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Reporter Bob Powell

WARNING: The interview with Bob Powell is very disturbing, the idea that the CIA would be responsible for murdering Bob Powell’s 24 year old daughter is difficult and challenging to accept. I thank Bob for coming forward with this interview. This takes courage  and much investigation on Bob Powell’s part.


What did Bobby Powell discuss on the show today?
• Episode of TTiV published on 9/11/11 titled “Libya: The Real Story”
• CIA renditions AQ terrorists from prison in Indonesia to Libyan custody
• Saif Islam (Gadaffi) frees small number of LIGF (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) terrorists, including Belhaj and al-Assidi
• “Revolution” begins. “Protesters” free 600 AQ terrorists from Libyan prison.
• Gadaffi begins to get the upper hand; NATO gets involved citing risk of Gadaffi using chemical weapons against protesters.
• NATO and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) supplies rebels with arms, ammo, training, air and special forces support.
• Based on accents, Gadaffi killed by Qatari Army regulars, Syrian, and Egyptian soldiers; not “rebels.”
• NATO spox tells us that NATO was aware Gadaffi had dismantled WMDs beginning in 2003.

Bob Powell’s 24-year-old daughter dies on 2/23/12 of a massive heart attack preceded by a seizure.

• “Insider” living in Canada tells me CIA may have murdered my daughter over info in my report. Then he disappears.
• Worried, I go to Toronto to find him. I don’t, but he learns I am looking and gets in touch with me after I get back home.
• My search for him is the focus of the latest episode of TTiV
• The day after I publish this episode, I start having chest pains while grocery shopping and am admitted to hospital on 8/24.
• After two days of tests, the good news is that it wasn’t my heart that was causing the pain; but as a result of all of the tests they ran they discovered that I am going to have to get the heart catheterization at the University of Northern Michigan to clean out some blockages before I DO have a heart attack. I’m to schedule that appointment tomorrow.The bad news is that the pain in my back, shoulder, and arm is coming from spurs on my spine, which is going to require surgery. IDK if you remember, but I broke my back in 1994 and was in a chair for 3 years. 8 surgeries got me walking again, but I still need to use a cane and the pain is constant and unrelenting.”


Please listen to the interview with Bobby Powell


Daughter "Ash" with father Bob Powell

Daughter “Ash” with father Bob Powell

CIA Murdered Reporter’s Daughter Over NATO Leak?

“On September 11th, 2011, I published an expose’ on the al-CIAduh terrorists that Obama unleashed on Libyan President Moammar Gadaffi, naming names and showed how the leaders of AQ in the Maghreb had been in CIA prisons just prior to the “revolution” and were sent to Libya just in time to take over the actual operation. I also published info that even good old Alex Jones didn’t have at the time, in the form of an exclusive interview with a NATO spokesman, who revealed to me that the reason given by NATO for intervening in Libya was a LIE; that reason being that Gadaffi was about to unleash chemical weapons on the “protestors.” The spokesman said, in no uncertain terms, that NATO knew Gadaffi had dismantled his WMD program years before and HAD NO CHEMICAL WEAPONS! But they went in using that excuse anyway.
Fast forward to January 23rd, 2012. I get a call from the boy my daughter was living with telling me that she had had some type of seizure which precipitated a massive heart attack from which she could not recover. When I received the phone call, she was being kept alive by machines with no discernible brain activity. Prior to this she was on dialysis for kidney problems, but was otherwise healthy with no history of heart problems. I left my home in Northern Michigan the next day as soon as I secured the funds to travel, leaving at about 5 in the afternoon. As I drove through Ohio, hoping to get to say goodbye to my daughter before her mother pulled the plug, I spent three hours on the phone with a very good friend of mine.
I’ve known this man since 2004, meeting him in an internet forum where we discussed being fathers, grandfathers, religion, war; basically everything under the Sun. In the years that we’ve known each other, hardly a day went by when we didn’t communicate via text message, email, or telephone call. As I drove through Ohio in the middle of the night, this man listened to me wail, and cry, and scream at God, “Why MY child?” He talked to me and let me know that I wasn’t alone even though I though I had been abandoned even by God. To prove I hadn’t been, he lifted me up in prayer, bringing me the slightest relief. So when I say I trust this man, I’m not placing my trust in some anonymous source. What he says means something to me, and if he says something I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to him.
I can’t reveal much about him at all, except that he has knowledge of the types of weapons that intelligence agencies use to make murders appear to be accidents or as the result of natural causes. Before this night, he hadn’t spoken of any of this at all because of the nature of his specialized knowledge; but at one point in our conversation it became relevant when he told me that my daughter may have been murdered in retaliation for something I published or as a threat to stop publishing. At the time the idea sounded so absurd that we didn’t dwell on it. It wasn’t until later that I began to have questions, when I tried making sense out of everything that happened.
First, my daughter was being kept alive by machines, but I was on my way and I told the doctors that they were not to take her off of them until I arrived. It wasn’t until I got to the hospital that I learned that her mother had told them to take her off life support, completely ignoring my wishes.”

“Second, when I went to the mortuary I asked the funeral director if I could see her.He urged me in the “strongest possible terms” to forgo a viewing. He told me that the autopsy had left her “unviewable,” and even went into a few descriptions that I’d rather not recall.”

“Now I’ve seen cadavers that have been autopsied. Incisions are made under the hairline and the scalp is pulled down over the forehead exposing the cranium and the brain. When the pathologist is done dissecting the brain, the scalp is pulled back into place and the deceased looks none the worse for wear. So why was my daughter “unviewable?” But at the time I wasn’t in reporter mode; I was in distraught father mode and I didn’t know which way to turn. So I took his advice, choosing to remember my daughter as she was the last time I saw her.
Shortly after I returned to Michigan, I stopped hearing from my friend. I would send him emails that were not returned, he disappeared from social networking sites like Facebook, and the phone number I had for him no longer worked. Needless to say, after talking to him one way or another for almost 8 years I got worried, so I went to Toronto to look for him. I was unable to find him while I was in Toronto, but he had been watching my website and knew I was in town looking for someone. Having put two and two together, he sent me a message when I got home so at least I know that he is alive and well. And that is all I’m prepared to say about him at this point. 24 hours after I uploaded the episode I shot in Toronto – a show in which I told the CIA and any other agency that might have an interest that if they wanted to silence me then they should come to see ME, and leave my friends and family alone – I began having chest pains that radiated down my left shoulder into my arm as I walked through Walmart. For the next couple of days as lay in a hospital bed and they ran every imaginable test I thought that “they” had taken me up on the offer.
As it turns out the pain is from bone spurs on my thoracic vertebrae impinging on the nerves that serve my left shoulder and arm which, until I can have surgery to remove them, are preventing me from using the arm. However, it is also fortunate that I had all of the cardiac tests run, because although I did not have a heart attack this time, my cardiac arteries are loaded with plaque and a heart attack is in the cards if I don’t do something; so I’ll be having a heart catheterization and either angioplasty or a stent in about 6 weeks.”
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Ash, to young to die of a heart attack.


“US is supporting the most radical elements in the so-called Arab Spring that has burned across the Middle-east, from Tunisia to Syria. In each country, the Muslim Brotherhood – the political wing of al-Qaeda – has taken over, installing Sharia law and committing genocide of black Africans in Libya, crucifying Christians in Egypt, and Egyptian Pres. Mohammed Morsi is considering “re-evaluating” Camp David accords, and top aides have called for an army of martyrs to march on Jerusalem to make it the capitol of a Muslim M.E. – and the Muslim world.

Bel Hadj and al-Asiddi – now members of the Libyan National Transitional Council – along with the 600 LIFG terrorists released from prison and a bunch of new recruits, fly from Libya to Turkey (a NATO nation) where they cross the border into Syria and seize control of the Free Syrian Army (legit Syrian rebels) just as they had the protests in Libya. Again, they are being supplied and trained by the CIA, MI5, and are supported by SpecOps forces from NATO nations.

One problem for TPTB: Syria does have the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world. Obama warned “all players” to leave the WMDs where they are. Moving or using them is a “red line”, a Rubicon, which once crossed will guarantee American involvement. Russia and Iran are on the other side of this equation supporting Syrian President Assad. ALL of the countries currently arrayed against Israel – including Russia and Iran – are specifically named in Ezekiel 38-39. This is the Gog and Magog War.” ~ Bob Powell


“According to Biblical prophecy, either chem, bio, or nuke weapons will be used against Israel, prompting nuclear retaliation from Israel. Damascus will be destroyed along with the “cities of the plain”, which are in modern day Saudi Arabia and Syria.” ~Bobby Powell


About our guest: Reporter, Bob Powell
Bobby Powell has been a journalist, news editor, radio personality and news anchor for several outlets across the country since 1987. He began his career as a journalist as the City Editor of the Palm City Mirror; a weekly Scripps Howard newspaper in Palm City Florida with a circulation of about 9,000 readers.
Jumping into the news business with both feet and a dogged determination to get to the truth, Bobby began writing a series of articles and editorials about Todd Patrick Neely, a 17-year-old boy who had been convicted of attempted rape and attempted murder who was facing more than 20 years in prison. Bobby’s instincts told him that there was a lot more to the story than Neely’s defense that he was 17 miles away eating dinner with his family.
During a year-long investigation, Bobby uncovered proof that Peter Neil, the Assistant District Attorney for Martin County Florida, had deliberately concealed exculpatory evidence – presumably to hide the fact that he knowingly prosecuted an innocent boy – that would have led to another suspect. Bobby’s story was picked up by the Miami Herald, Inside Edition, and A Current Affair. As a result of the media exposure, all charges against Neely were dropped, A.D.A. Neil was fired, and Bobby was nominated for the Associated Press “Best Investigative Journalism” award for newspapers with a circulation under 10K.
Bobby left The Mirror to take a position as the Entertainment Editor for the Fort Pierce/Port St. Lucie Tribune in Port St Lucie Florida before transitioning into broadcast journalism. As the Afternoon and Evening News Anchor for KVOR in Colorado Springs, and assignment reporter for the CBS Radio Network, Bobby reported from the U.S. Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, and NORAD during Operation Desert Storm.
Now an independent journalist, Bobby’s blog and Internet show, The Truth Is Viral, has developed a reputation for hard hitting journalism focused on news that is being ignored, twisted, or just plain lied about by the Mainstream Media. TTiV regularly features interviews with extremely credible sources; sources with information that blows the lid off those stories about which “they” don’t want you to know the truth.


The Truth Denied Team opens the door to Robert Powell, and we intend that someday soon he will find the answers to “Who is responsible for killing my beautiful 24 year old daughter.”. The Truth Denied Talk Radio will do our best to air any shows to the public for Bob in hopes of bringing some kind of fruition to he and his family! Many Blessings Bob!






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  1. this guy is target on, to what is going on,
    and most times just knowing the problem, leads the way to the solution.

  2. usually you will be warned a few times before they spend the money on a “hit”.
    or was it a heart attack? sounds like it might have been an interrogation.
    so what could she have been suspected of knowing?

  3. Roxy, that was yet another great show! Even more, I really loved the fact that even though your guest and you did not agree on some topics, both of you were very respectful! What an inspiration!

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