John Novak: Exposing the Truth Behind Marijuana Legislation

Guest : John Novak of 420Leaks




Exposing the Truth Behind Marijuana Legislation

Topic: Cannabis – Medical, Recreational, Industrial uses -International, US Federal and local laws on cannabis and how they have been used and abused by law enforcement in the USA. Medical benefits for epilepsy, cancer and US Patent 6630507

In 2003, John Novak  obtained a medical card for the use of medicinal  cannabis to aid him in  controlling seizures. This miracle plant changed his life for good, reducing the daily seizures from over 100 per day down to just one or two. He has been an outspoken advocate for the medical use of cannabis ever since. In 2010, John Novak  was raided by a large team of state and federal law enforcement  and he , his wife and teenage son  were held at gunpoint and questioned for 4 hours. This was a traumatic event for both John and his family because they were innocent. It took  a chunk of time out of his life, (2 years to be exact) , but  Mr. John Novak  was eventually  able to get the charges dismissed , which lead him to not only a broader  understanding of the current marijuana laws, but he later afforded the opportunity to get some of those laws revised.


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Links to Newspaper  articles  mentioned during the show:  Background information on the criminal case:


John Novak in an hearing in Washington State

Bobby investigates UFO’s

We will have John back on the show sometime later in the year to also  talk about his activism related to UFO’s as well!

UFO Patents – John is also a  Board member on the SPACE trust, a group disclosing “UFO” patents approved by the US and other governments


Famous Musician Dies: Or was it murder?


“Musician Bobby Fuller is also the name of my birth father who is the  famous  author of  the hit song, “I Fought the Law”. Bobby’s murder in 1966 has been called the “JFK of Rock and Roll”. I may have solved the mystery after learning of a death bed confession.”


Links we addressed during the show:




Washington State Collective Garden law

US Patent on Cannabis #6630507 


Undercover prostitute uncovers in drug stingsBy Mark Harrison, November Coalition contributing writer

Marijuana Poll Finds Majority Support Legalization

Cannabis Action Coalition On Facebook at

REAL LEGALIZATION – State initiative group in Washington State for cannabis issues.

Monsanto and the FDA

GMO Fight gearing up in Washington State

GMO Cannabis?

Patent pending for GMO Cannabis Strain – UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA RESEARCH FOUNDATION, INC.                                                


John Novak of


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