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First of all, I must thank this gifted guest, Laura Lee Mistycah for her contribution to our program as well as the planet in general. She is truly one of a kind! The first 20 minutes of the show this evening was a plea from the host, Roxy Lopez in regards to a 6 month old kitty who needs a forever home. Laura Lee was so patient with us as we  were asking the public (mainly Arizonan’s) for help with the rescuing of kitty by the name of Noah. The show got the phones ringing and the emails pouring in. We wish to thank all of  you for your loving hearts and help! PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to see PHOTOS of NOAH, he is adorable!

****We found a FOREVER HOME for Noah in November 2013************* Thanks to Laura Lee and her postive wishes!


The interview with Laura Lee Mistycah (starts at 8:20)

Then we really received some great energy from our guest Laura Lee! She talked about the revealing and transparency going on all over the globe with special attention to government. Transparency like wire tapping, phone tapping and Snowden’s courageous whistle blowing on the NSA. Laura Lee assures us that we will be seeing more of this in the very near future, that will only serve to empower humanity!

For more information of First Wave and Second Wave Indigos, please listen to an in debth radio program/interview with Laura Lee here:


CREEPY SOUND associated with a storm on June 17th, 2013

Laura Lee wants to know if any of you heard this as well. She describes the sound in our interview, so take a listen to it, and if indeed you have heard the same thing, please contact Laura at because she is documenting it, as well this is what she had to say about the cause of the noise.

“When I tapped into the energy of this sound associated with a strange rain storm, I found that HAARP was perhaps the culprit. I need more information from the public, so please contact me if you have heard this loud mechanical sound that stopped when the rain started to fall…it was really creepy.” Said Laura. 

Laura Lee is focusing most of her energy on the Indigos, and she describes them on her website, check it out and see if you are an indigo as well. She has been able to classify them into two groups, group one being the First Wave Indigos, and the second group  being the second wave Indigos. She also described what she terms as “Cosmic Clean-up Crews”, and you can check her sight to see if perhaps you are in this category.

Aulmauracite rocks, a requirement for FW Indigos
Laura Lee also sets up “grids” and educated us on  how to build them, what you can build them with, and the feed back from her clients which are true  success stories associated with building these grids with stones. Read more here :


Kryahgenetics egg for Protection
What is a  Kryahgenetics egg?

“Some people will look at this Kryahgenetics symbol and think it’s nothing more than an Easter egg or Christmas ornament, and then go on about their business and never give it another thought. For them and their reality, it will seem quite meaningless.

Then there are those of you who have an innate awareness and understanding of things you have never consciously seen or heard before…… who can figure out symbolic encryption and language not only by the way it looks, but also by the way it feels. For you the geometric shapes, tones and resonances that are emitted from this patterned image will have deep, ancient and perhaps even exclusive meaning and value to you from the moment you lay your eyes on it!”  Read more here


Laura Lee exposes your contract


“Spiritual Contracts / Agreements for this life time Readings

If you have been confused and frustrated, wondering and searching for exactly what it is that you came to this Earth to do and be … have come to the right place.

This reading will assist you in finding your “Earth Life’s” purposes. When the information is unveiled, you will know if it is true by the peace you feel and how it resonates in your core. You will have a sense of freedom, and an excitement and passion for what has been revealed to you. You will gain clarity and motivation where there was once confusion and frustration. For Profiles of a First Wave Indigo Knights, click here. “First Wave Indigo Adults” .)”

*Strange Sounds in the horizon before big storm on June 17th 2013

*WA. DC Grid went up in April 2013 and Truth & Justice are surfacing fast! (ie, NSA – Whistle Blower)

*How to tell if someone is an Indigo just by how they open the book Living in an Indigo House.

*Stories of W.S. (weird shit) curses and anti-synchronicity in the book Got Ghosts???

*What is Kryahgenetics?

*Using the Kryahgenetics Egg as a protective Protocol

*What are Light Conductors, Light Destroyers, Light assistors, and Light Distractors (found in Kryahgenetics)

*How can you get a Giant Kryahgenetics Egg Fuzzy Blanket?


Please enjoy the interview here!!


About Laura Lee Mistycah

Laura Lee Mistycah, has been dubbed “The Queen of  Weird” by her Ghost Buster Partner, Ronnie Foster, and always seems to be in the middle of some sort of “Weird Sh*t.”   George Kavassilas introduced her on his show as “A futuristic sorceress” as she practices “Practical Magick” in her efforts to outwit the Dark Lords who have hijacked this planet and are using black magick and money to keep themselves in power.  She  uses the Aulmauracite/Aurauralite magical mystical Stone of Truth & Justice to protect and assist her and her clients in managing the seen and unseen worlds.  Laura Lee  also is a support system for First Wave Indigos (FW-Indigos) who walked into Earth Bodies and are here on a service mission to clear the corruption and bring all life forms back into balance.  She teaches Knights Training Courses to help FW-Indigos activate their X-Men abilities and sharpen the skills they already use.

Laura Lee has also been in the holistic healing field for over 30 years and has taught cutting edge healing labs to help practitioners learn new and innovative skills. Many of these methods such as Kryahgenetics Trauma Release and Emotional Debris Sweeping she developed herself.

Her first book Kryahgenetics, the simple secrets of human alchemy gives the keys to all types of healing and regeneration, including the reasons for financial ills! It was a limited edition and has sold out.  The second edition is to be re-released this fall!

Laura Lee is the author and publisher of three books and four websites.


~ Kryahgenetics, The Simple Secrets Of Human Alchemy (second edition to be released soon)

~ Living In An Indigo House, The Heartaches & Victories Of First Wave Indigos

~ Got Ghosts??? The Bizarre But True Tales Of The Ghost Buster Gals (Ronnie Foster, Co-Author)


Web Sites:


Here is a photo of  NOAH and he has a FOREVER HOME!


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