• For those of you who watch MAINSTREAM news, this is going to be the easiest task for the General Population to wrap their minds around. We ask that you take note of   artificial clouds , white lined grids, silver skies, and persistent contrails (aka chemtrails), extreme & unusual weather and ask yourself, what is it?
  • Secondly, pay attention to your weather reports, specifically on mainstream newscasts. Take notice of the language being used.
  • Thirdly, translate the language.


Language being used in weather reports such as :

  • Climate Change
  • Extreme Heat Warnings
  • Extreme Weather Alerts
  • Global Warming
  • precipitation and weather extremes
  • Drought

Arizona has a website that interprets  the above language, but it is tricky, appearing more and more as though meteorologists can predict the weather ahead of time?

The site states

“Stay Informed: Sign Up for Heat Alerts!

The Extreme Weather & Public Health Program values your partnership and your time. In an effort to be more efficient, we are changing the system we use to communicate health related information to you. This list will be used for Heat Alerts; it will not replace but will enhance the person to person contact you have come to expect. Registering for this email communication will allow us to keep you up to date on information that supports your efforts to improve the health of all Arizonans.

To add yourself to this list please do the following:



Back to the funky weather reporting:

I have seen repeated examples of the newscaster incorrectly  reporting the weather , especially during WEATHER ALERT segments of the news. They simply get it all wrong. WHY? Is the Doppler Radar outdated, or is there yet another component?

Is the weather that is being modified and experimented with becoming completely and utterly unpredictable?

Here are some ideas to ponder and research, is geoengineering really occurring? Is weather modification in full swing? Also many of you have been reporting that it feels hotter outside this summer. Could it be the sulphates?


“Now a new study by researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science attempts to determine just how big the effect from man-made geoengineering would be.
Adding enough sulfate to the stratosphere to block 2 percent of the sun’s light would make the sky three to five times brighter, they report in a paper that will be published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.”

And what about our BLUE SKIES? Are they going to continually appear GRAY or SILVER from here out?

“The world might be cooler, but blue skies would become a little less blue, the scientists report. Even remote, sparsely inhabited areas would lie under a whitish sky resembling the haze that now blankets cities like Paris.”


“But most of the 887 participants in the survey — 69 percent — said they “strongly” or “somewhat” believed the harm from adding material to the atmosphere would outweigh the benefits. The poll carries a margin of error of 3.5 percent.” (Reprinted from Climatewire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC.

How are they spraying our skies without our consent, clearly the above statement depicts and objective stance by the PEOPLE. Why are there no environmental laws in place? Why the denial? How is this even possible?


In November of 2011

UK : Governance of theUK’s first   Geoengineering  project, discussed their program  to inject particles into the stratosphere to cool the planet. (They have since “paused” the project, or have they?



Health Risks:


Climate and Health Program

Climate change refers to any significant change in measures of climate, such as temperature, precipitation, wind, and other weather patterns, that lasts for decades or longer. The world’s climate is showing signs of a shift, becoming warmer, with more precipitation and weather extremes. Potential effects of this climate change are likely to include more variable weather, stronger tropical cyclones, stronger and longer heat waves, more frequent heavy precipitation events, more frequent and severe droughts, extreme weather events such as flooding, rises in sea level, and increased air pollution.


“CDC’s Climate-Ready States & Cities Initiative


“As the nation’s public health agency, CDC is using its prevention expertise to help state and city health departments investigate, prepare for, and respond to the health effects that climate change may have on people.”

HERE, the  CDC is warning the public about climate change.Why?The CDC website clearly defines it right here, and in context on both their site and for the purpose of this article.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded $5.25 million to ten health departments to assess threats, make plans and develop programs to meet the public health challenges of climate change over the next three years.

CDC’s Climate Ready States and Cities Initiative will build the capacity of state and city health departments to address the public health consequences of climate change and its implications on human health. State and city health departments are currently funded in two categories:

Category 1 – Assessment and Planning to Develop Climate Change Programs

Category 2 – Building Capacity to Implement Climate Change Programs and Adaptations


For technical assistance for the following, click here:

Check out part of their list:

Decision Support Tools



One more example of the GWS ( Global Warming Scam), and follow the money trends. We will do a few more  parts to this article, so stay tuned. Please take a look at what we have presented for now, and let us know what you think, please, do your own homework.











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2 thoughts on “Climate Change & Weather Modification Warnings by the CDC & Government”
  1. I found the location of the Health departments interesting – even with the inclusion of LA and NY citoes – wonder where these states – Arizona, Oragon, Minn are in relation to FEMA camp preparedness? I asume these are the ‘safest’ states regarding coastal diaster, EQ, and Madrid Fault?

    I have noticed a difference to our weather casts here in Canada – new sky graphics and lately a lot of mention of those very things – on talk, in the paper and even local TV – GW, Extreme …. I haven’t paid too much attention to how right or wrong they are – but I will try. I take their rain prediction and watch the pre-spray.

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