Oh the crap gets so deep doesn’t it?  I must say, people are really waking up to the idea that we have once again been mislead by government officials and corporate greedsters! I want to turn you on t the latest garbage that our government recently  released , but please keep in mind that this is a global plan, and I will get to that later in this article. For now, take a look at this “ADAPTION PLAN“, and let me know if you see what I see.

First of all , keep in mind that the role of the Climate Change Program Office and the  USDA is to work together and focus on the needs of agriculture and land as follows:

The Climate Change Program Office (CCPO) coordinates USDA’s responses to climate change, focusing on implications of climate change on agriculture, forests, grazing lands, and rural communities.  CCPO ensures that USDA is a source of objective, analytical assessments of the effects of climate change and proposed response strategies both within USDA and for our partners. CCPO is also responsible for coordinating activities with other Federal agencies, interacting with the legislative branch on climate change issues affecting agriculture and forestry, and representing USDA on U.S. delegations to international climate change discussions. CCPO’s responsibilities include:

  • Analysis, planning, research coordination, and the development of climate change response strategies;
  • Providing liaison with other Federal agencies;
  • Informing the Department of scientific developments and policy issues relating to the effects of climate change on agriculture and forestry, and recommending responsive courses of action; and
  • Ensuring that recognition of the potential for climate change is fully integrated into USDA’s research, planning, and decision-making processes.

If you go the website here:, you will see in the left hand pane of the website the word MITIGATION. Click it. It will eventually lead you here:



Chew on that for a while!

Crop Lands abandoned in Arizona. Farmers don't pay, they don't get to play!

However , the document that we prefer that you read is

US Department of Agriculture Climate Change Adaptation Plan

  • “Background: A growing body of evidence shows that US climate has changed substantially since 1900, that this change is accelerating, and that even greater change is likely to occur in the next 100 years. Climate change has the potential to disrupt USDA’s efforts to meet the core obligations and responsibilities articulated by its mission, and goals.”

The Department’s Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 provides a strong foundation for climate change adaptation planning. Two Agency Priority Goals for targeted DRAFT — Climate Change and Agriculture in the U.S.: An Assessment of Effects and Potential for Adaptation. Technical Submission to the National Climate Assessment 2012  or accelerated attention in 2012 and 2013 align with the strategic goals set forth in the
USDA’s Strategic Plan 2010-2015 and also address climate change adaptation.

Notice the word ACCELERATION.(in the above sentence)

  • Priority Strategic Goal 3: Assist rural communities to build and maintain prosperity through
    increased  agricultural  exports through key indicator targets and a baseline of growth over the
    last 5 fiscal years (FY2006-2010).
    This priority goal directly relates to two of the four strategic goals outlined in the USDA Strategic
    • Through trade facilitation, increased exports create jobs and increase prosperity
    domestically, which relates to Goal 1 (Assist Rural Communities to Create Prosperity so
    They Are Self-Sustaining, Repopulating, and Economically Thriving).
    • By promoting and increasing exports, including biotechnology exports, this goal also
    helps to enhance food security around the world, which relates to Goal 3 (Help America
    Promote Agricultural Production and Biotechnology Exports as America Works to
    Increase Food Security)”

    They  mean “promote the use of GMO’s and MONSANTO, right?



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One thought on “US Department of Agriculture CLIMATE CHANGE Adaptation Plan, really?”
  1. Roxy, so right. Everything here is dying except GMO Cotton and crops. Yes, they really have been ramping up the climate chage via Chemtrails…today being a perfect example! I spoke to the Lawyer in California who is trying to get answers from the Air Quality Management in Shasta County as to the quality of water and air there. He said finding a doctor that would put his profession on the line and say the heavy metals found in our bodies is FROM THE SPRAYING, would very difficult.He said we need all evidence from the majority!!! We must approach this from the law as you know laws are on the books for aerial spraying, DOD, BUT SINCE NO ONE LEGALLY PROTESTS WE GIVE OUR CONSENT!!!! We need evidence from the 7 billion and I am talking to other lawyers in Az. that may help, WE CAN SAVE THIS WORLD,,,,AS YOU SAY.. WE ARE THE MAJORITY….JOE MARMON,SHASTA COUNTY….that is the lawyer

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