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April 26, 2013

Guest: Patty Greer


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step inside the vortex of a crop circle?  Well,Patty Greer has visited over a hundred of them in the past decade, and has documented every moment of her experience with thousands of photos,award winning  DVD’s, and witnesses from all over the world.

She was drawn to the center of an English Crop Circle and laid down. Her body had goosebumps from head to toe as she melted into the perfectly laid wheat, closed her eyes, and felt a presence. She knew she wasn’t alone!


”  Patty Greer  had an out-of-body-experience that day and awoke with a new life plan that soon unfolded. Within the following 2 years she created 4 documentaries about UFOs, Crop Circles and 2012 with no previous experience, training or interest in film making whatsoever. She has received 6 prestigious awards and rave reviews from around the world. ” (


I had the pleasure of interviewing Patty Greer about her film “4 Stories One Event Other Worlds” on The Truth Denied Talk Radio on April 26, 2013. Patty is an undeniable clear channel with an ability to resonate with large numbers of individuals, whether it is radio, film, or in person. She has the ability     to convey the unknown in a manner that is not only palatable, but convincing to the bone. Patty Greer is beyond the believer stage, she is what I call a “ knower”; her stories are based on facts as she experienced them, and her strong constitution enables her to open doors beyond human understanding, beyond conceptual reality, into the place of truth and wisdom.

Patty is an absolute ‘ wake up’ call for anyone who can lend an ear, a visionary to anyone who has the opportunity to view her film, and a catalyst to anyone who needs validation; relaying the idea that we are being visited by extraordinary beings who are leaving  messages of beauty in the form of crop circles worldwide. Patty is as real as it gets, and the film will touch millions across the globe forever.

Tonight’s show discussion answered questions from our audience such as:

  • Who are the Crop Circle Makers?
  • What is a Crop Circle?
  • Where can I visit a crop circle?
  • Crop Circles and UFOlogy
  • Sacred Geometry and clear pictograms
  • What are the Crop Circle Makers trying to tell us?
  • How long have Crop Circles been around?
  • How to meet Patty Greer is person!

Listen to the full 2 hour interview with Patty Greer here!Our video  also includes the soundtrack “We Want our Planet Back“, written and performed by Patty Greer, it is located at the end of the interview! Enjoy!



Patty Greer

About Patty Greer

In the summer of 2007 Patty Greer had a life changing out-of-body-experience in the center of an English Crop Circle. It was mid-day in June and she was all alone, so she nestled into the wheat and passed out. When she woke up she saw things in the sky that she had never seen before. She wasn’t alone! Her face was red and the skin felt tight. She began focusing intently on the sky and saw energized entities moving and darting around above her. There were lots of them and they were everywhere. They looked opaque in color like jellyfish, but were clearly definable and visible to the naked eye. Some even had EGG SACKS attached to them! A parallel universe perhaps. Patty Greer has seen them ever since everywhere she goes, and has guided other people to see them with great success. Appearing as some sort of plasma energy, Greer has seen them in America, Australia and England, with witnesses also spotting them.
Immediately after the 2007 experience Patty Greer produced 4 full feature UFO & Crop Circle documentaries on her own in 2 years and a 5th movie the following year – with no training or previous experience in film making whatsoever.
The movies offer hundreds of authentic images of Crop Circles, UFOs, Orbs, and Balls of Light up close and personal. Her movies share some of the most advanced information about Crop Circles and the REAL Circlemakers to date! This collection of films is a crash course in Crop Circles and UFOlogy, on a deeper level. The movies have received 6 prestigious awards and have been screened around the world. Patty Greer journeyed back to the center of the Crop Circle phenomenon, Wiltshire England, in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 with her cameras. Dedication and endurance are key in this field and it’s becoming easier every day to recognize the REAL UFOlogists from the moles and phonies.
Let’s step into the deep end of Crop Circle research with a film maker who has laid in more than 100 Crop Circles personally. Patty Greer goes where few researchers have gone before, filming Orange Balls of Light with Illuminated Light Beings inside them in the Crop Circles of Southern England! Offering seriously NEW DATA to the world of Crop Circle studies, Patty Greer is bringing the phenomenon back into the spotlight with stunning proof and illuminating authentic images.
Although the subject of Crop Circles has been carefully & methodically swept under the rug by the international press, they have been appearing in farm fields around the world for hundreds of years and continue today. Last year there were 69 new Crop Circles in England alone! 56 more were documented in: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Czech Republic, Iran, Slovakia, France, The Netherlands, Latvia, Poland, Macedonia, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, USA, Denmark and Australia. Did we hear about them in the news? No way!
Possibly the first physical manifestation of ET communication that humans can see, they may be presenting urgent information that is necessary for the progress of our species. Messages from another dimensional reality perhaps, left in our farm fields for all to see. Are these keys of wisdom being delivered to humanity through the subliminal effects of Sacred Geometry and clear pictograms? We believe so, and that many of these patterns offer urgent data to upgrade our awareness and assist with planetary survival.
If you’re a believer be prepared to be captivated. If you’re a skeptic be prepared to be converted!
Awards include :
• 2009 Best Feature Film – UFO or Related EBE Award at the International UFO Congress Convention
• 2009 Silver Sierra Award at the Yosemite Film Festival
• 2010 Best Feature Film – UFO or Related EBE Award at the International UFO Congress Convention
• 2010 Best Musical Score Within A UFO Program EBE Award at the International UFO Congress Convention
• 2010 Moondance Audience Favorite Documentary Film Award
• 2010 Moondance GAIA Award

“Crop Circles Update – The Wake Up Call” 
“2012 – We’re Already In It” 
“4 Stories – One Event Other Worlds” 
“UFOs ETs Abductees and Brilliant Minds” 
“The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening?” 

Musical CD Soundtracks:
“The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening?” 
“UFOs ETs Abductees and Brilliant Minds” 
“Deeper Dance of Night” Original music
“Autumn Glow” Original music

ET DOME photography by Patty Greer


Would you like to meet Patty Greer in person? Then you are in luck! The following are a list of Seminars that Ms. Greer will be speaking at this summer!  Be sure to book your tickets now!


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