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Guest: Brian Tuohy

The Truth Denied Talk Radio Interview

May 28, 2013


Brian Tuohy  was a new guest on The Truth Denied Talk Radio and I must say, he had the audience enthralled from hello! His new book entitled, Disaster Government basically covers a three year body of research, one that has some twists and turns for sure as Brian embarked on requests from FOIA  (Freedom of Information Act) and received many of the documents that his inquiries lead him to, deep rabbit holes regarding our government and it’s inner workings. If you look at Brian’s website, DISASTER GOVERNMENT ,you will find a plethora of information as well as how to file a FOIA of your own. Brian claims that “It’s pretty easy, once you get the gist of exactly how to ask for what you’re looking for.”

The bulk of the program covered FEMA, disasters such as Katrina and Hurricane Sandy,  911 , illegal wire tapping, and something called CONPLAN3502, which is a military plan for civil unrest. Brian states on his website that:

“Most Americans don’t realize that the federal government has no real intention of saving it’s populace should a disaster strike.”


“Brian’s hallmark mix of detailed research and imaginative speculation are in full effect in Disaster Government” – Ian Punnett, Host, Coast to Coast AM


  • What is a national emergency?
  • How many national  emergencies is the US currently operating under?
  • What can the president do to combat a national emergency?
  • What is Posse  Comitatus?
  • What is the  institute of martial law?
  • What  is Continuity of Government (COG)
  • How in-depth are COG plans, and are they fully functional?
  • Where are some of the underground bases the federal government can use, and what  is inside?
  • Who is the “designated survivor?”
  • Who were the “Eisenhower Ten?”
  • How was the Federal Emergencies Management Agency (FEMA) formed?
  • What should people know about the federal government’s plan to save it’s citizens in  the event of an emergency?
  • Top Secret Maps of Washington D.C.
  • Underground cities (Ravenrock) and Denver Airport
  • National Defense Executive Reserve (NDER)

Brain certainly leaves a lot on the table for us all to think about, so please listen to the interview here:


About the book:

Disaster Government was researched and written over a span of three years. What began as a hobby morphed into one of the only books written on the subject of Continuity of Government programs available. It is based entirely on the federal government’s own files, some of which were obtained via the Freedom of Information Act and are seen here for the first time ever.

Tuohy also conducted over 100 interviews on radio stations across the United States and Canada promoting the book, appearing on such syndicated shows as Coast to Coast AM, the Alex Jones Show, and Fox Sports Radio Chris Myers Interviews. He was also asked to speak at Florida State University, Columbia College in Chicago, and the 2012 AEJMC National Conference.

A third book, Larceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing and the FBI, is scheduled to be released in September 2013. Based on over 400 FBI files obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, Larceny Games will be the most complete examination of game fixing in professional sports ever published. ALL books available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. (e-book is Kindle only)


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