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DAVID ANDREW CHRISTENSON arrested as a terrorist on US soil



Website: www.persimmonpublishingus.com 


David’s story is an example of  just one of the many injustices occurring in the USA today. Please listen to David  as he carefully describes to our audience the details of his arrest, and although he was never convicted of the crime, it is nothing short of miraculous that he is alive today to share his riveting true story.

The Truth Denied did FACT CHECK on David Christenson, and the facts and sources of these facts are listed below the interview. Everything that David explained to us on the show checked out.

Please listen and pass this on to others as part of an awareness campaign not only for Captain Christenson, but for all citizens who are concerned with their freedoms. His story is sure to change your mind, as well serves to give you a heads up in the case this ever happens to one of you.

***Note to the public. This video took an unusual length of time to produce. I attempted to problem solve this multiple times, but You Tube would NOT upload it. I worked on this for 2 days, starting from scratch several times. We have no idea why this would not load to You Tube, other than the fact, out last version did not include any of David’s contact information on the video because we finally removed it to see if that was the problem. Well, it finally uploaded! 

*We also experienced technical issues during our show, something that David remarked “Happens all the time. The government likes to fool around with me.”


Listen to the interview here:


The Truth Denied FACT CHECKS Captain DAVID ANDREW CHRISTENSON’s story.  


David claims he was arrested in  March of 2011.  It checks out to be true.



New Orleans man accused of sending threatening e-mails to FBI agent is arrested

The Times Picayune

March 17,  2011

“David Christenson Jr., 53, allegedly sent FBI agent Steve Rayes two bizarre e-mails within a week of each other after Christenson ran into Rayes and his young son while walking in the Warehouse District March 4, according to a police report.

Rayes interviewed Christenson last month during an investigation into “inappropriate” e-mails Christenson reportedly sent to various judges and their employees, the police report said.

During the encounter on the Warehouse District sidewalk, Christenson walked up to Rayes with a “wild, glazed look” on his face and tried to ask Rayes about his son, according to the police report. Rayes excused himself and kept walking with his son, the report said.

If convicted of the cyberstalking charges, Christenson could be fined up to $2,000 and imprisoned for a year. He remained in the Orleans Parish jail Thursday on a $300,000 bond, according to sheriff’s office records.”


Charges dropped

The Times Picayune

July 8, 2011

Orleans DA’s office drops cyberstalking charges brought against man accused of threatening FBI agent

“…At the time of Christenson’s arrest, the FBI would not say if it planned to pursue charges against him, saying the district attorney was handling the case.

FBI spokeswoman Sheila Thorne late Friday referred questions to U.S. Attorney Jim Letten, who could not immediately be reached for comment.” http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2011/07/orleans_das_office_drops_cyber.html

Parish Prison

David Christenson’s prison stories check out as well.

“Orleans Parish Prison is also “understaffed and that deputies are poorly trained and supervised – often complicit in the abuses suffered by the prisoners,” the SPLC claims.

“Prisoners with mental illness endured abusive treatment, including a denial of mental health services that leave them extremely vulnerable to physical attacks,” the SPLC also contends. “People in need of mental health treatment or protection from suicide were held practically naked in overcrowded cells that reeked of human waste.”


David Andrew Christenson


Contact for David Andrew Christenson 



YouTube: “David Andrew Christenson Channel”. (Index of YouTube Videos: 180 Videos to date)

Box 9063
Miramar Beach, Fl 32550.

Index of YouTube Videos: 180 Videos to date.

Facebook: David Andrew Christenson


Twitter: David A Christenson@dachristenson


About David Andrew Christenson

David Andrew Christenson is an Air Force Officer and Veteran who has been classified as a terrorist.

The Department of Justice classified Captain David Andrew Christenson as a terrorist. This was done to bypass Federal Law and the Federal Judiciary. It was relayed to Captain Christenson that if he did not stop his research and quest for justice that he would be assassinated as a terrorist.

The FBI attempted to murder/assassinate Captain David Andrew Christenson while he was being held in isolation in the Orleans Parish Prison. Coast Guard Commander William Wesley Goetzee was not so lucky. He was murdered in the Orleans Parish Prison on August 7th, 2011. The FBI failed with Captain Christenson but succeeded with Commander Goetzee.

What was so important that the United States Government had to classify Captain David Andrew Christenson as a terrorist and then attempt to murder/assassinate him?

Chemical warfare ingredients, “THE KATRINA VIRUS”, were released during Hurricane Katrina. The end result will be GENOCIDE for the residents of New Orleans. (“The Katrina Virus” represents all of the contaminants that were released from government research/laboratory, manufacturing and storage facilities. These facilities were controlled directly and indirectly by the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency and included public institutions such as local hospitals and medical schools.

Tags: David Andrew Christenson, , “THE KATRINA VIRUS”, United States Government, special forces, black ops, Orleans Parish Prison, terrorist, attempted assassination, Coast Guard Commander William Wesley Goetzee, arrested, Supreme Court, The Truth Denied Talk Radio, Host Roxy Lopez

The Harvard University Medical School has been tasked with studying and tracking the long term health/medical issues and “The Katrina Virus”.


BACKGROUND: Guidelines and background information for reading David’s emails.

“I was arrested on March 15th, 2011 by an FBI SWAT Team. I was arrested for two counts of cyber stalking FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes. The FBI illegally used Louisiana Warrants to arrest me, search my home and seize (steal) my property. The FBI did not have Federal warrants as one might expect. I have never been charged with a crime. The arrest was for a non-violent, non-domestic, non-violent misdemeanor. The arrest was for the equivalent of a severe DUI or DWI.  The FBI stole my legal files, computers, back-ups, phone, photos, evidence, Supreme Court files, a DVD of Agent Rayes assaulting me, a DVD of the Danziger Bridge, etc. The Federal Government wanted to stop my investigation into the Genocide and murder that took place after Hurricane Katrina. “


***Note to the public. This video took an unusual length of time to produce. I attempted to problem solve this multiple times, but You Tube would NOT upload it. I worked on this for 2 days, starting from scratch several times. We have no idea why this would not load to You Tube, other than the fact, out last version did not include any of David’s contact information on the video because we finally removed it to see if that was the problem. Well it loaded! 

When we uploaded the interview to  You Tube, You Tube would not allow us load the video with the current name, and here is a screenshot to show you what the name f the video interview WAS, and what we have changed it to which is what you will see on the video currently. The name we attempted to load said “Captain David Andrew Christensen : Air Force and Veteren who has been classified a terrorist”

We had to change the heading in order to complete our You Tube Upload.







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    at 1:32 PM

    So what do we do? Is it feasible that the next presidential candidate will remind the NSA or their role?

  2. tradintdon
    at 11:07 AM

    I saw most of David`s videos and now 10-24-13 no videos on his channel. Not sure when he was last heard from. Heard from him lately?

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