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Our Guest today : George McClure


George spoke openly about his life and his awareness, from the political to the Spiritual, and the full circle of life that resumes after every transition.We are all spiritual beings in one family called humanity. It’s time we acknowledge our own self empowerment, so we can move forward, evolve, and step into ourselves!

George McClure

From George’s website:

It is Time

“It is time for humanity to stop playing games. Games of war, games of lies, games of deceit, games of theft, games of killing. Games of power, games of greed, and games of control.

It’s time for humanity to grow up. It’s time for humanity to embrace the immense personal power we humans have, it’s time for humanity to understand we are part of the Galactic Universe and its infinite diversity. It’s time for humanity to finally be adults.

As for BP and the Horizon event, we’re going to arrest the single top owners, put them on forum trial, and when found guilty of crimes against nature and humanity, remove them. They have forfeited their imperative to operate on this planet.

Individuals have also lost their imperative to participate on this planet. Rockefeller Jacob Rothschild queen England queen Netherlands “black” nobility Hayward Paulson Bush Sr Bush Jr Pelosi Kissinger Brzezinski Rumsfeld and so many more”

“I want you to understand this. They have lost their imperative to participate in this world, our Earth. “ 

What did we discuss on the show today? 

The spiritual rebirth of humanity, and living in harmony with Earth and our Universe.

* The awakening of mankind

* Visions and spiritual revelations in George’s life

* The failure of the grid models of energy and food distribution – What and why

* Philosophic underpinnings of Western civilization and science.  Fallacies and flaws of science and Cartesian


* Living at home:  How to live in harmony with our mother, Earth

* Living at home:  Chemtrailing and BP Corexit (dispersant) poisoning in Tennessee, illness, and pictures


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  1. I’m not very adept with computers but I managed to connect to listen. It was very interesting. The time went so quickly.

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