Listen to the interview with Doug Shields, Ben Price & Professor Yuri Gorby.

Ordinance calls for a State Constitutional Amendment to Elevate the Rights

of Communities Above Corporate “Rights”


Guests this evening :

Doug Shields

Doug Shields :   In 2003, when Doug won the democrat Primary for Pittsburgh City Council, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote: “For 11 years, Doug Shields has been the consummate city hall insider, working behind the scenes as chief of staff for former city Councilman. Now, he’s about to move to center stage.”

Shields did take center stage and quickly ascended to positions of power in the Council. In 2004, he was appointed Chair of the Finance Committee in the throes of the city’s financial crisis. In 2006, he was elected President of the Council and, again in 2009. He left office at the end of 2011.

During his tenure on the Council he was recognized for his expertise on government financing, land use & zoning, legislative writing ability and, taking on social issues few others would.

He introduced and had enacted laws on matters such as domestic violence within the city police force, prevailing wages for service workers on city funded projects, protection from harassment at women’s reproductive health facilities, reporting of lost or stolen firearms, and an LGBT registry to help facilitate same-sex benefits for the private sector.

In August of 2010, he introduced the CELDF Community Rights Ordinance in the Council. With a unanimous 9-0 vote, it became law on November 16, 2013, effectively banning shale gas drilling in Pittsburgh – the first place in the world to do so.

Today, Doug works as a consultant, an adjunct professor, and a dedicated activist in the effort to move away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. He’s also appeared in Josh Fox’s films, The Sky Is Pink, and Gasland Part II.

Straight-talking, passionate Shields leaves city council
On the Record with Doug Shields: One last debate with city council’s most outspoken member 



We were also joined by Ben Price 

PA - Pittsburgh Councilman Doug Shields and CELDF Ben Price


      “We don’t have a gas drilling problem.  What we have is a democracy problem.”


“We need to stop treating the environmental symptoms and cure the societal disease that’s brought fracking to our doorstep. The State says we don’t have the right to decide whether or not we get fracked and that only the corporate-lobbied members of the General Assembly have the wisdom to decide how much harm should be legalized through state-issued permits. There’s something sick about that kind of thinking. If we cure the systemic anti-democratic disorder manifested by our state’s refusal to recognize the right to local, community self-government, gas drilling without consent of the governed will go away.” (To read more….


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. Professor Yuri Gorby

Professor Yuri Gorby joined the show as well, and he will be contributing to a conversation again in the future, so watch for updates!  Yuri Gorby  shared on the potential of long term impact from anaerobic sulfur reducing bacteria as they relate to fracking and geobiology.

Dr. Yuri Gorby — Associate Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
external image 2012-1024-gorby.jpg

– “Dr. Gorby is an innovative and integrative scholar in the field of environmental engineering who continues to push the frontiers of his field. We are excited to welcome him as the Howard N. Blitman ’50 P.E. Career Development Professor in Engineering,” – David Rosowsky, dean of the School of Engineering at RPI

– Bachelor’s Degree from Bethany College in West Virginia
– Ph.D. From the University of New Hapmshire

The video interview address Dr. Gorby past educational and professional experiences which alerted him to the issues related to Hydraulic Fracturing.
Dr. Gorby conveys many of the issues related to Hydraulic Fracturing from the view point of both a world class microbiologist and scientist, as well as a local native of West Virginia.

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