Hydraulic Fracturing : The Devils Brew

Fracking fluid contaminates our water, fracked  gas escapes into the atmosphere, and the breakneck pace of drilling for these low-quality wells wreak havoc on wildlife habitat and human communities alike.Please don’t let anyone tell you that it’s SAFE, because it is not.

Major concerns regarding Fracking are:

  • Toxic drilling fluids and fracturing fluids, injected deep underground and then withdrawn, may contaminate underground aquifers and surface waters.
  • Air emissions including volatile organic compounds (VOCs)threaten human health, especially of workers and residents of the immediate vicinity.
  • Diesel pollution and noise pollution can be constant, as truck traffic is intensive and fracking continues 24-7.
  • Stress factors affect the quality of life in communities where drilling occurs.
  • Methane leaks accelerate climate change. Methane is 72 times more potent at capturing heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide over the first 20 years after release.
It's not okay to FRACK. America's latest environmental danger
America’s latest environmental danger. Purchase the book now.

UPDATE  9-16-14 SURFACE and GROUNDWATER Contamination Associated with Fracking (Please download the study)

Guests: Mark Eddy, Doug Shields, Robin Mahonen & Erin Bowers

Topic : FRACKING Date of aired show: August 16, 2013

First of all we wish to let our listeners and readers know that both of the Greenhunter Water Solutions representatives  backed out out of this interview a few hours before the live broadcast.  Mr. Jack  confirmed this  interview  3 weeks ago, then backed out via an email to Mark Eddy politely declining.  Note: Thanks to Doug Shields, we have sent word to Tom Linzy who  is the executive director of the Community Environmental Defense to interview him on another date.

UPDATE 9-16-14 : To this day, those who have backed out of the interview have never contacted TTD again.

Discussion Points:

Josh Fox’s  movie “The Sky is Pink?” also the maker of Gasland 1 & 2 

The 2005 Halliburton Loophole

Frack water being dumped in the rivers that run through Pittsburgh  & The Dangers

Elected officials  ignoring health, welfare and safety of the people they represent

State laws trump local/municipal/ & county zoning laws

What are solutions for areas where fracking is either ongoing or being developed in your area?

Has Fracking ever been successfully banned?

Why are physicians being ‘gag ordered?

What is the  WHEELING WATER WARRIORS organization doing to stop fraking? 


Please see below for all contact  information for our guests! Listen to the interview here now!

Doug Shields (Right)
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