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April 23rd, 2013 

Guest:  Mr. George McClure

Website: “Content dedicated to the human race, la gente, and to the fish, the sea, and the stars… a todo el mundo”


Tonight’s show was a lengthy discussion with our returning guest , Mr. George McClure. George is a well known writer, showman, and spiritualist with a humble and positive spirit that illuminated the air waves this evening. Inquisitive callers began dialing in right from the start of the program anxious to either share their stories and ask a number of questions about the  current conditions in our every changing world. George has a positive approach to the coming collapse of the monetary system , as well as some  great suggestions as to how to navigate it, simply put, George says the key is balance.

“Don’t buy into the fear, love the earth and respect life” said George. “I am not the front line warrior, and I have my own way to contribute what I can, everyone needs to find that within themselves , and replicate it.” ~Mr. George McClure

Sound advice if you ask me,in light of the many topics covered on the program! It is always a pleasure to take walk in the park with George, he has a way of calming the senses, aiding us into a re-focusing of what really matters with our being preachy or invasive. After all , as he will tell you himself,  “I’m just George”.


Topics discussed on the show tonight:

*The Collapse Is Well Underway (Exposing the Truth)

* Cyprus and what it means to  the world.

* SSRI’s, Mass Murder, and poison prescription drugs

* “Walking Zombies”, what  are they?

*Chemtrails and the Global Agenda

* Logical inconsistencies of the Matrix & Western civilization

* Who’s Really In Charge? – Understanding the Pyramid

* Music – Historical antecedents of American music in the West and Southwest


Please listen to the show, and please, aid us in our awareness and pass it on!


George in the studio!

George’s appearances include Nashville Network TV (CMT – TNN), attracting 240 million viewers, CMA Fest, BB King’s, and feature in the Nashville Tennessean. His Playboy Swing CD is on Dish Cable TV and iTunes. His nominations include Vocalist of the Year, Academy of Western Artists and Best New Male Vocalist, Golden Music Awards – NAMM.

George McClure learned Western swing in Arizona and New Mexico bars and clubs while playing banjo and bass for a living. “We couldn’t get off the stage without playing a few Bob Wills and Texas swing numbers”, George says. “And we had a guy in our band who grooved on all the swing. The complex chords and structures thrilled me. Later, in North Carolina, an old black bluesman showed me a few blues chords on guitar. I figured everything out from that.”

The multiple-intelligenced McClure is borderlands writer, showman, and spiritualist. He’s the writer of “The Ballad of O.J. Simpson” and “Alien Love (I Made Love To An Alien Last Night)”. He started his music career after graduating University of Arizona, playing professionally for five years, then spent eight years in math/CS, culminating in a stint at NASA Houston as AI research scientist. August of 1991 he returned to writing and music fulltime in Nashville TN. He toured throughout the 90’s, playing 185 to 220 shows per year with his group “McClure’s America”. Since 00, George spends his time writing, performing, and working in spiritual matters.

He called the Magic Deer in his early teens, spoke with it and stroked its coarse fur. Slept with Coyotl, and breathed the winds of time. Charmed the wild grouse and felt its wildy beating heart, in a pact with the Great Spirit to not harm the denizens, his woodland brothers and sisters. Goyathlay revealed his spirit pony to him in Medicine Park where a little later twenty-four eagles circled above in layers. Sees your  soul and knows your heart on sight.

Hopi elder
George McClure Visions – Goyathlay’s Spirit Pony
Visions – Spirit Deer
George McClure live
George McClure music video]





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