Jeff Saxon
JEFF SAXON: Musician and Humanitarian

“Swallowed By The Everyday” is a song  about  not succumbing to the trials and problems of day to day life.It also has a line about a musician not having health insurance; a musician who lived frugally gig to gig.  In light of the recent Supreme Court decision, it’s as pertinent as ever.”

 ~ Jeff Saxon


The interview with musician Jeff Saxon is one of my  all time favorite  interviews, and if you listen to the show, we did something a little different this time. We began the show with his hit single “Murdering us from The Sky”. Listen to it… is guaranteed to move your spirit. It certainly did mine!

Jeff Answers the following questions on the show!

  • What spurred you to write a song about chemtrails?   And after writing it, what were your goals, intentions or hopes for the song?
  • Did you research chemtrails prior to writing the song, and how did you go about drawing your own conclusions about chemtrails?
  • In May of this year, the music video that you directed and produced for “Murdering Us From The Sky” won best music video award at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles.   Was that the first such award for you and the video?  Tell us a little about that experience.  Are you entering it in other film festivals?
  • Was “Murdering Us From the Sky” the first environmentally-inspired song you’ve written?
  • Is the majority of your writing about big issues such as the environment and human rights?  What pushes you to write about topics that may not be prototypical of hit songs?

Jeff is surely the real deal. Being a major label recording artist myself, I can appreciate what Jeff Saxon has to offer. He is the real deal, he is deep, an outside the box free thinker, not owned by anyone or anything, where we all wished we could be. Yet, he takes the time t write music, making statements like “Murdering Us from the Sky”, obviously not mincing his words…tells it how he sees it.

What makes Jeff different to me is that he has depth to his soul, he openly shares his  journey with all of us , and a heart of compassion and he  certainly has great concern and empathy for the world.

Jeff Saxon

Jeff will also be at the World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington D.C. in August!


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