PATRICK RODDIE: Tells it to us straight! “Scumbags” exist, pay attention!


Mr. Patrick Roddie


Patrick Roddie is a San Francisco-based photographer and activist who woke up to what he calls “the scumbags” several years ago.

He uses his everyday interactions to spread truth about the scumbags’ agenda of full spectrum tyranny, depopulation, bogus wars and slavery by simply talking to people.

Mr. Roddie confronted David de Rothschild about eugenics and his family’s history of  instigating wars for profit and as campaign director for Liberty Candidate John Fitzgerald, as well as  helped expose the dangers of vaccines, the truth about 9/11and many other third rail issues.

Today, Patrick Roddie  discussed  his own personal methods of researching issues and ways of reaching out to the public.Patrick does not mess around, and though he is very polite, he is blatantly honest and opinionated. I can respect that because he is well researched, which really gives him the upper hand in a conversation.

You need to really listen to the interview, listen to what Patrick brings forward, and the best yet!  




BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE awesome burning man photos TAKEN BY Patrick Roddie


Patrick Roddie/Burning Man


Photo by Patrick Roddie / Burning Man


Patrick Can be contacted through the following links:



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      “Start at the top and work your way down!” ~ Patrick Roddie






The US Declaration of Independence 

The US Constitution


Bill of Rights


1984 –  George Orwell

Especially “the book within the book,” Emmanuel Goldstein’s “The Theory and

Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism”

( which explains how the

powers that be maintain their power.


Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

Huxley, and his student Orwell, were privy to the script of the oligarchs

and were allowed to publish it in book form.

Brave New World accurately describes the technocratic/scientific

dictatorship we’re living under today.

(Huxley’s “Brave New World Revisited” is also worth a read.)


The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve – G.

Edward Griffin

How a banking cartel overthrew the United States in 1913.


None Dare Call it Conspiracy – Gary Allen

Short, engaging and gripping explanation of the scumbag agenda. It’s a

little dated yet still timely. Also read his “The Rockefeller File.”


Tragedy and Hope – Carrol Quigley

Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown, Quigley was also the historian for the

Council on Foreign Relations. His unprecedented access to their files laid

out a damning history of the elites; how they control finance, start world

wars, appoint presidents and prime ministers and are well on their way to

world government. Also recommended; Quigley’s “The Anglo American



Between Two Ages; America’s Role in the Technetronic Era – Zbigniew


Brzezinski also describes the technocratic dictatorship we’re living under.

In 1970 he predicted the “world-wide information grid”


The Grand Chessboard, American Primacy and it’s Geostrategic Imperatives –

Zbigniew Brzezinski

The guy who established Al Quada (and Pol Pot) in the 1970s explains what

we’re doing today in the middle east and eurasia. (It’s about China &



The Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels

The scariest thing about this is comparing the ten planks of the communist

manifesto and the structure of US government. They’re one and the same.

Interesting fact; Marx wrote Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto at the

British Library whilst on the payroll of British intelligence.


It Can’t Happen Here – Sinclair Lewis

Written in 1935, Lewis’ what-if novel describes what the United States would

look like under fascism. The parallels are frightening.


The Republic – Plato

Plato argues why it’s best to be ruled by elites or “philosopher kings” and

why they must depopulate us lesser humans. An ancient primer on eugenics.


The Prince – Machiavelli

It’s good to know how these people operate.


The War of the Worlds – HG Wells




The Time Machine – HG Wells

Want to know the contempt they hold us in? Read these books.



Allan Watt –

Absurdly well read, intelligent and insightful analyst/historian of the

scumbag agenda. Not the prettiest website, but I won’t miss an episode.

Great links listed under each show.


No Agenda –

Adam Curry and John C Dvorak deconstruct the BS in the media and pull back

the curtain. Entertaining and very informative.

Great example is the pipeline report, episode 426. You should also check out

the incomparable show notes from each episode. A goldmine.


The Peace Revolution Podcast –

Advanced education into the scumbag agenda. Highly recommend podcasts 41

through 45; “The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto.”


The National Intel Report –

Clearest analysis of current events, by John Stadtmiller


Truth News Australia –

Reminder that it’s a global agenda, not just here in the US.


Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs –

Fantastic analysis from the FBI whistleblower. Also features “Empire, Power,

and People” Andrew Gavin Marshall, a new insightful look a the world. You

can subscribe for free through iTunes.



Global Research –

Uncompromised research and analysis

No Agenda News Network –


Crowdsourced news the powers that be would prefer to keep quiet.


The “conspiracy” sub-reddit –

Plenty of good pickings here too.


I put a bunch of my favorites at:-



“Start at the top and work your way down!” ~ Patrick Roddie




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