Rebecca Hardcastle Wright on Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind



Guest :Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind

We are well aware of the  current buzz on Talk Radio Shows across the world,  media, and even  on the streets word has it people want disclosure. Everyone is talking about it! Whether we are speaking in terms of the much needed transparency with regards to The Bilderberg Group’s Agenda,   global banking , the  military, the global stock market or UFO’s, we seem to be experiencing  a global awakening! Humanity  is demanding disclosure and the effects are stunning!

Our guest,  Dr.  Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, is right out in front with her new book entitled Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind! In her book, she discusses a number of ideas, from disclosure, healing trauma, her colleagues, mentors of past and present, science, and the quantum universe, and of course sprituality bridging all the gaps in our society.

“We cannot make anything happen with out LOVE!” ~Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

She is paving the way for Exoconsciousness to become the norm in our society, and offers a clear path to understanding who we are as a human species! This is an exciting interview and we feel it may answer a lot of questions for many experiencers, dreamers, healers, and eventually all of humankind!

Take this journey with us in the interview as we cover the gamut of a fairly new conceptual term developed by Dr. Wright known as Exoconsciousness. 

What did we discuss on the program?

What is Exoconsciousness? 

How and why did  Rebecca Hardcastle Wright create the concept?

What is her own personal history of contact?

 How does extraterrestrial contact affect human consciousness? 

Why is Disclosure essential for Exoconsciousness?

What happened this year at the  Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure in Washington, DC?

Dr. Wright explains her  commitments and goals for teaching Exoconsciousness at IMU

How do we begin t create a visible and active Exoconscious Community?

How do we become ‘Exoconscious’? 

In what respect are humans a traumatized species?

What are the consciousness and cultural implications of trauma?

Is trauma healing essential for an Exoconscious person? 


Please listen to the show in it’s entirety and see below for information on how to contact or meet our guest!


Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright


Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright  will be speaking at Maryland MUFON in September of 2013. We will have updates as to this conference as we get them in.

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About Dr. Hardcastle

LIFE events led Dr. Hardcastle to discover the  power of hypnosis. Shortly after the birth of her second child, she suffered the death of her beloved step-son. While her family grieved their loss, her husband had a major career transition and his father died. In an attempt to manage and relieve her grief, stress and anxiety she explored alternative therapies, but found no solace.

All along the answer was in the office next door. Working as an ecumenical chaplain at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Hardcastle teamed with a  Roman Catholic priest who was studying hypnosis as part of a masters program. The priest loaned her his textbook and she began a dedicated discipline of self-hypnosis. Gradually she located and strengthened the still-point of peace, harmony, and happiness within.

Over 20 years later, through numerous major life transitions, she continues to practice hypnosis and is amazed by the power of the mind and spirit to promote health, wellness and personal growth.

Dr. Hardcastle is a certified hypnotherapist and  transformational life coach. She has a doctorate in  Parapsychic Sciences and a Master of Divinity in Philosophical Theology. She is ordained in the United Methodist denomination. Committed to deepening her spirituality, Dr. Hardcastle practices Tibetan Buddhist Yoga, Reiki healing and meditation.

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