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This program will serve as a spirititual refresher course, a reminder of how each and everyone of us has an enourmous toolbox at our disposal, one that we  need to use. Mia Feroleto keeps it simple as she discusses how she keeps her sanity in an otherwise insane world. She openly expresses herself during the program , and makes it very apparent when I asked about how she  communicates with others , she answered  “I say what I mean and I mean what I say.” She goes on to explain that “words have meaning, they hold energetics, be mindful of the words you use, and the thoughts as well, they manifest into reality, good or bad.”

When asked  about a remedy for stressful or  hightened  situations that seem to occur in our daily lives these days, she said ” Distance yourself from it in the moment. Take a walk, get with nature, play with your animals, but don’t obsess.” She is right, the minute we begin to obsess about anything, we really do lose the concept of letting go, allowing for the event to unfold as it will, and Mia makes it clear that while we are in this obsession, we really are just wasting our time. She says “How many times have you looked back on a certain stressful stituation in your life, and found that you had no control over it all along? ” *laughter*  Been there done that, right!

Mia wants to remind us that we are self empowered beings, that we can move mountains if we simply remember how , and practice, practice,practice! Good advice!

  • How to ask for what we need
  • Being of service is just as important
  • Creativity, what can you do?
  • Living outside of the box, good thing?
  • Advocating for a safer less cruel world
  • The Joy of Animal Rescue
  • Working with others
  • How to remove yourself from a stressful situation
  • What s control? How to let go
  • Trust yourself, easy to say, not so easy to do
  • Ask for what you NEED
  • Keeping it simply in complicated times
  • Making a difference in the world by just being YOU
  • INTENTION, thoughts and words, taking breaks and more!


“We all have to capacity to connect to other dimensions and higher realms of thought.  Like any muscle, the skill is not developed unless used.  Being able to access information and healing energies from other dimensions will be explored in this discussion.” ~Mia Feroleto

Enjoy the interview  “Connecting to Other Dimensions  with Mia Feroleto”

Mia Feroleto with friends and animal family!


About Mia Feroleto

Mia Feroleto, is a well-known art advisor, activist and artist who lives in New York State. She was the creator of ARTWALK NY, now a national event that opens well-known artists’ studios to the public to raise money for the Coalition for the Homeless and other causes. Ms. Feroleto is a committed animal rights and animal welfare proponent. She is determined to maximize visibility for the arts and cultural world and is currently developing the Adopt An Artist Program to send artists to destinations around the globe in order create art. Shamanic work, Reiki and other healing modalities are incorporated into her work with artists and animals. Feroleto’s goal is to focus public attention on the crucial need to provide unwanted animals with safe, healthy, and loving homes. She was blessed to live in the country with a pack of six dogs (all rescues), two horses and three cats where she learned that the intersection of art, nature and animals opens each of us to the Divine and our own spiritual nature.

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  1. I am an artist, have rescued 7 dogs and placed them in good homes ( have two of this as my own)and have a heart that breaks every time I hear of something bad that happens to an animal. It is so wonderful to find this site!

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