


  • We talked about healing farmer Jamey Behringer’s farm and hives!
  • Wil Spencer took his bees from a state of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) to HEALTH!
  • Both Jamey and Wil ask that you spread the word; there is a way for everyone to heal their bodies, and it truly boils down to nutrition! Just ask their BEES!
  • Listen to the entire show!  You will most likely identify a symptom that Dr. Wil Spencer is going to help you with!
  • Raising your own vibration!  It’s the real deal!
  • You may want to order some of that honey! I did!


I can honestly say, this show brought so much hope for farmers and people in general. If you suffer from symptoms of inflammation, lung congestions, IBD (Irritable Bowel Disorder), lethargy, or depression then I urge you to please contact Dr. Wil Spencer. Remember ‘doing the same things repeatedly expecting different results is INSANITY!’  You will not only save a lot of money that you would spend and your local doctor, you will actually see a difference in your life so that you can enjoy your health once again and be restored to sanity! ~Host Roxy Lopez

Listen to the show right here!




Jamey Behringer, Farmr and Happy Bee Keeper!


From Wil Spencer’s website:


“Using the “rock to rot” theory as outlined in detail in the book, “Electrical Nutrition” by Denie Hiestand, is the best approach when in doubt about what is good for you to eat. This means that food which will rot within 7 days if left to set out on your counter will break down in your stomach’s digestive juices within the three hours your stomach has to accomplish fermentation. Food that has not been sufficiently “rotted” or fermented in your stomach requires your intestine to attempt to process unprepared material, preventing the natural function of the small intestine. “


Sound crazy, well it’s not! He is spot on!

Dr. Wil continues to say:

“Your body prepares itself to eliminate upon rising or shortly thereafter during the early morning hours before waking. Eating fruit for breakfast is light enough so as not to slow elimination while the fructose is a natural stimulation. We recommend eating fruit in the morning along with your mineral supplement, your pro-biotics and perhaps, your Herbal Cocktail. Heavy cream with a bowl of fruit is beneficial as the amino acids in the cream stimulate peristaltic action. “

Dr. Wil Spencer goes on to say:

“The amounts and times of day the rest of your meals are taken are very personal and optional as long as you keep within a few basic guidelines and allow your biology to guide you to knowing its needs. The basic rules are as follows; “

  • Do not eat grain or seeds. Period.

We simply cannot break open the cellular structure of insoluble fiber through chewing and the three hours of our digestive process in the stomach, making the nutrients in the grains and seeds completely unavailable to us. Since this is so, eating grain requires excessive insulin in the effort of digestion which creates a very high acid environment, acidosis, causing an optimum opportunity for Candida overgrowth as well as several other equally disturbing and undesirable conditions.

  • Do not eat starch as in potatoes, squash or legumes with animal protein.

Digestion begins with the sight, smell and thought of the food we are about to eat so that saliva and digestive fluids are ready when the meal begins. Protein and starch require opposite solutions for fermentation. Eating them at the same time causes opposing solutions to mix and neutralize stopping the digestive process and causing buildup of methane and other harmful toxins.

  • Do not eat fruits and vegetables together.

As with protein and starch, fruits and vegetables require different digestive solutions for fermentation.

  • Stay away from refined sweeteners.

High fructose corn syrup, sorbitol, white granulated sugars and the like are simply poison to the system. Stevia, Agave Nectar, honey, sorghum molasses are acceptable in moderation.

  • Do eat as fresh and raw as possible, including your meats and eggs.

In our clinical experience a simple, basic diet is easy to understand and demands a willingness to change views and habits.

Human beings need to eat protein often in the form of fresh meat and fat (lamb, beef, fish, pork, fowl, eggs, etc.), as raw as possible, for the electrically available amino acids, large amounts of minerals and soluble fiber. Current, generally accepted cautions regarding too much fat in the diet do not apply in a grain free dietary lifestyle.

Vegetables and especially fruits are a good source of soluble fiber which feed the microorganisms in our intestinal tract. Yes, it does feed Candida. However a healthy intestinal tract does not have a Candida overgrowth while Candida does have its place in a healthy gut.

  • Use whole milk, cream, cheese and real butter often, preferably raw.

Lactose intolerance, as most other allergies, is a simple result of a gut imbalance which will restore itself as the body returns to its natural state.

  • Stay hydrated.

Natural clean water is nearly impossible to obtain. Treated water is toxic to the body. Filtered water ends up with hardened cellular membranes making it difficult for the body to absorb, requiring excessive amounts of intake that leach precious minerals and strip delicate tissues. Filtered water with a little added moist sea salt, pro-biotic and Cell Food provides excellent hydration and lessens the thirst.

The following is the most IMPORTANT place to not only begin, but continue with people, farm animals, dogs and cats, and other family pets. It truly does work for everyone!

  • Supplement

With a healthy population of microorganisms in the digestive tract, sufficient mineral intake and a balanced, electrically available diet, traditional vitamin and dietary supplements are rarely, if ever necessary. The supplements we recommend are the elements that are missing from the food chain as a result of the degradation taking place in our environment. 

  • Probiotics

Conventional agriculture, shipping and packaging methods destroy most microorganisms needed for health. Pro-biotics in our gut keep us clean through natural chelation of toxins and provide 80% of our immunity. 

They synthesize all needed vitamins, perform electrical recognition of amino acids and minerals. Soil born or transient, non-colonizing pro-biotics which are intended by nature to occur in almost every bite of our food and are not present, need to be supplemented continuously.

  • Minerals

Due to the degradation of our food supply by over farming and pollution supplementing with a wide array of bio-available, colloidal minerals carrying a natural negative electrical charge is paramount to our health. Minerals are necessary for all electrolysis in the body which is important for cellular regeneration and chelation.

  • Advanced Oxygen Therapy

Although not a food or food supplement we strongly suggest everyone consider an initial and regular periodic theraputic use of Advanced Oxygen Therapy. We consider this the only dependable method to rid the body of pathogens.

Again, this suggested protocol is offered as a result of our personal and clinical experience. These are general suggestions for anyone interested in enhancing their own health and wellness. This basic methodology allows for significant personal choice as we consider it appropriate for people to manage themselves personally, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are available for further discussion and more specific recommendations on request. Persons experiencing more moderate or severe concerns may benefit from a personal consult. “




Please visit his website  and his  store at for dietary products listed above.

Personal Consultation

Schedule a confidential, comprehensive and personal consultation with Dr. Wil Spencer, VMSP, Naturopath, Author and Researcher.


Jamey Behringer is a happy Bee Keeper again, and he shares this on the radio show. He tells us what happened to his bees , the symptoms of his dieing bees, and then what happened when he came across Dr. Wil Spencer. It is an amazing story, and if you the reader or the listener know any farmers or Bee Keepers, please pass this vital information to them!
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