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Are winter blasts here to stay?

Some of you may think that colder winters are  happening  because of a cooler atmospheric condition, but we have found some evidence that contradicts this theory all together.  It appears that the reason may be relative to the stratosphere suddenly warming. It is best know as Stratospheric Phenomenon.


Sudden stratospheric warming responsible for UK’s icy blast
“For a few weeks now, forecasters have been monitoring an abrupt jump in temperatures way up in the stratosphere – not a cooling, but actually a sudden warming. Such sudden stratospheric warmings (SSW) have led to notable cold spells in recent years. In January 2009, forecasters saw such an event coming down the tracks, and by early February, most of the UK was under a blanket of snow.

Not every SSW event leads to a bitter spell for us in the UK, and not every cold spell is caused by SSW – the atmosphere is far more complicated than that. But SSW is a powerful tool for forecasters, and at the end of last week it became clear that this particular SSW would have a big impact on our weather. Indeed further snowfall is anticipated across the UK in the next few days.”


Stratospheric Phenomenon Is Bringing Frigid Cold to U.S
“While the physics behind sudden stratospheric warming events are complicated, their implications are not: such events are often harbingers of colder weather in North America and Eurasia. The ongoing event favors colder and possibly stormier weather for as long as four to eight weeks after the event, meaning that after a mild start to the winter, the rest of this month and February could bring the coldest weather of the winter season to parts of the U.S., along with a heightened chance of snow.”


Weatherwatch: Sudden stratospheric warming has reset usual winter pattern
“It is shocking to be plunged into freezing winter weather but it can all be blamed on the stratosphere, some 30km high. Around New Year something strange happened in the stratosphere over the Arctic where the usually frigid air suddenly warmed up by around 50C. That warming sent the usual freezing stratospheric air streaming down over Europe which then gradually trickled down into our weather pattern in the lower atmosphere, with biting easterly winds sweeping across from northern Europe.”


Taken in Arizona State, USA

Sudden Stratospheric Warming Split the Polar Vortex in Two
“Sudden stratospheric warming has split the polar vortex in two. The polar vortex, which forms and deepens as the atmosphere loses heat to space in the darkness of the long Arctic winter night, was split in two by massive heating from below. A series of intense storms in the far north Pacific intensified a very long wave in the lower atmosphere. Energy on that planet sized wave went upwards from the lower atmosphere around the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau and broke into the stratosphere, causing major sudden warming. It rapidly reversed the strong cyclonic winds in the stratosphere around the pole, creating a central dome, breaking the vortex into two smaller vortices.”


From the Lee Side – Sudden Stratospheric Warmings (SSW’s)
“SSW’s alter the tropospheric circulation through a process called potential vorticity thinking (pretty odd, I know). PVT essentially acts like a thermal wind adjustment. During an SSW, changes to the stratospheric polar vortex in the lower stratosphere cause an imbalance. Generally speaking, when a flow is out of balance, the adjustment process ripples to regions relatively far from the location where the imbalance occurs. In this case, when there is an imbalance in the lower stratosphere, the adjustment extends all the way down to the earth’s surface. Indeed, the adjustment “excites” the negative phase of the Northern Annular Mode (also known as the Arctic Oscillation) and the negative phase of the North Atlantic Oscillation. In turn, this “excitation” can pave the way for an outbreak of cold air over the Northeast States.”


Nasty Cold Wave Heading for Part of the U.S.
“A phenomenon known as sudden stratospheric warming occurred in the arctic region during the first week of January. The stratosphere is located between 6 miles and 30 miles above the ground. Often when this occurs, it forces cold air to build in the lowest layer of the atmosphere then to drive southward.

The problem is the exact timing and location of the emergence of this cold air is uncertain. The effect is not immediate. Typically, the movement of cold air begins 10 to 14 days later. Discharges of the cold air can continue for weeks and shift from one part of the continent to another over time.”


Sudden Stratospheric Warming. What is it and why should I care?
“Sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) refers to rapid warming in the stratosphere between 6 and 30 miles aloft (between 10 km and 50 km above the ground). By rapid warming scientists mean warming to as much as 122° F (50° C) in a few days.

In the Northern Hemisphere, when SSW occurs, it forces cold air to build in the lowest layer of the atmosphere and then to drive southward. This phenomenon pushes bitter cold air across the Northern Hemisphere continents.”


Cold Snap Shakes Up Winter Weather Outlook
“I discovered that almost exactly two years ago to this day, in 2011, we were hit by a frigid cold snap in the same parts of the country, the same parts of the U.S. that were hit this week. We’re seeing freezing temperatures stretching from Midwest to the Northeast, snowstorms across the pond in England.

But what makes this weather weirder is that usually cold-weather Arctic cities like Oslo and Anchorage are actually warmer. They’re warmer than the Lower 48. What the heck is going on? It turns out unusual activity over the Arctic Circle is to blame for the dropping temperatures. It’s a phenomenon called Sudden Stratospheric Warming. And it could bring weeks of brutally cold weather. Better bundle up.

WEBER: Now, we’ve had actually more stratospheric warming events in the past decade than we generally have in the past. This is somewhat of a new science, we’ve only been able to study the stratosphere since the ’50s. So we don’t really have any statistically significant time periods to be looking at. But we are seeing that these are occurring now almost every year. We’re seeing them about every two years in the past. Now we’re seeing them almost every year for the past decade.”


Many internet  articles have  mentioned that the colder winters are being caused by the   warming at the arctic. This reminds us of a theory about “Methane Gas releases will cause a Global Catastrophe” theory. For consideration sake, please keep in mind that the cause is” sudden stratospheric warming”. With the emphasis on sudden rather than stratosphere.

Even if methane causes warming, a naturally released methane gas would not cause a sudden warming. The warming would be gradual. There is an increase of man activity or oil exploration or fossil fuel used in the arctic. A hot arctic will help the oil exploration. Unlike the antarctic, the melting ice in the arctic do not freeze again. The surface of arctic sea, do not allow freezing as much as antarctic in the summer time. Something in the arctic create warming or in winter blast case, sudden warming.

The Artic sets all time record ice melting!


Sudden stratospheric warming could also be caused by chemtrails,  scientist call it contrails:

Briefly Empty Skies Offer Climate Clues
“This veil-like type of cloud allows sunlight in to warm the earth and traps some of the rising heat before it can radiate into space. This effect is thought to add slightly to a warming trend that scientists say is caused by heat-trapping gases released when fossil fuels are burned. The ideal way to measure such an effect would be to look at the same piece of sky when air traffic is heavy and when it is absent, said Dr. Patrick Minnis, a senior research scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.

But the skies are never devoid of aircraft. At least that was the case until Sept. 11. Since then, Dr. Minnis and others have been reviewing satellite images of clouds and contrails. Near dusk on the 11th, the only contrails in the East were three streaks heading from Nebraska to Washington, almost certainly Air Force One and its escort taking President Bush from Offutt Air Force Base to the White House, Dr. Minnis said. Everything matched, he said: “the trajectory and timing and the fact that nothing else was flying.”

The most valuable data were collected the next day. Only nine military flights crossed a region from Ohio to Virginia, an area normally cloaked in cirrus clouds from the 700 to 800 jets crossing daily, Dr. Minnis said. With those images, his team was able to chart precisely how those nine threadlike contrails fanned out over five hours to form a shield of cirrus clouds covering 24,000 square miles.”



Contrails Worse for Climate Change Than Planes’ Carbon Emissions
“A study in the brand-new journal Nature Climate Change reinforces that by suggesting that the clouds currently being generated by air travel have a larger impact on the climate than the cumulative emissions of all aircraft ever flown.”


The following is concerning “particulate matters”, could this actually be the culprit?

“Others include the emissions of particulates high in the atmosphere, the production of nitrogen oxides and the direct production of clouds through contrail water vapor. Over time, these thin lines of water evolve into “contrail cirrus” clouds that lose their linear features and become indistinguishable from the real thing. Although low-altitude clouds tend to cool the planet by reflecting sunlight, high-altitude clouds like cirrus have an insulating effect and actually enhance warming.

The nice thing is that, in contrast to the long atmospheric lifespan of CO2, if we can cause any changes in cloud formation, they’ll have an impact within a matter of days.” explained the phenomenon as a warm up of the stratosphere (the air layer that is between 6 and 30 miles above the surface of the Earth) that causes cold air to be pushed downward. What does this mean? projects that this event will cause bitterly cold air and temperatures to move downward across much of the U.S. during the third week of January.  Does this mean that we are looking at contrails as a major contributor, and if so , what about those  chemtrails?

Photo courtesy of


More aurora pix plus the contrail vs. “chemtrail” controversy: Astrobob

“A jet trailing a contrail flies over another contrail left by a lower-flying aircraft. Water vapor condenses into a cloud behind the plane as it chilled by -40 F temperatures and colder experienced at 26,000 feet and higher. You create your own “mouth contrails” when you see your breath on a cold morning. Photo: Bob King

Could Bob be correct, because the science is proving that Bob’s theory is incorrect.


The article bellow mention that the origin of contrails is aerosol. Aerosol known to produce green house effect, which cause both global warming and global dimming. The aerosol also increase the chance of cloudiness at stratosphere which can also cause warming.
“Contrails are clouds formed when water vapor condenses and freezes around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust. Some of that water vapor comes from the air around the plane; and, some is added by the exhaust of the aircraft.

Chemtrails could be seen as beyond normal aerosol release from a plane.


But then Bob comes back to another point and states “If you’re still looking to point the blame finger at contrails, there may be a real scientific reason to do so. They appear to contribute to global warming. When they fan into clouds, they act like real clouds and trap heat rising from the Earth causing surface temperatures to rise. Weather service data reveal that the temperature of the surface and lower atmosphere rose by almost 0.5°F per decade between 1975 and 1994 because of contrails. So yes, they may affect our climate in a small way, but that’s a far cry from the bogus claims of chemical spraying.” Photo: Bob King


Roxy Lopez interviewed by CBS NEWS


The problem lies within, who should  you believe?


Common Sense approach

Trails of any kind  contribute to the warming effects. This warming effect can happen suddenly, but within a matter of days jet contrails may also  be the cause of colder weather, not because of the jet trails cooling property, but because of the jet  trails warming property. Trails may cool the day creating a dimming effect, but trails trap the heat and this is a major contributor to the warming of the earth. This is another clue that trails do not cool the earth. Chemtrails heat the earth.

Colder  winters seem to be occurring because of warming event in the stratosphere, not the cooling of it. And it is a sudden localized warming event, not global, so this should not be associated with global warming.

But wait, isn’t this contrail science? Let us know!


Other sources:

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph


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  1. i know i’ve seen these CONTRAILS since i was a child in the 50’s. your conspiracy theory is invalid.

    1. What conspiracy theory? It is a fact that the trails we see today is serious environment problem.

      I doubt you can find real scientific literature that claim trails to be harmless. Only conspiracy website claim contrails to be harmless. Only clueless website claim that contrails to be only water vapor.

      The link above is from nasa. Is that not credible enough?

      I bet you never read something like this bellow:
      “One measure of climate is the average daily temperature range (DTR). For thirty years this had been recorded and extra cirrus clouds in the atmosphere would reduce this range by trapping heat. “September 11 – 14, 2001 had the biggest diurnal temperature range of any three-day period in the past 30 years,” said Andrew M. Carleton1. Not in three decades had there been such a large temperature spread between the daytime highs and the nighttime lows. Furthermore, the increase in DTR during those three days was more than double the national average for regions of the United States where contrail coverage was previously known to be most abundant, such as the Midwest, northeast, and northwest regions. The specific increase in the range was 2°F, which in three days was twice the amount the average temperature had increased by over thirty years time1. This is evidence that contrails do alter the climate of the land they drift above.

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