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Our guest: Mr.Phillip Gillon

Date: January 1, 2013


What was discussed on the program tonight:

  • Phillip discusses illegal foreclosures & How to stop a foreclosure
  • His ex-wife , their divorce, and child support acquired by means of a ‘bond’.
  • A house he acquired directly through a seller/owner by providing seller $2,000 moving expenses. Phillip also states that “After  8 months of living in the home as well as possessing the home, the home was leveled to the foundation (November 14th/15th 2012)
  • Phillip Gillon states that “I can subscribe your listeners on HOW redeem their property before, during and even AFTER a foreclosure, stop civil and criminal ‘claims’, cause the government to ACT constitutional at the state and federal levels AND how to act properly, in ones sovereign, ‘capacity’ (Note: I am not or nor do I endorse, sovereignty as a means, to self governor… Its a contract pledge by the people to do this and unless, the government does the same, its a contract application for the people to enforce or it will, fall on death ears)”
  • Mr. Gillon also states: “Offer a means to force the state, federal and investment to pledge to the people, means to reduce debt, introduce a “substitution” for currency, show how using bonds reduces the fiscal management at the municipal, county, city, state and federal levels, show your viewers how ‘productive’ it is to perform the duties a civic system is based upon (in principal)”.
Please listen to the entire interview here:

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Phone number: (917)-292-9114




A note from the editor: The Truth Denied Disclaimer:

We have done our investigation on Phillip Gillon on the aforementioned topics, though have not at this time been able to verify the facts listed below.  As well, Phillip’s phone number is also located here and in the video. If indeed you wish to seek any legal counseling (or otherwise) , we would say to do so with caution and at your own discretion. We have no way to prove that Phillip Gillon’s interview is factual or not, thought we have made attempts to bring to our listeners and readers as much proof as possible. We in no way wish our reporting to bring Mr. Gillon any harm to his public profile, and wish the public to realize that just because we do not have all of the information in question to date, does not mean that we have taken the stance to discredit Mr. Gillon either.

Here are the facts thus far: 

  1. We have not been able to verify the actual date of Phillip Gillon’s home imploding on itself.
  2. We have not been able to verify a street address of the residential property of the home that was, as Phillip stated on the air “Blown Up”.
  3. We have not been able to verify a street in which the home resided on.
  4. We have not been able to verify the settlement of $2,600 a month in child support ($1,300.00 per child) for  the ex-wife that Phillip Gillon mentions in the interview .
  5. We have this from Phillip Gillon: “My victories (if, you’d like to call them that) is: I have a ex wife, paid with a bond with $5 million dollars ‘payable’ to the State of Illinois (here is a source, for my claim: the bond is per capita (censes count is 3 and a half million) so, the bond is rounded off to the nearest million; I 3 homes I have cleared of foreclosure with free and clear title and no mortgage to claim upon, I have bailed out over 24 people, in 9 different states and much more. “



We are forthright in our reporting. We will continue to provide the public with as many facts and report them to (the public) when we receive them.

As always, we ask that YOU decide.

The Truth Denied Team



Other sources of information that Phillip Gillon has provided:


“Such a resolution, when certified by the corporation’s secretary, gives assurance to the other side of the transaction that the sale was properly authorized. “


“ No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”\
NRS 533.324 “Water already appropriated” defined. As used in NRS 533.325, 533.345 and 533.425, “water already appropriated” includes water for whose appropriation the State Engineer has issued a permit but which has not been applied to the intended use before an application to change the place of diversion, manner of use or place of use is made.
(Added to NRS by 1993, 321)
NRS 533.285 Entry on assessment roll of charges in budget; collection of special assessment.
1. Upon receipt of such budget by the board of county commissioners, the board of county commissioners shall certify the respective charges contained therein to the county assessor. The county assessor shall enter the amount of the charge or charges on the assessment roll against the claimants and the property or acreage served.
2. The proper officers of the county shall collect the special assessment as other special assessments are levied and collected, and the assessment is a lien upon the property so served and must be collected in the same manner as other assessments are collected.
[Part 52:140:1913; A 1915, 378; 1919, 384; 1921, 171; 1931, 357; 1945, 87; 1947, 518; 1951, 132]—(NRS A 1995, 221)
[12/31/2012 11:19:22 PM] phillip gillon: NRS 533.290 Water District Account: Creation; deposit and use of money; accounting.
1. The assessments and charges provided for in NRS 533.285, when collected, must be deposited with the State Controller in the same manner as other special assessments, for credit to the Water District Account which is hereby created in the State General Fund.
2. All bills against the Water District Account must be certified by the State Engineer or an assistant thereof and, when certified and approved by the State Board of Examiners, the State Controller may draw his or her warrant therefor against the Account.
3. An advance must not be made from a stream system account that has been depleted until the advance is reimbursable from the proceeds of any assessments levied against the particular stream system or water district for which any claims are presented.
4. Any money remaining in the Water District Account at the end of the current year must remain in the Account and be available for use in the following year.
5. The State Controller shall keep separate accounts of the money for each stream system or water district received from the various counties within which the stream system or water district is located, and shall not draw warrants against an account until the State Controller has been notified by the State Engineer that assessments have been filed with the board of county commissioners, as required by NRS 533.285, that will return to the State of Nevada money advanced by the State out of the Water Distribution Revolving Account provided for in NRS 532.210.
[Part 52:140:1913; A 1915, 378; 1919, 384; 1921, 171; 1931, 357; 1945, 87; 1947, 518; 1951, 132]—(NRS A 1979, 667; 1991, 1783; 1995, 221; 2001, 2927)

Here is a real interesting one!!! Area 51 Appropriations:


Nevada Appropriations Requests 2011

 Project Name: Communications Network Control Center

Request: $11,400,000
Service Component: Air Force
Project Location: Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada
Project Description: The Communications Network Control Center will replace an exiting 52 year old facility with a new 12,800 square foot facility. The current Network Control Center only provides 54 percent of the required space and cannot meet the needs of the expanding mission. In addition the current building is degrading at a rapid pace that includes a large 150 foot by 3 inch roof crack, wall leakage, and asbestos exposure. The water leaks have shut down Network Communications for extended periods and have caused degradations of operations.

Project Name: Facility Repair Repair/Fitness Rec Ctr
Request: $867,000
Service Component: Air Force
Project Location: Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada
Project Description: The roof collapsed on building 938 causing significant impact to our ability to maintain fitness for airmen who require special attention physical conditioning and rehabilitation. Airmen and government employees unable to use outdoor facilities due to injuries or chronic medical problems have lost the ability to improve physical agility in a environment focused to their needs.

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2 thoughts on “Where’s the Money? Phillip Gillon shows you where it is, and how to get it!”
  1. Do you have any updated information on Phillip Gillon, his practices, claims or legality? If so, I would appreciate any updates you share with me.

    1. Good question James Williams:::

      TTD went on a hunt, this is what we found::::::Here is Phillip Gillon’s TWITTER page: His blog is toast (missing) His phone number has been disabled and here is his FB page. I would post to twitter if you want to engage with him, seems this is where he is spending most of his TIME.

      Here is a Facebook Account for Mr. Gillon’s BUSINESS :
      This page seems to be operating at present time.

      Here is his last published phone number 424-245-9408
      Here is his professional LINKED-IN page and an opportunity to connect with him there as well.

      We found a website listed to him as the owner , here is the link here : Unfortunately you have to SUBSCRIBE to it.

      Let us know if we can be of further assitence!


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