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Andrew D. Basiago

Andrew Basiago is the president of Project Pegasus, also an American lawyer, writer, US time-space explorer, and 21st century visionary.  Andrew   discussed the chronovisor probe to 2013 that he  took part in on 11/5/71 that found the US Supreme Court Building under 100 feet of water…absolutely compelling! Andy then discussed the prediction by explaining how the chronovisors were detecting alternate futures because they had just been shut down for time travel to the past involving kids because they were detecting alternate pasts. Andrew was kind enough to stay for an hour to talk about time travel, how it came to be and timeline scenarios, one being “negative” and one being “positive”.

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UFO CON 2012 September 15th & 16th

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“For his revelations about the existence of time travel and life on Mars, Andrew Basiago has been identified as a “planetary-level whistle blower” by the Web Bot project of futurists Clif High and George Ure. The Web Bot analyzes the content of the World Wide Web and uses Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis (ALTA) to predict future global trends.”

Project Pegasus

“Today, Basiago is a trial lawyer working in Washington state, but during his early childhood in New Jersey in the late sixties and early seventies, he was co-opted with several other hand-picked children into a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project entitled Project Pegasus in which Donald Rumsfeld acted as defence attaché. In special rooms at the back of his school these children would devote a large percentage of their week engaged in this esoteric project and would be put through rigorous training to withstand time travel both in virtual reality and actual form. Basiago’s father was also engaged in this work through a sub-contractor to the project, the Ralph M Parsons Corporation and was fully aware of his son’s participation in it.”

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Alfred  Lambremont Webre


Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med sets up the discussion by emphasizing the idea that along with a negative timeline, there is also a positive timeline, one that we should focus on as a planet! Which will humanity choose, the course ahead is not only uncharted, the future is  not fixed. Is it possible that at all of humanity will finally evolve, and could we expect a quantum leap of consciousness as a result of not only a biological clock that is ticking, but a one world focus of manifesting FREEDOM?

Alfred discusses these ideas on the show today!

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Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

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9/11 Vancouver Tribunal expected to issue Indictments in 9/11 events around Labor Day 2012

Also, please take a look at this: NIBIRU FOR THE “SENSIBLE SET” – VIDEO: RECENT NIBIRU SIGHTINGS – BBC broadcasts Nibiru in a documentary 18 June 2012 must see. The BBC (UK) has inadvertently recorded Nibiru in a documentary. 

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Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

Vancouver, B.C. V6N3E5 CANADA

Email: “Continuing education in ExoSciences, PsiSciences, and Exopolitics”



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8 thoughts on “ANDREW BASIAGO & ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE : Time Travel and Time Lines, what does this mean for humanity?”

    As I listen to these video’s where Andy Basiago Bernard Mendez, Laura Eisenhower speak about their experience.
    As I listen to others discuss this data as it relates to aliens.
    As I look at the pictures of the jump room tubes they traveled in.
    As I follow the breadcrumb trails they leave and LOOK DEEPER, what is obvious to me is that these physical travels in these so-called Jump Rooms did not take them to the moon they took them underground in the historical region known of as Agartha.

    Once there they became food for the reptilians that live there. I don’t think this was a coincidence that they were not being protected or that security was not there to protect them. To me those who were not sacrificed became mouth pieces for the Alien Agenda.

    When I listen to Biseago talk about observing a man or men being eaten after their legs or feet were bitten off, I think of the Biblical comments where man will step on the head of the snake and the snake will strike at the foot of man. Look at the covert religious symbolisms and then ask yourself why on earth these victims were not given security protection and weapons to protect themselves. To me they were sacrificed victims.

    These people have been mind gamed to such a degree that I don’t think they realize that aliens and their Global Elite puppets are behind these mind gamed scams. Bernard Mendez does allude to it but they seem to pass it off as irrelevant some how.

    Bernard Mendez clearly tells us that the theatre he appears to have gone to was a synthetic make over of the theatre where Lincoln was killed. Then we have the discussions about the illusive video of the crucifixion of Jesus, which also does not fit, wrong age wrong everything. I am not saying that these are not vivid memories for them I am saying they were orchestrated events and memories that have aliens Agatha and underground tunnels written all over them.

    Lets take the Jump room as an example. When I see the pictures of these cylinders that they traveled in it is obvious to me that they were sent into the underground tunnel systems in these cylinders. Look at the picture. These cylinders (Jump Rooms) were in a tubular chamber that went underground to a region with no sun, moon or stars.

    When Bernard Mendez speaks about leaving the theatre are and going outside he walked into sheer darkness, again it appears that he was on a synthetic stage that was set up underground where we know these demonic entities have bases. Even Jesus supposedly went underground to rescue people before he left the earth and where he want was referred to as Hell.

    I don’t believe they time traveled to Mars I believe they simply took a trip to an alien base camp inside the earth. That is how they were able to set up a Jump Room etc., at that location. They were not building these sturctures on Mars they were constructing in underground.

    Then we have the Barry Soetoro blither. We see how those who are against Obama are “Copy Pasting” (Photo Shopping) Obama’s head onto different bodies or placing his body in the picture with his grandparents etc., in an attempt to discredit him. We see them fabricating his college I.D. cards and other data online. If Obama and his mother did agree, were forced or conned into to playing this dirty time travel game, THEY TO WERE VICTIMS and this should be EXPOSED FOR WHAT IT IS which is a CRIME AGAINST PEOPLE AND CHILDREN.

    Finally, I realize that talking about what Jesus taught on these subjects turns some people off but he made it clear that today people were going to be presented with the END TIME DELUSION OF MANKIND. That mankind would be seeing LYING SIGNS AND WONDERS that were so convincing that most of humanity would BE TAKEN IN. That these events would be orchestrated by aliens and their hybrid bloodlines, which he referred to as the “Powers and Principalities” of darkness.

    I see these people as victims of the DARK SIDE so “LETS CALL A SPADE A SPADE.” I can see why the Peoples Government trying to protect us from these SCAMS.

  2. Time travel to me is possible already. Albert Einstein was working with Tesla and the goverment to create such possibility’s. Some say he succeeded but we will never know. Interesting post, I like!

  3. I absolutely believe in what you guy’s are exposing and think it is a true miracle the government has not attempted to interfere with your efforts to get this information out to the masses. I do appreciate the knowledge and secrets you are exposing , I think it’s the most significant and important information
    I’ve ever come across in my life, and extremely fascinating, However I am completely Perplexed about Andrews observation of the 2013 flood in the D.C. east Coast area. My question, what is the chance of the time line he observed in the probe is the one we will experience. I understand there are variables and the time line he experienced may not be the one that we
    are on but if it is, this will be an event of biblical proportion and significance
    I guess we’ll just have to observe movement out of that area because I’m sure the elite insiders will have conformation and knowledge of this event if it is a probability. I’m sure they don’t want to create panic and would not
    inform the public anyway. Could this be a part of the elite’s population reduction Plan ? I’m just speculating but if this event could happen it will truly be historic and will give Andy creditability in a extremely strange way.
    I do not doubt it is possible and pray and hope it does not happen However I will be very vigilant in this coming year and will be paying attention to the movement of population in the D.C. area. I’m sure there
    will be signs and I’ll be paying close attention to the elite because I’m sure some if not most of them will have a heads up before this event happens..What are the chances of this actually being a reality?, do you have any suggestions or advice for the average Joe ???? thank you for
    reading my comment………Sincerely C. Davis

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