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Guest: Gigi Bowman

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Gigi Bowman is nothing short of impressive, well educated, witty, humorous, and most of all honest! If she doesn’t have an answer she actually says “I don’t know”, like when   The Truth Denid Talk Radio Show’s host   Roxy Lopez asked Gigi “Why haven’t you given up on this country Gigi”? (Referring to the USA)  followed  by , “Is the United States Salvageable?”

What was Ms. Gigi Bowman’s answer?

Perhaps you should listen to the interview, as Gigi covers Agenda 21, Big Pharma, GMO’s. Gun Rights and Bans and World Government as in the NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT. She’s a gutsy lady, she spells it out in plain ordinary english and does not give a crap about what you may think of her. She describes her life as a mother, the loss of her young teenage daughter due to the irresponsibility of Big Pharma and the AMA’s negligence and it breaks our hearts. Our audience poured into the radio stations chat room, while host Roxy Lopez was getting a thumbs up for Gigi Bowman from other hosts at Revolution Radio wanting to interview her in the near furture! Meanwhile Facebook lit up with questions for the guest during the enitre show! Gigi Bowman is a HIT!

The radio show also  had a surprise caller during the second hour, past guest of the show  Mr. Steve Susman ( is also been running for a congressional seat in Austin, TX.  Whilst Bowman seems to be a dragon slayer of sorts (and just what the doctor ordered!) , Susman is an educated true patriot who wears his heart on his sleeve and believes that the USA has not only seen better days, but that every citizens patriotic duty should be to fire the thugs holding  government positions right now!  This interview should serve to inspire other patriots  to at least back  ordinary citizens who have the guts to  run for office!


Please take a listen to the show, here there passion, and PLEASE, if indeed you agree with either

Ms. Bowman or Mr.  Susman, then get behind them! Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the article!




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