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Guest: Ingrid Naiman


Invisible Epidemics


Ingrid Naiman is an  educated  researcher in the field of healing such ailments as cancer by means of herbs, salves , and elixirs. She discusses HOW we become ill and also presents solutions for us all!   Ingrid speaks about the way nature works in combination with our lives, and how many  plants were put on this earth to help aid humanity with our health. We mainly focused on invisible epidemics that are plaguing humanity.


What is an invisible epidemic, and how do we know we have a disease if we cannot detect it?

“An invisible epidemic is a health complication affecting large numbers of people who are not diagnosed correctly and who are therefore unlikely to receive the treatment required.  Many of these epidemics are due to modern technology and life styles such as constant exposure to cell phone towers, wifi, high voltage equipment and power lines, radiation, chemical toxicity, processed foods, food preservatives and genetically modified components in food, contaminated vaccines, chlorinated and fluoridated water, herbicides and pesticides, chemtrails, and vector-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease and other spirochete infections, side effects of pharmaceuticals, fungal infections, and various types of parasites.” ~ Research Institute for Invisible Epidemics

Leeks used for cooking .


Ingrid speaks on several of her tried and true remedies during this on hour interview. She will be returning to our show later in the year to speak specifically about growing our own food and other topics such as mold and how to prevent diseases associated with it. In the meantime, please watch/ listen to the interview!



Taking Earth Stewardship Seriously. The above photo of bees on an Autumn Joy Sedum was taken on September 17, 2008. There were more than a dozen bees on this single plant.



About Ingrid Naiman
“I am not a physician. I am what might be called a medical philosopher and counselor. My interest in holistic medicine began less as a rejection of allopathic medicine than a deep yearning for harmlessness, wholesomeness, and harmony. As time went on, I did become concerned that material medicine tends to ignore the issues faced by the person who is sick and suffering—and I did, in fact, reach the point in my own personal life that I was no longer interested in the technical prowess that operates at the expense of the larger picture. I have often asked myself what I would do if I were the patient rather than the person patients consult when they are ill. My first answer has usually been, “I would sit under a tree.”Over the years, there have been those who understood me perfectly and those who did not. Many patients said, “You’d do nothing!” My response is that sitting under a tree is not doing nothing. It is an admission that when we are lost, there is no point in going forward.

When faced with a critical illness, there is a red flag on the game of life. We know that if we continue as if all were fine, the patterns that led to our crisis will go unchecked. The outcome, in such instances, would probably be death. So, I would sit under a tree until I came to know what my life is all about. A few patients have immediately understood that this is the study undertaken while sitting.

Trees are wonderful companions. They tend to encourage us to look up into the Sky and down into the Earth, to appreciate the wind and the rain and to forge a feeling of being connected, of being one with life. While we have much to learn from trees, life is actually about living our Creator’s Plan, and since this is something we probably did not learn in school, we often have to set aside time for the lesson later in life—when the stakes are high.

I have some academic credentials, but to me they are not very meaningful. I majored in Asian Studies at the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii. At that time, I was, as now, interested in philosophy and in cultures different from my own; but the most important experience of my entire undergraduate days was a brief acquaintance with the famous Suzuki-sensei who taught me to recognize my own mind, where it was focused, and how that affected my concentration and awareness.

I went on to graduate school at Yale University, left with a master’s degree before my right brain was permanently damaged by studies that to me seemed deeply separated from reality. The obsession with this schism became, over the decades since Yale, a major source of disquiet for me as I could see how the heart and soul are often as not left out of the major activities of our lives. How we make our livings, how we prioritize our spare time, and even how we relate to the important others in our lives are often viewed as separate from what feels good and even relevant.”

Ingrid’s websites (just to name a few)!


Discussed on the program tonight. (Ingrid Naiman’s work)

Dragons Blood/ Sangre de Grado used to stop bleeding.
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Electric shock therapy, used to heal snake bites?

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Dragons Blood/ Sangre de Grado used to stop bleeding.

Healing brain cancer:


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4 thoughts on “Invisible Epidemics with Ingrid Naiman”
  1. morgellons comes from meteorites. Shungite from Russia, meteorite is used in Soy Soap. They call the tubes graphenes or fullerenes. They can be disolved, see wickipedia. This 4th type of Carbon received a nobel prize in 1996 just when morgellons disease went into high gear in spreading. Good thing everyone pretends that it doesn’t exist, even when people are infested. I feel so bad when I see kids go crazy from it. Parents probably beat them at home so they don’t complain about it. There are cures!!! People are so lazy. They prefer spreading it, VS giving up pizza, beer, sugar, yeast, corn!!!

    1. Hi Ann, so you believe shungite to be the culprit?. Do you believe it to be the actual creation of this disease?. Some people have reported that shungite water has actually healed them or helped them with dealing with this disease. I am looking into shungite myself and have seen the correlation with the fullerenes but this disease is not natural, it has most definitely passed through the hands of man and has been manipulated and created. If anything perhaps they took the properties of shungite and modified it to be but only a part of this disease. Please let me know your thoughts on this and if you still stand by shungite being the cause of this issue.

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