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Emily Windsor Cragg: The Cost of NON-DISCLOSURE


What is the cost of non-disclosure?

Emily Windsor Cragg  challenges the listening audience to review what we have been taught, the myths, religious dogma, and  government intervention gone bad, as well as the cover-up of the existence of  ET’s  by Space Agencies around the world including NASA. We ask WHY?  Why is our earthly existence and  our origin such a big secret?

Emily also talks about dimensional shifts, what earth is made up of in regards to dimensions , and how evolution happens contrary to what we may think . The show will twist your mind, perhaps even confuse you….Listen now!

Check out the photos referenced in the show this evening and follow along!

Nibiru images


Nemesis images


Daily images re-rendered & uploaded



Image of Dark Star Nemesis

*Above photo : Image of the dark star Nemesis showing a view of the Torus-shaped [innertube-shaped] spiral mass in the sky blasting vivid blacklight hues–yellow, cyan, magenta–on Earth’s ground during the dark of night. Image from Mt. Wilson (UCLA’s) webcam for Aug 15, 2013 15 9:37 pm


Emily has a new book released 9/2013  Check it out!

Come Let Us Make Man in Our Image: We Humanity Are More than We Knew (Wisdom of Yah Series) Paperback

From the ‘ Wisdom of Yah Series’

by Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg (Author)



About the book:

This picture-book displays how Annunaki ETs have influenced our Planet for 200,000 years. FORTY full-color plates show facts which conventional histories conceal. Nearly 400 photo images reproduced here, tell the real story we never got in school. What have ETs got to do with Planet Earth? Plenty! In Sumerian History, translated by Sitchin and Others; in the Bible, the Book of Enoch and other inspired writings. … Why didn’t we know– “We”–being the people of the land? … What do contemporary digital images tell us about our STATUS in Life and Light? Let’s look.


Emily Windsor Cragg

About the Author, Emily Windsor Cragg

The author Emily Cragg was adopted out of the Royal bloodline into working classes where survival skills are viewed as important in the down-turning economy. MY OTHER BOOKS here at Amazon deal with “Civil History” of Man, the promotion of Leadership by Consent-to-Truth, and the Path To Orion and the Pilgrimage of Mankind where we’ve never gone before. … Genus: Human being; Race: mixed; Sex: Yes; Culture: Consenting or Withholding Consent. Age: 68 but Hoping for Eternity. History: Checkered. Experience: Suffering and Joy. Attainments: Healing and Progress. Acquisitions: Few. Memory: Dim and Dimmer. Goal: to know and understand what’s really going on in our Galaxy. With Faith, Hope, an attachment to Truth itself, We’ll get there.

Check out the photos referenced in the show this evening!

Nibiru images


Nemesis images


Daily images re-rendered & uploaded



Other statements from Emily Cragg include:


“On September 26, 2011, something called “Comet ELenin” got between us and our OldSol, our Sun of long-standing. Since that time, ALL photo images of our [new] SUN contain background landmass and texture in blacklight colors. There is no longer any black and empty space around either our Sun or our Moon. Even more spectacularly, our Moon is now cradled in what looks like vegetation, vibrant in colors. Separated from our previous orbit, Earth is in its new path, corkscrewing around “Wormwood,” of Bible fame, heading out of the Milky Way GALAXY toward Orion whence Nibiru/Nemesis DERIVE.

Why? Good God!! What is going on here is,
1. Astronomers are led to depend on computer star maps instead of sky-watching.
2. Astronomers are not apprised of the difference between photographs and digital images; whereas in a digital image, you have a veritable movie of data.
3. Astronomers are not taught nor shown that “dark matter” is lit with blacklight. Scrub whitelight off webcam images, and chemtrails disappear!

Behind the chemtrails, we are in a new configuration, heading out to “God knows where.”

Astronomers are silent, whether they know or not, if they want to keep their grants. The “WHY” : The Milky Way has been expanding for eons; and it is about to collapse on itself, IMPLODE.

Here’s the Story–what can be known from looking at the Sky instead of our looking at computer Star Maps. INTELLIGENT HYPER-DIMENTIONAL DIVINITIES HAVE BEEN TAKING INITIATIVES FOR AEONS, TO INTERVENE AND PERPETUATE LIFE INTO THE NEXT ETERNITY. But what sort of Life? That’s the question we must answer for Humanity’s future. “ ~EMILY WINDSOR CRAGG


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One Response “Emily Windsor Cragg: The Cost of NON-DISCLOSURE”

  1. Louis Nicolosi
    at 2:36 PM

    I have recently been laid off, and have been trying to catch up on current events.
    I haven’t had access to a computer for quite a few years. But now I have a chance to see what is really going on.
    a few years back I tried to explain to my brother that I saw things on the moon from google moon that looked man made. He laughed sarcastically at me, and said that the temperature there was sub-zero and nothing could exist there. I thought his comment was a little backward especially comming from a passionate Science fiction buff that he is. So now he is theone who is grounded and I I am the one who is silly.he thinks I’ve gone off to the deep end.all I can say to him and all of my Facebook friends is that keep looking at the stars.

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