Seems there is speculation that EVERGREEN AVIATION has not been paying there bills to Pinal County.

The above photo is The Evergreen Supertanker , a Boeing 747-100 widebody aircraft that was modified into an aerial firefighting aircraft by Evergreen International Aviation. The aircraft was originally manufactured by Boeing in 1971 for Delta Air Lines.[1] With a capacity of 20,500 US gallons (77, 600 liters), it is the largest aerial firefighting aircraft in the world.[2] The next largest firefighting tanker aircraft is the Ilyushin Il-76P. The Supertanker entered service for the first time in 2009, fighting a fire in Cuenca, Spain.[3] The tanker made its first American operation on 31 August 2009 at the Oak Glen Fire.[4][5] The current tanker is N479EV, tanker/tail number 979. (The previous plane was: N470EV, tanker/tail number 947.)

Evergreen Aviation has been under attack via chemtrail activists throughout the world for many years, but there is yet another twist to the “CIA ” front.

The headlines from the Central Arizona College reads:

Board of supervisors: County sues Pinal Air Park tenant for more than $800K in past rent

FLORENCE —” The Pinal County Board of Supervisors, under advisement from the County Attorney’s Office, didn’t discuss a lawsuit against Marana Aerospace Solutions on Wednesday, but the board’s actions said plenty.

After failing to collect overdue rent from Evergreen Air Center (now Marana Aerospace Solutions), tenant of the Pinal Airpark just north of Marana, for years, the County finally said enough is enough and decided to file a lawsuit for breach of contract.”

At Wednesday’s meeting, the board unanimously approved to “commence litigation” against MAS.(Marana Aerospace, aka, Evergreen Aviation aka Pinal Airpark)

According to the report, MAS, formerly Evergreen Air Center and Evergreen Maintenance Center, owes the County more than $827,000 in rent payments, dating back to 1999; the original lease was signed in 1982.

On Dec. 2, 2011, the County sent MAS a letter demanding payment of the overdue rent; MAS took no action. On March 8, the County sent a second notice to MAS, again demanding the past-due payment.

According to a formal complaint filed by the County, MAS “failed, refused and neglected to cure its breach.”

As stated in the amended lease signed by both parties, if the County is successful against MAS in court, it will also be entitled to recover all attorneys’ fees.

After the board’s meeting Wednesday, chairman David Snider said the supervisors were, in effect, under a “gag order” from the County Attorney’s Office when it came to speaking about the lawsuit, which is common practice when it comes to pending litigation.

However, it’s clear the County reached a breaking point after MAS continually refused to honor its lease agreement and pay the County overdue rent for the last 13 years.

As stipulated by an amended lease signed in 1992, the lease required annual adjustments to the amount of MAS’s rent payment.

The County’s Office of Internal Audit concluded the lease payments  hadn’t been adjusted since 1999.

The County’s Airport Economic Development department, formed in 2002, was responsible for adjusting the lease payments.

“The good news is that we have discovered that there are errors in our procedure,” Snider told the Maricopa Monitor in December. “We are [short] some lease money; we are taking steps to rectify the situation, and I am hopeful that [MAS] will recognize the strength of the lease agreement and make it right.”

The lease agreement was also violated by both parties because MAS was granted exclusive rights to Pinal Airpark. (The Truth Denied was told that exclusive rights to the park was a conspiracy, guess it turns out we were correct!)


The Truth Denied had reported that ” A portion of Evergreen has been sold to Relativity Capitol, and and as we go down this rabbit hole,it becomes quite obvious that our government is more compartmentalized than we could ever imagine. ”


The Truth Denied was highly scrutinized for all of the Pinal Airpark & Evergreen coverage. Turns out, we went down a deep rabbit hole and nearly hit rock bottom!

 Watch our coverage of  the purchase of Marana Aerospace here:

The original deed specifically stated no party was to have exclusive rights to the property.

Due to Pinal County’s continual violation of the lease agreement over the years, it lost money in several areas, not just overdue lease payments.

Millions of dollars in federal funds that could have been used to improve Pinal Airpark to modern standards were never arrived, and the airport is in poor condition because of it.

From 1993-2005, the County submitted several letters to the Federal Aviation Administration requesting funds. The FAA continually denied those funds due to the County’s failure to adhere to the prohibition of granting its lessee exclusive rights to the airport.

In December 2011, Snider, who first took office as a supervisor in 2005, said Pinal Airpark is a valuable asset to the county and referred to it as a jewel. He said it could greatly benefit industry and business in the County.

“There are things the County would like to do with the airpark and the airport, specifically, and there is a great disagreement between us and [MAS] — we’ve gone round and round talking with the FAA; whether or not that has a bearing on anything, I’m not sure,” Snider said. TRIVALLEY CENTRAL


Conspiracy ? See the court documents for yourselves, then you tell us, is it a conspiracy?


                                               The COMPLAINT 

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12 thoughts on “Evergreen breaches covenant with Arizona (Part 2, the complaint)”
  1. You Want a Story??????????? Do a Real Story on The Evergreen 747 Supertanker, and Why The U.S. Forest Service will Not Hire this Superman of Fire Fighting Aircraft.

    1. We already did that story. We spoke directly to the VP of the company Mr. Steve Daniels in McMinville, OR. We emailed several times back and forth. EVERGREEN has NEVER been hired to put out fires in the USA, although he mentioned several other locations in the world in which they used the SUPERTANKER to put out fires, such as Israel and Mexico.

  2. It’s all about the contract, There’s a BIG question about WHY the county/state allowed the lease to remain unpaid for so long. Perhaps a case can be made that the landlord demonstrated that they wern’t interested in the rent by their actions!

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