‘Silence equals consent and the adversary succeeds when good men do nothing”. – Scott Kennedy

GUEST :Scott Kennedy 

Host: Roxy Lopez


Scott Kennedy joined the show a little late today, but it was well worth the wait!   Scott is a seaweed farmer, hence the name of his website Farma-Sea.   Today,  Scott Offered ALL of our listeners a FREE 90 Supply of Seaweed Capsules! I as well am one of the recipients , therefore I will report on the product after 90 days of consuming it. I am excited to see what the changes will be !

About Scott Kennedy:

In 1983 Scott founded Sea Veg, USA (now FarmaSea® Health LLC).  He began researching and promoting the value of sea vegetation in human nutrition.  Studying under his mentor, Dr. Joseph V. Wachter, Jr., who passed away in 1988, Scott was privy to the large body of research and documentation amassed by the Wachter’s family and became the largest distributor of Wachter’s Organic Sea Products in the 80 year history of that company. www.farma-sea.com

Kelp, along with 11 other sea vegetables, can change your life.


“The Truth is bittersweet, tastes good in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach, it hurts. But it frees you and me and our children from the
sickness and spiritual death sewn into the world, we pray. 

Be well! Thank you and spread the word ABOUT THOSE LITTLE CREATURES IN YOUR  BLOODSTREAM BREATHING SEAWEED (oxygen) and now eating it every day, and then
going about their already pre-programmed genetic work to achieve  homeostasis, or perfect health!”     ~ Scott Kennedy of Farma-Sea


Please listen to our  45 minute, commercial free interview with Scott Kennedy NOW!

What did we discuss on the show?


How it Works!

How does it all work, and is there any proof that Seaweed can aid the body to heal itself?

It’s obvious! The proof is with his clients, and that is always a great indication. See, the fact is, the human body is an amazing machine and self healing by design! . According to Scott Kennedy’s website, here is how it all works.

Seaweed vitamins can dramatically improve your health. Sea vegetation has long been acknowledged as a detoxifier, and a balanced source of nutrients. Many people believe sea vegetation can work as a miraculous healing agent. Now, scientific evidence exists to support the notion that seaweed nutrition health benefits, are, in fact, a reality.

Super Sea Veg® is the UNvitamin®. Unlike artificial nutritional supplements, which tend to contain more tap water than actual nutrients, Super Sea Veg® feeds your cells with the most nutritionally potent and mineral-rich family of seaweed vitamins on Earth.

Among the many crucial nutrients provided by Super Sea Veg® is Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide that has been shown, in scientific trials, to combat cancer. Fucoidan occurs naturally in seaweed supplements, making Super Sea Veg® an ideal source of the substance.

Super Sea Veg® is a 100% vegetable seaweed supplement, containing twelve different edible species, gathered off the pristine west coast of Ireland, and from other clean ocean sources around the world. No other seaweed health product contains Super Sea Veg®’s precise formulation of plant species and phytonutrients.”  Go to www.farma-sea.com for more information!

“Super Sea VegR is the only dietary FOOD supplement that consists of a blend of twelve organic edible sea plants, chosen from over 10,000 species and harvested from pristine ocean waters around the world. Super Sea VegR contains every element and nutrient known to man and MORE, in concentrated and balanced amounts, in 100% vegetable capsules, which by taking every day, will move your cells, blood and body toward superior biological health and homeostasis”

“Doctors and patients are being slowly won over by a simple idea that makes
more sense every day. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.” 

Are you worried about our ocean’s being contaminated  due to the 2011  Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster?


Well according to an article printed in 2011 from http://imnatural.wordpress.com, they claim that

“Every batch (of seaweed) is tested and safe … leaving you with absolutely no worries.     

While our land suffers from increasing pollution and soil depletion, the ocean is fast becoming the go-to source for both clean and powerful nutrition.  In contrast with the land, only 2% of our seacoast is polluted and less than .001% of the ocean itself suffers from pollutants.”



If you want to see more testimonials, and there are a TON of them, please visit  www.farma-sea.com


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2 thoughts on “Farma-Sea: Scott Kennedy on the Seaweed for your health & How it Works!”
  1. Seaweeds concentrate heavy metals and radioactive elements that are in the ocean and washed from the land. During the Chernobyl nuclear event, scientists traced the path of radioactive clouds by sampling Fucus (Fucoidan?) seaweed because it uptakes radioactive elements so well. Also a UC Davis (CA) study showed that 8 out of 9 seaweed samples collected from health food stores in CA had very high levels of heavy metals, particularly arsenic. There is also a Health Canada advisory on the internet on Hijiki seaweed and not to eat it due to heavy metals. There is absolutely no mandatory testing required of samples collected by wildcrafters, and if they do test, it is usually only for bacteria. Recent studies on harvesting in Oregon show that many of the species wildcrafters assumed grew back, in fact didn’t grow back, because the growth meristem is at the tip (Fucus), or they grew back very slowly (Alaria), also studies at UC Sonoma on Sea Palm confirm that wildcrafting wild annuals prior to spore production does in fact reduce the number of spores, and therefore the ability of Sea Palm to regenerate the following year. If people are claiming this is tested for contamination, ask to see the tests and note the date of testing and what was tested for. Let see it!

    1. Excellent line of questioning, and I do believe you BEST BET would be to send Scott Kennedy this to his email that is listen in the article! When you receive the results, please let us know!

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