Picture by Nathan Hamm
Picture by Nathan Hamm

Occupiers have been gathering in Philadelphia to reorganize as “OCCUPY INDEPENDENCE!-NATIONAL OCCUPY GATHERING” for the 4th of July Holiday!

Picture By Occupy Philly Talk Radio News Service

The event is named “The National Gathering”~where they already had some police crackdowns.

From the official FB page of Occupy Philadelphia:

“The Occupy National Gathering kicked off on June 30th, 2012 with a myriad of workshops, speakers, and a peaceful march against corporate personhood, making stops at Wells Fargo to protest racist predatory lending, Fox News to confront corporate profit at the expense of the peoples’ airwaves, and ended with an attempt to set up a space away from Independence …This was promptly – and brutally – followed by a National Park Service raid, which included the assistance of the Philadelphia police department, on approximately 150–200 people peacefully assembled for a redress of political grievances. The raid resulted in one arrest….

The Occupy National Gathering working group strongly condemns this disproportionate law enforcement response – a trend repeatedly played out against the movement across the country – but will continue to urge Occupy protesters to remain nonviolent despite federal and municipal authorities’ unwillingness to display restraint in the face of peaceful protesters.”

This is their Next Phase for Re-Strategizing with organized protests, workshops, prioritizing goals, and formulating grievances for Washington DC.

Some of those present were: Veterans for Peace, Verizon workers, Chris Hedges (American journalist & author), Decarcerate PA, Society of Friends/Quakers, Mountain Justice Action: “Hands off Appalachia!”, and many PA college students.

From RTAmerica:

Occupy Philadelphia Live Stream feed

Picture By Occupy Philly Talk Radio News Service


Sources: Pictures from Flickr~Talk Radio News Service and Nathan Hamm . Video from RTAmerica

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