Spotting a plane on Flight Tracker , is it reliable? photo by TTD Arizona

Is it possible that Flight Trackers can spot every plane in the sky, including chemtrail and military planes, or are they unreliable? 


In the past, you  may have read something like this:
“I’m sure you already see where this is going. It is theoretically possible to identify every commercial plane you see overhead either by pointing your iPhone camera at it or locating it on the screen of your computer. If the debunkers are correct, we will find that planes spewing trails from horizon-to-horizon all will be identified as commercial craft, and what we see are merely normal contrails after all. On the other hand, if we find that commercial craft do not leave streaks from horizon to horizon but the ones that do are missing from the system … well, even the most die-hard skeptic would have to take a serious look at that.”

At first glance, it appears to be  a good idea, but were you aware  that any  chemtrails  debunker will not hesitate to suggest  for us to track a  plane with a flight tracker service? That got me thinking. Most likely it  s because Flight tracker is not a 100% reliable source for tracking all planes. You see, FLIGHT TRACKER depends on aviation reports, and if the , let’s say pilot of a chemtrail plane wishes to remain invisible on a tracker, they simply do not report the flight.
Flightradar24 would not exist if it weren’t for our data feeders. As a thank you, they all get access to a premium version of We are also very grateful to the volunteers that update the airplane and route databases every day.”
“Flightradar24 shows live air traffic from around the world. The primary technology we use to receive flight information is called automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B).

In addition to ADS-B data, we also get data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. This data is based on radar data and includes all commercial air traffic in US and Canadian air space (i.e. not just planes with ADS-B transponders). Unlike the ADS-B data that is presented real-time, the FAA data is delayed by roughly 5 minutes due to FAA regulations. On the Flightradar24 map, all planes based on FAA data are orange.

Pay special attention to the following statement:

Common aircraft models that do not have an ADS-B transponder and are NOT visible on Flightradar24 :
(*show list of planes*)

There are also some older A300, A310, A320, B737, B747, B757, B767 aircraft flying without and ADS-B transponder, which make those aircraft invisible on Flightradar24.

Flightradar24 relies on volunteers around the world for the majority of our coverage. Find out how you can contribute.”
“Why can’t I see every plane?
By way of explanation we pick up ADS-B data transmitted by aircraft and received by ground base stations. Aircraft must be equipped with suitable transmission equipment for them to be detected by our receivers. Currently not all aircraft are equipped – Europe is currently well ahead of the US. Across the world countries are making ADS-B mandatory for most aircraft over the coming years so this will get better and better too.

Why can’t I see planes in my area?
We operate a growing network of our own equipment supported by data sharers across the globe. However we don’t yet have data for all locations. We are actively adding ADS-B feeds as fast as we can but please let us know if your area is missing and we’ll do our best to help. If you can share data, know of any data ADS-B data sources or would be interested in hosting equipment for us then please let us know.”
“Why do some aircraft appear with a BLOCKED tail number?
A BLOCKED tail number is an aircraft where the owner/operator has requested to have their tail number removed from display on flight tracking tools via the NBAA’s BARR (Blocked Aircraft Registration Request) program. To have your tail number BLOCKED, go to

Why can’t I track VFR flight, military flights, and certain non-US registered GA flights?
The FAA filters out military, non-US registered, and sensitive traffic. Other than that, you can track any IFR, VFR (with flight following requested), and Canadian registry GA flights.”
“Why don’t all flight trackers provide the same information?
To be useful to travellers and family members, flight trackers often have to fill in some of the gaps in the data from government sources, gate times, for example. There are other variables to consider. There is typically, but not always, a message sent to an air traffic control centre on departure. In the cases where that message is not sent, a flight tracker needs to make a best guess about the actual departure time. The same goes for arrival times. The methods that the various flight trackers use to guess vary – causing discrepancies in information provided by different flight tracker tools.”


A good explanation of how ADS-B work:

In conclusion, due to the inaccuracy of the  flight tracker ,the observer of a chemtrail plane simply cannot trust the program, so keep taking those photos, keep sending them in, and please remember to date stamp your photos. Until we come up with a more trustworthy aviation tracker, it’s back to the drawing board for most of us!


If you have any new knowledge regarding flight trackers or other software that you can recommend, please contact us at or simply leave a comment at the space beneath this article, and some one will respond!


Chemtrails in Arizona 4-30-13
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17 thoughts on “Flight Trackers: Do chemtrail planes actually show up on Aviation tracking devices?”
  1. I think flight radar is pretty accurate, a friend and I were both on it, at different locations, conferring different planes with no take off or landing destinations, when checking flight paths we noticed they took off from isolated areas with no airport, but near old military bases and such, then whilst tracking them, they just disappeared from radar, one did a triangular flight starting in the middle of nowhere near Bruges, heading west, then north up the east coast UK then back down to the east of where it took off, and landed in the middle of nowhere, same night as the pave hawk went down on routine exercise in Norfolk

    1. Pretty accurate is not enough if we want to use it for evidence. If the flight tracker website are not confident enough to claim 100%, then we can not 100% rely on them.

  2. Are planes with no markings denied by the military? If so, would that mean they could be classified as unidentified flying objects? Are there any laws on the books prohibiting bringing down ufo’s?

  3. Is anybody pulling out a telescope to id the planes spewing trails? What would be the appropriate action necessary if the plane turned out to be Nato or the military and both Nato and the military proceeded to deny it? I’ve witnessed small jets spewing low to the earth too. It’s funny, I lived in Hawaii for 17 years and saw no trails. Then, I moved back to Savannah, Ga and the sky is filled with it. I think a denial after providing proof would constitute an a crime against humanity. Is anyone sending up random pop quiz test equipment via a hot air balloon or airplane? to reach the chemtrail cloud? and to be analyzed in a highly public event?

    1. Those who have done this claim that regardless, the planes are ALL unmarked. I know that when we have photographed planes , they as well do not have markings, yet when we photograph commercial jets, the markings are there, so you tell me.

  4. What those references I requoted (from your articles) were saying was that IN ADDITION to the greater night warming, the actual AMOUNT of contrail covering the sky was GREATER AT NIGHT DESPITE there being FAR LESS AIR TRAFFIC AT NIGHT. Meaning that either there were more Covert flights going on or more back and forth flight paths or both. This would be logical if the aim was in fact to warm the Earth whilst remaining out of public view.

    1. I see. Maybe that is the situation during the observation. I think trails happen at random time. Sometimes it is very frequent at night, sometimes it is very frequent at day.

      I don’t think public will take notice even if there are very frequent trails at day, or at night. Most would just ignore.

  5. Also from your articles Suchayo, these references

    “The magnitude and possibly even the sign of the mean net radiative forcing of contrails depends on the diurnal cycle of contrail cover. For the same contrail cover, the net radiative forcing is larger at night. Satellite data reveal a day/night contrail cover ratio of about 2 to 3 (Bakan et al., 1994; Mannstein, 1997).”

    “As a consequence flights during nighttime hours have a disproportionate effect on the diurnal mean contrail radiative forcing. They account for 60 to 80% of the mean contrail climate effect, even though only one in four flights occurs at night. Our results suggest that shifting flights from night-time to daytime could be one measure to minimize the climate effect of contrails.”

    So, a 3/2 contrail cover ratio at night compared to day (in addition to the greater radiative warming at night for the same cover of course) YET only 1/4 of FLIGHTS OCCUR AT NIGHT.

    1. I think this quote explain better:
      “Contrails formed due to the emission of water vapour increase the cloud cover in the upper troposphere. Contails lead to a reduction of the solar radiation reaching the surface (surface cooling) but they also enhance the greenhouse effect (surface warming) by absorbing longwave radiation welling up from the earth and atmosphere below. This might result in net cooling or heating depending on the size and optical depth of the ice crystals of which the contrails consist. Contrails thus lead to surface warming at night and generally to surface cooling at daytime. Presently it is estimated that contrails lead to a net warming effect over the full day.

  6. This fellow from Derby, England actually purchased an Air Nav Radar box.
    He positioned it in his Attic in order to study the air traffic over his house.


    “found that only about 20% of flights detected by AirNav broadcast their position”

    He also found that

    “there is no relation to detected volume of air traffic and number of persistent trails seen (i.e some people assume that more visible trails means there is more air traffic at that time – the data collected so far do not support this assumption).”

    On one particular day, he

    “observed and filmed at least 42 different aircraft flying over Derby during an afternoon outing lasting about 2½ hours. The video can be viewed online too: Satellite pictures of the UK taken on the same day (shown here ) clearly demonstrate the reality of the phenomenon, as seen from space.”

    So 80% of flights detected by radar, don`t broadcast their position. Surely registered commercial aircraft are required to do so. Also, because these chemtrail planes often fly back and forth, contrail cover is not directly related to the amount of air traffic, rather to the number flight paths which is something different.

  7. Any fligth radar I tried do not even show commercial plane that land or take off every 10 minutes in nearby air port. Boeing or airbus, not displayed.

  8. In Calgary Alberta, I have never had any luck catching a plane that has sprayed on internet radar. Most of the regular flights show up though. Is this because the sprayers don’t use a transponder? Military? I would love to get a positive ID on one so I know who to complain to. Having said that, I do see strange flights like Florida to NYC and wonder what they are doing going back and forth up here in Canada-could the flight info be wrong? Once you have a flight ID, you can look up exactly which plane it is and who owns it at!

  9. I have found that FlightRadar24 is pretty reliable when it comes to identifying chemtrail planes. About 95% of all spray planes, here over norther California, are picked up on public radar.

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