Guest: David Sereda

Topic: Pyramid Technology

September 21, 2013

In 2013 , David’s lectures have been focused on the new technology he extracted from the math in the Great Pyramid of Egypt as a giant crystal oscillator that allows for faster than light communication with star gate systems!  He will also share his numerous experiences with alien contact. Visit his website at  www.LightStreamTechnologies.com



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September 20, 2013 Interview with David Sereda

David Sereda is back to tell us of his latest findings about the Giza Plateau and quantum entanglement. Two objects that are quantum-entangled communicate with one another in an unknown, instantaneous manner that Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance.’ It has recently been discovered that this doesn’t just apply to subatomic particles. Two diamonds have been entangled, and not only that, they weren’t brought together at all, but rather encoded with identical vibrations.

This implies the possible existence of a powerful new tool, and here David Sereda makes the leap that the structures on the Giza Plateau might actually BE such a tool, capable of connecting us to distant parts of the universe in a whole new way.

Quantum entanglement occurs when particles such as photons, electrons, molecules as large as buckyballs, and even small diamonds interact physically and then become separated; the type of interaction is such that each resulting member of a pair is properly described by the same quantum mechanical description (state), which is indefinite in terms of important factors such as position, momentum, spin, polarization, etc.

Quantum entanglement is a form of quantum superposition. When a measurement is made and it causes one member of such a pair to take on a definite value (e.g., clockwise spin), the other member of this entangled pair will at any subsequent time be found to have taken the appropriately correlated value (e.g., counterclockwise spin). Thus, there is a correlation between the results of measurements performed on entangled pairs, and this correlation is observed even though the entangled pair may have been separated by arbitrarily large distances. In quantum entanglement, part of the transfer happens instantaneously. Repeated experiments have verified that this works even when the measurements are performed more quickly than light could travel between the sites of measurement: there is no slower-than-light influence that can pass between the entangled particles. Recent experiments have shown that this transfer occurs at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light, which does not remove the possibility of it being an instantaneous phenomenon, but only sets a lower limit.

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The Quantum Pyramid

My new film will mathematically prove the Great Pyramid builder intended it to be a giant crystal oscillator capable of faster than light speed communication.

Short Summary

David Sereda   is worthy of a fundraiser, and he goes on to say:  ” I have been making films for over 10 years now, from Evidence, the Case for NASA UFOS, From Here to Andromeda, THE VOICE, Quantum Communication, Mona Lisa’s Little Secret, Hope for Humanity and now The Quantum Pyramid.  All of my films have had millions of views on youtube for free.  While the films have had some income to keep them alive, they are barely financially alive.  I think this is the way to make films: to have the people who like them support their making and make them free on the internet and on DVD for people who want to see them in good quality.

What We Need & What You Get

I know how to Direct, Produce, Edit, Score and deliver a documentary.  You can see a lot of my films at VOICEEntertainment.net to prove it.  The money in a film goes to pay overhead costs, special effects, travel, interviews and DVD production.   If Egypt has a stable period, I will send a second unit there for videography.” ~David Sereda
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 Recommended,  Documentary Directed  by David Sereda


David is the director of the 240 minutes  documentary  entitled : “FROM HERE TO ANDRAMEDA”


From Here To Andromeda opens with the possibility that humanity may not survive due to Global Warming, an ensuing Ice Age or Mass Extinction. The question is, “Why hasn’t humanity embraced sustainable technologies like Solar, Wind, and Helium-3 Fusion to beat Global Warming?” Why are the oil companies holding us hostage? Why hasn’t all of humanity awakened and taken measures to ensure our survival? Find out why so many UFOs are suddenly appearing all over the world. Are they here to teach us? Are they here to help humanity make a quantum leap?


UFO Researcher David Sereda discussed his recent work, videotaping the disclosure of 73-year old Boyd Bushman, a Lockheed Martin Senior Research Scientist of 20 years, who held Top Secret clearance. He holds a number of patents and designed the Red Eye Missile (now the Stinger Missile), and infrared FLIR systems. Bushman also reverse engineered anti-gravity and UFO technology.

Bushman also revealed that he was friends with a Navy doctor that treated a pilot who shot down the Roswell craft in 1947. Though he didn’t state the specific type of weapon used, Sereda speculated that it might have been Tesla’s “death ray,” confiscated by the government after Tesla’s death in 1943. Bushman also showed Sereda a diagram for a nuclear-powered flying saucer, which he said was first flown out of Wright Patterson AFB in 1959.

Bushman also stated:

There is a force related to the expansion of the universe that is actually stronger than gravity, and this could be connected to anti-gravity propulsion, Bushman told him. He demonstrated phases that lead up to anti-gravity, including experiments in which magnets reduced the gravity of a rock. Bushman verified that Area 51 in Nevada was indeed the place where alien craft were tested– but such testing moved to a facility in Utah after Area 51 became well known, he noted.

As a Senior Research Scientist at Lockheed Martin – Boyd Bushman reveals that Defense Contractor – Lockheed Martin has researched antigravity technology, specifically gravity manipulation by means of magnetic fields, and he shows that he experimented at Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth, Texas facilities, proving that magnetic fields affect the gravitational field and because of that, bodies don’t fall with the same acceleration, a result different from the classical experiments made by Galileo with no magnetic fields present.

Topics Included in this presentation:

  • Area 51 and Black Budget Research Programs
  • Advanced Antigravity Propulsion Systems
  • Experiments in Gravity and Magnetism
  • We now know how to travel to the stars.
  • Nuclear Powered Aircraft
  • Nuclear Powered Flying Saucers
  • The Binomial Expansion
  • There are 8 major forces in nature, 3 of which have not been cataloged.
  • Will we survive Global Warming?
  • Traveling faster than the Velocity of Light.
  • The Neutrino Universe
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Question: “What happens when you reduce the mass-gravity effect by wave-transforming mass is it eventually becomes translucent, then it turns to light, and then it disappears in these different spectrums of the electromagnetic spectrum that we do not see. And that is why there are SO many accounts today, for example, of these digital– home digital cameras where these people taking photos on their vacation and download the photos and there’s UFOs in them they couldn’t see.”  Purchase your copy today!


David Sereda will be speaking in November at The Body, Soul and Spirit EXPO in Vancouver, Canada~




John David Sereda for” Quantum Contact”, Faster than Light Speed Interstellar communication, How you can become a cosmic  ambassador for earth star system communication utilizing new technology with meditation.

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David Sereda



“David Sereda’s first aspiration in life was to become an astronaut. In 1968, David and a friend witnessed a UFO along with hundreds of other witnesses. After this experience, David grew up as a UFO enthusiast never living in doubt of the phenomena that has swept the world since the Roswell incident in 1947. His interest in space, religion, philosophy, astronomy and science led him on his career in related fields. He has worked deeply in high technology, on environmental and humanitarian issues and as a professional photographer for over 20 years. He has studied world religion, science, physics and paranormal psychology for over 25 years. Other  interests include  “alternative” energy, propulsion, and anti-gravity. Over the years, David Sereda branched out into quantum vibration jewelry and harmonic resonances.”



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  1. Hi David. Saw your video on quantum communications and thought you might be interested in an experiment that I’ve been working on for about 10 years now proving much of what you talked about in the documentary. We have actually opened a doorway to the cosmic consciousness and are able to capture recordings of it communicating to us in our own language. You can see one of the most recent examples on http://www.budgieresearch.tech

  2. I’ve suffered terrible headaches since I was a boy and had since early 70,swhen I use to have dreams sometimes nightmares about things that actually did come to pass.my memory is really good and if id known that at the time I would be a lot more secure today your work really is interesting David ill donate to your film but can I send you a postal order as no bank account for ten year’s and I want one of those pendants with nasa sound of sun which sounds to me like G# I am a bit of a musical man. And play at 432 hrz which yousaid can be turned to a perfect scale please do. ..😊

  3. David. Those disc in space that were seen around the tether incident are electromagnetic bio organisms. Similar to “rods” it is explained in the Billy Meier contact notes.

  4. hi david .how does one partisipate or help in any way . im in northern thailand learning about the history of buhhda temples. and always known what frequency does to the penial gland .im retired and have time. thank you

  5. david hi . i love your stuff watch you all the time on youtube.
    now what if the earth had been hit and there was a big flood and the earth was shifted would the lines of all the place that line up with the pyramids. make any thing diferent . it was round but is it not its got a slight egg shape well if we move it back to a perfect circle. and up right not leaning would it change things. the earth has been shifted twice.thx sergio

  6. Dear Mr Serada, I heard you on Coast to Coast last night talking about how your DNA waves can cure certain conditions. I suffer from renal failure and am on dialysis. do you think you could help me? Robert Wescott

  7. Dear Mr Sereda, I heard you on coast to coast last night talking about how your DNA waves can cure certain conditions. I suffer from renal failure and am on dialysis. do you think you could help me? Robert Wescott

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