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911 July 4th, 2000 during Oil Spill

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One Response “911 July 4th, 2000 during Oil Spill”

  1. Chad
    at 11:52 PM

    Dear Sean,
    Hi my name Chad and i live in Claremont,NH and have been studying
    alot of things going on the world since the beggining of this year which
    includes getting educated some about
    chemtrails,stars,planets,HAARP,illuminati etc. to some it up.
    In my home town i have been watching the skys on a daily basis and
    noticing the odd things alot of what u have broken down and i need to
    know what programs and methods i could use to do same thing.

    This is a cherry of a video i took yesturday outside my house which i
    know i see those planes in along with what i think is niburu…. I`m
    sure u will agree but im new to the video editing thing and am pretty
    beggin for advice or hints how to break em down like u do what software
    it is or what not and would greatly aprec. any advice.
    Thank you very much in advance for even taking the time to read this.
    Sincerely Chad.

    Vid Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2SVAkPP-QU&fmt=18

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