Chemtrails activist should be familiar with chemtrails debunker demand of chemtrails sample. For example:
“Until they have a sample of a so called chemtrail analysed their opinion isn’t worth bunk.”

So people would collect sample as best as they could from the ground, from their blood, from rain water, and some even willing to use ballon to collect it directly at trails altitude.


If they have negative results, would it means that chemtrails is just an illusion? The answer is NO.

A negative test result does not mean that chemtrails do not exist.


Trails have already proven to be a serious environmental problem by many scientists.

There are also many testimonies from people who suffer health or mental problem whenever trails crisscrossing their skies.

Many environmentalist observe the degradation of sun light quantity that resulted in reduced health of overall living being in the planet. Many report dying tree that can no be associated with other environmental problem.

Having negative results from chemtrails sample do not make chemtrails a hoax.


The statement bellow is FALSE.
“If not one person can take it upon themselves to get samples from outside and conclusively prove in a lab that chemicals are being sprayed and falling to the ground, then “chemtrails” do not exist, period. End of discussion.”


There are many problem that can make sampling come up with negative results.

May come down in different area
WIth the ability of trails to sustain for days in the sky, it is possible that the particle may not fall down into your place. It will come down to a place far away. The results that you get by sampling water, ground or blood may not reflect the condition of spraying in your area.

Rain cloud may not reach it
For rain water sample, the rain may come from the clouds that is bellow the spraying altitude. The water that come from the rain, may not carry the airborne particle because the water do not pass the trails.

The particle may already come down / washed away
The sample you take may be taken at the wrong time. Too long or too soon. The particle mat take time to fall, or the particle already all falling down.

Your sample can easily be contaminated
You have to make sure that your container for the sample is clean and contain only the sample.
Air sample: No dust can penetrate
Water sample: no contamination from the drain pipe, no contamination from ground airborn pollutant
Ground sample: no contamination from nearby airborne or water source.
Blood sample: no contamination from food or kitchenware.

Your results can easily be dismissed
You have to convince people that your method for collecting sample is correct. You have to convince people that you do not add something to the sample. You have to convince people that your method of testing is correct. You have to convince people that your laboratory is neutral and reliable. You have to convince people that your results is consistent, repeatable, and replicable.


Obtaining chemtrails sample require a lot of effort and resources. If your aim is to sue your government with evidence. You can do it today. You can use the finding of contrails scientist, that contrails is serious pollutant. If you can force your government to agree that contrails is a pollutant, then asking the government to prevent trails from showing up in your sky is easier. You can then report that someone is polluting your neighboorhood the same way you report a bad neighboor having car which produce a lot of smoke.

Ban for contrails = less chemtrails.

If you have time and money to sample chemtrails, then you should do it in a ways that can actually be used in court. You may have to research the correct way first. My suggestion is to document every action you take and also record the activity of trails to provide  a direct correlation.

Also keep in mind that aluminium oxide can be a natural product of aircraft engine because the engine and the fuel tanks are made from aluminium too.

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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

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