I have heard NOT much from the mainstream media on the global event of  the March Against Monsanto. In alternative media, however, I have heard all about it, have you?

There were 450 marches in 55 countries all over the world, including the United States!

Why March Against Monsanto? 

Didn’t you know?

“Monsanto’s Roundup contains glyphosate in the form of  an acid and several salts. There are over 750 products containing glyphosate for sale in the U.S. However, when it is sold as a commercial herbicide, it is combined with surfactants and other ingredients to make it more effective at KILLING weeds.” AND NOW THEY WANT CONTROL OF YOUR FOODS?!

(From The Soft Oracle) “Glyphosate-Kills Weeds; Abuses Bodies”


GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) have been known to cause impaired immunity, digestive dysfunction, organ damage, reproductive failure, cancer, and many more illnesses. They have also been linked to long-term health problems!

(From The Natural News)“Scientist that discovered GMO health hazards immediately fired, team dismantled”


“Many critics have opposed the production of GM foods on several grounds, including health problems, safety concerns, major pest-resistance issues, environmental worries, and economic troubles. Furthermore, genetically-modified foods have been known to act much like pre-cancerous cells and literally infect other organisms that were once pure and healthy.”

(From The Truth Denied) “NWO’s Biological Weapon Against Humanity-GM Foods”


The Truth Denied also reported that “The  Associated Press’s investigation has found some pretty alarming proof that the world’s biggest GMO seed developer ‘is squeezing competitors, controlling smaller seed companies and protecting its dominance over the multibillion-dollar market for genetically altered crops’…Declining competition in the seed business could lead to price hikes that ripple out to every family’s dinner table.”~ AP

(From The Truth Denied)“Monsanto’s GMO Patented Seeds want to rule the world! All part of AGENDA 21”


GMO’s contain inserted genes that come from bacterial species? Some of these GM foods are soybean, corn, cottonseed, and canola.

(From The Institute to Responsible Technology) “Say No To GMOs Flyer”


“Beyond just the health implications of GMOs, these genetically modified seeds have begun to contaminate the larger agricultural infrastructure of the planet.”

(From The Truth Denied) “GMO FOODS KILL all living things: Special TRIBE TV REPORT”  

The USA Today had an article about the March against Monsanto at about midnight on March 26.  “Protesters around the world march against Monsanto”

And AZ Family.com had an article “Protesters across globe rally against Monsanto”. Thank you, Arizona!

However, not much else has been said, especially on the television news stations!

Here’s a short video of just a few on May 25th, 2013:

There were other protests against Monsanto recently:

Farmers protesting against Monsanto’s by burning down their crops.

“Hungary won’t tolerate GMO seeds, burns 1,000 acres of corn”

“Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds”

Also, in California, the protestors caused the Monsanto office to close! “Protesters successfully shut down California Monsanto office”

Unfortunately, Facebook is taking its own stand by censoring posts about the Monsanto March, especially from those who were part of the march, posting their OWN pictures! “Facebook Censors Pictures of Children Rallying Against GMOs During Global March Against Monsanto”

If you want more information on the ongoing campaign against Monsanto go to “Millions Against Monsanto”

The March Against Monsanto on Facebook 

Hey Mainstream Media, Where’s Your Coverage of the March Against Monsanto?! (Facebook Event)

Here is a “List of Monsanto Brands & Companies To Boycott”  


Picture credits: Steve Rhodes and Cheryl Biren

Photo credit: Roxy Lopez of Arizona (main featured photo)

Resources: Intelli Hub, Paul Short, AZ Family.com, USA Today, MSN Now, The Huffington Post, True Activist.com, The Institute for Responsible Technology, The Natural News, The Truth Denied, and Millions Against Monsanto (By the Organic Consumers Association)

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