The Truth Denied wanted official records  of the motion filed in the for the Interview with David Andrew Christenson to be published in there original  format.

Please read :
1. The cases
2. The rules
3. The questions

“FILED 10-7-2013 by David Andrew Christenson on behalf of the American People” Part I

“FILED 10-7-2013 by David Andrew Christenson on behalf of the American People” Part II


The Motion Filed:


Attorney General Eric Holder, Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, US Attorney
James Letten and US Attorney Billy Gibbens must be placed under oath to answer
the questions in the attached Memorandum on behalf of the American people. (The
Judges must ensure that semantics do not play a role in their answers.) There
is no 5th Amendment privilege.
Make public all  criminal investigations into the Department of Justice in reference to the
above  named cases and or criminal matters. Include all investigative reports
into  the record. Order the Department of Justice to appoint a Special
Prosecutor/Investigator. The appointee must be acceptable to all Judges in the
Eastern District of Louisiana, The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and The
United States Supreme Court. In the interest of justice the following should be
made public and a part of this proceeding: Horn Report, Criminal Investigations
into the Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF), Criminal Investigation into FBI Agent
Steven Rayes, Criminal investigation into the Department of Justice (Civil
Rights Division, Fraud Division, US Attorney Eastern District of Louisiana,
etc.) and Criminal investigation into Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon
General Eric Holder, Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, US Attorney
James Letten and US Attorney Billy Gibbens



Did the United States Military murder/assassinate Americans before, during or after
Hurricane Katrina in the State of Louisiana in violation of the Constitution
and their Civil Rights?
Was the Katrina Virus released into the environment before, during or after Hurricane
Katrina? (Chemical Warfare Contaminates and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Was there a plea deal  entered into before the Danziger Trial ?  (Concerning the Death Penalty
and the submission of evidence? The Military DVD clearly shows  what happened on
the  Danziger Bridge.)
Was there a, government or non-government, recording /DVD/tape of what happened at the
Danziger  Bridge? ( NSA surveillance, satellite imagery,  Military DVD, etc.)
Did the Federal Government attempt to assassinate me? Several times? The DOJ held me in
isolation for 11 days and medicated me against my will. The DOJ did the same thing to Coast Guard
Commander and Federal Whistleblower William Goetzee and he died.
There were terrorists and spies operating in Louisiana before and after Hurricane Katrina.
What were they doing? (Chinese spies were convicted post Hurricane Katrina in
Explain in detail how Louis Edgar (Lee)  Madere was involved and why he was placed into the
Federal Witness Protection Program?  Madere was the  Danziger Grand Jury Foreman.
Was  the media manipulated? (Donald Newhouse,  Advance Publications, New Orleans Times
Picayune,, Associated Press, etc.)
Did the media participate in the cover-up?  (Donald Newhouse, Advance Publications, New
Orleans Times Picayune,, Associated Press, etc.)
Were my Constitutional and Civil Rights violated?
Were my Constitutional and Civil Rights violated to protect the cover-up of what
happened in items 1-10 and 12-13?
Would  USAA,  Allstate, State Farm, etc. insurance companies have to pay trillions in medical
claims if the Federal Government confirmed the release of the Katrina Virus?
(All homeowners should  review their insurance policies. The medical portion of
a homeowner’s policy  is substantial and could be 25 times the value of the
Was Coast Guard Commander  William  Goetzee assassinated/murdered because he  was a Federal
Whistleblower? (Four months after my arrest Goetzee  died in the same cell that I had been held in.)
Did US Attorney Billy Gibbens or US Attorney Michael Magner provide any information,
directly or indirectly, to Fred Heebe or Dominick Fazzio that was gleaned by
them as US Attorneys or through their connections as US Attorneys that concerned
the posting of comments in the public domain? If not them then who?



About  David Andrew Christenson

David Andrew Christenson is an Air Force Officer and Veteran who has been classified as a terrorist.

The Department of Justice classified Captain David Andrew Christenson as  a terrorist. This was done to bypass Federal Law and the Federal Judiciary. It was relayed to Captain Christenson that if he did not stop his research and quest for justice that he would be assassinated as a terrorist.

The FBI attempted to murder/assassinate Captain David Andrew Christenson while he was being held in isolation in the Orleans Parish Prison. Coast Guard Commander William Wesley Goetzee was not so lucky. He was murdered in the Orleans Parish Prison on August 7th, 2011. The FBI failed with Captain Christenson but succeeded with Commander Goetzee.

What was so important that the United States Government had to classify Captain David Andrew Christenson as a terrorist and then attempt to murder/assassinate him?

Chemical warfare ingredients, “THE KATRINA VIRUS”, were released during Hurricane Katrina. The end result will be GENOCIDE for the residents of New Orleans. (“The Katrina Virus” represents all of the contaminants that were released from government research/laboratory, manufacturing and storage facilities. These facilities were controlled directly and indirectly by the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency and included public institutions such as local hospitals and medical schools.


The Harvard University Medical School has been tasked with studying and tracking the long term health/medical issues and “The Katrina Virus”.


Guidelines and background information for reading my emails.

I was arrested on March 15th, 2011 by an FBI SWAT Team. I was arrested for two counts of cyber stalking FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes. The FBI illegally used Louisiana Warrants to arrest me, search my home and seize (steal) my property. The FBI did not have Federal warrants as one might expect. I have never been charged with a crime. The arrest was for a non-violent, non-domestic, non-violent misdemeanor. The arrest was for the equivalent of a severe DUI or DWI.  The FBI stole my legal files, computers, back-ups, phone, photos, evidence, Supreme Court files, a DVD of Agent Rayes assaulting me, a DVD of the Danziger Bridge, etc. The Federal Government wanted to stop my investigation into the Genocide and murder that took place after Hurricane Katrina.


So David, what happened after your arrest in March of 2011?


Case 2:12-cv-01910-SSV-JCW Document 1 Filed 07/23/12 Page 1 of 66 This is the Goetzee family lawsuit.


Agent Rayes came into my life on October 14th, 2010. He ordered me to send emails to his official FBI email address. I complied. I have sent over 500 emails to the FBI and multiple agents. Agent Rayes assaulted me on November 10th, 2010. The FBI desperately needed the DVD of Agent Rayes assaulting me.


I was declared a terrorist by the Department of Justice. I assume that the classification took place at the same time that Agent Rayes came into my life.


The first email in the book is actually the last email that I sent before I was arrested. I copied a package of information that I had faxed and mailed to the United States Supreme Court and sent the email with the attachments to myself.  I then go back to October 14th, 2010 and present the emails in a chronological order. From October  14th, 2010 until March 14th, 2011. I have not included all of my emails because of space limitations. A partial list of my contacts is attached.


When reading the emails please look for the following: The headings/subjects. Not all emails have headings/subjects. All original emails are from me. Look at the date and time. Please review the addressees (Very Important).  The attachments are important. I sometimes scanned my emails and included those as attachments. I also forwarded many emails because I had received responses.


This was my quest for justice. You be the judge. Am I a terrorist or “The Reluctant Patriot”?




David Andrew Christenson

“The Reluctant Patriot”



I am an Air Force Officer and Veteran who has been classified as a terrorist.

Index of YouTube Videos: 175 Videos to date.

David Andrew Christenson

YouTube: “David Andrew Christenson Channel”

Facebook: David Andrew Christenson

Twitter: David A Christenson@dachristenson


Box 9063

Miramar Beach, Fl. 32550

Updated 01/13/2013 @ 0340



V1 My book: “The United States Supreme Court and The Katrina Virus”.

V2 I was classified as a terrorist by the DOJ. “The Why”.

V3 Eugenics: The forced sterilization of Americans. Tide, P&G, Margaret Sanger.

V4 Why me? My penance. My life.

V5 Insidious. Names from the DOJ and the process.

V6 Times Picayune, Donald Newhouse, the reporters and the cover-up.

V7 The Jewish Press/Owners, Israel and the United States Government.

V8 USAA Insurance Company (Military). Robie & Matthai Law Firm. Robie was murdered.

V9 This story is about me getting kicked out of flight school and the United States Air Force.

V10 “Federal Contractor Monitored Social Network Sites”.  Big Brother.

V11 Data Mining. Holder told you he was doing it.

V12 Danziger Bridge and Glover Civil Rights Criminal Cases. Murders.


V14 Scarlett Fever, Katrina Virus, Immune Systems, Odds and Ends.


V16 My candidacy for President of the United States of American. Platform.

V17 Alter the Patriot Act. Corrections and Clarifications.

V18 EMBARRASMENT. I was never trained for a fight like this. Air Force Academy.

V19 Grassley, Latham and King from Iowa. Landrieu, Vitter and Richmond from Louisiana.

V20 Air Force Academy (AOG) response to my request for help. General Mike Gould.

V21 Notified The National Football League and Commissioner Goodell about Katrina Virus.

V22 Notified Canada about The Katrina Virus. No response. (One funny response.)

V23 “Life expectancy is exceptionally and astronomically low in all of New Orleans”.

V24 Law firms that harmed me: Jones Walker, Baker Donelson, C. Utley, USAA Insurance.

V25 Obama, my books, William Daley, Chase Bank, my wife and her Chase computer theft.

V26 Harvard Law and Medical Schools and the cover-up of The Katrina Virus.

V27 My sister’s rape and resulting suicide/murder in a Catholic mental health facility.

V28 BP OIL Spill and the chemical warfare (The Katrina Virus) dispersant Corexit.

V29 Sample of news organizations that I regularly contacted. Cover-up of The Katrina Virus.

V30 Sample of non-profits that I contacted and asked for help. Cover-up of the Katrina Virus.

V31 “Supreme Court Judges have not been infected with the Katrina Virus” per the CDC.

V32 A sample of the Judges and court personal that I contacted, Misprision is a felony.

V33 God steps in. Part II of my being classified as a terrorist. Simple mortgage fraud.

V34 USA Patrick Fitzgerald was fired by the DOJ for prosecutor misconduct. Why? Me?

V35 My sister was raped in a Catholic mental health facility. Money and the Catholic Church.

V36 I sent my books to: Supreme Court, Obama, Pelosi, Boehner, Grassley, Landrieu, etc.

V37 The following people are responsible for the National Real Estate crisis. Contacts.

V38 “An American Born Terrorist’s Emails To The Department of Justice”. The book.

V39 The Murder of Coast Guard Commander William Goetzee by the DOJ/FBI/CIA.

V40 My bankruptcy and the theft of 1.5 million dollars by the DOJ/US Trustee/Court.

V41 The “outing” of a gay Federal Judge by the US Marshal Service. I could not invent this.

V42 Judicial Misconduct Complaint For Magistrate Joseph C. Wilkinson. Sadistic!!!

V43 General Russel Honore and The Katrina Virus. He knew and did nothing.

V44 DOJ/US Attorney Billy Gibbens tried to represent me as my defense attorney.

V45 List of those responsible for murder, genocide and crimes against humanity in NOLA.

V46 The DVD shows what the United States Military did at the Danziger Bridge.

V47 The DOJ attempted to stop the publication of my two books. The “how”.

V48 Hilton health club in NOLA. The epicenter of the genocide and murder. The “players”.

V49 Those that should pay Trillions: NFL, AstraZeneca, P&G, USAA, Disney, Canada, etc.

V50 ObamaCare was approved by the Supreme Court to treat The Katrina Virus.

V51 Commentary on Chief Judge John Roberts and ObamaCare.

V52 Chief Judge John Roberts paid back a favor to President George W. Bush. A look back.

V53 Romney is intentionally forfeiting the Presidential election. Here is the “why”.

V54 Threat by US Marshal Walter Martin towards me. FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes.

V55 Trillion Dollar fine to the NCAA for covering up the Katrina Virus. Penn State.

V56 Have you been vaccinated for the Katrina Virus? Have you been given the antidote?

V57 The Katrina Virus Survey. You should read, answer and keep.

V58 AstraZeneca-Harvard-NIH-CDC is connected to the Katrina Virus. Follow the money.

V59 Article: We’re getting sicker: More Americans have a chronic health condition. The Why.

V60 The following is an Amicus brief that I filed with the Supreme Court. Tash Hepting.

V61 The Supreme Court would not file my Amicus brief in violation of the US Constitution.

V62 All SC Justices and Congressman were included in the data bases and surveillance.

V63 Facial Recognition and Biometric Data on all SC Justices and their families. Who?

V64 Plea Deals. The Supreme Court knows that there is major abuse by the DOJ.

V65 Why are the convicted Danziger Bridge defendants not in Federal custody? Corruption.

V145 Two more US Attorneys are fired. Glover convictions are overturned by the 5th Circuit.

V146 My testimony to Congress about gun control on behalf of all Americans and the NRA. Explosive!

V147 Here is the story of how you will be assassinated by the Federal Government. Factual and Verifiable.

V149 US Military murders Americans in New Orleans. The soldiers are now classified as terrorists.


V150 Free for Americans: Infection national bankruptcy lies murder suicide drugs theft and now commitment.

V151 US Military confirms existence of Katrina Virus, Katrina Virus Syndrome & Genesis.

V152 Another example of how the government can hold you in jail. Nazi Germany.

V153 The 2008 & 2012 Presidential Election were fixed because of the Katrina Virus and ObamaCare

V154 The United States Supreme Court and The Katrina Virus. 155,000,000 Americans are infected.

V155 Watch 60 minutes 01/06/2012 Propaganda by Donald New House Murder and Genocide

V156 Supreme Court Judge Head 60 Minutes Murder Genocide Donald Newhouse Times Picayune

V157 Buy Guns, Guns, Guns & Ammo. Please buy Guns, Guns, Guns & Ammo for me.

V158 60 Minutes Propaganda to protect the criminal enterprise of Donald Newhouse and Advance Publications.

V159 Walton County Sheriff makes a threatening appearance at my home. 01/07/13 @ 4:00 PM.

V160 SUICIDE. To anyone thinking about suicide. What if you were infected with the Katrina Virus?

V161 I will be on the Pete Santilli Radio Show on 01/08/13 at 1:00 PM CST. Please pass along.

V162 The Walton County Sheriff brought a SWAT team to my house. Barney Fife and crew.

V163 Record Flu season and record deaths. Desensetizing propaganda from the CDC.

V164 TWITTER FOLLOWERS of mine. I selected a reporter, an editor and a TV station and asked for help.

V165 The DESENSETIZING PROPAGANDA MACHINE Murdering our troops Suicide & The Katrina Virus.

V166 To Captain Rick Goforth and (22) friends. Pick a side. What will they do? Are they all talk? Man Up!

V167 Huge Victory!!! The 5th Circuit rules that BP has to disclose information about the Katrina Virus & Corexit.

V168 The Supreme Court takes your Blood & DNA and the President takes your guns. Wake Up America.

V169 Flu (Obama)kills (murders) 17 year old Max Schwolert. Record deaths for flu and suicide in 2013.

V170 The Walton County Sheriff & the DOJ screwed up. Wrong address on the search warrant.

V171 Federal Desensitizing Propaganda Machine (FDPM) Is there a flu vaccine shortage or not?

V172 16.4 Trillion going on 30 Trillion. Obama has bankrupted the country. You better be scared!!!

V173 President John F. Kennedy was murdered because of The Katrina Virus. RFK Jr. is convinced.

V174 Sandy Hook Conspiracy goes mainstream media. FOX AND CNN. Why New Canaan?

V175 Flu, Whooping Cough is officially an EPIDEMIC per CDC Why the cover-up? Katrina Virus cover-up?

V176 Military suicides hit record high 349 in 2012 FDPM Could it be the Katrina Virus. I hate this.

V177 Obama murders 33 children instead of 20. When are we going to take a stand?

V178 I will be on the “The Truther Girls” radio show on Friday, January 18th, 2013 at 9:00 PM CST.


The United States Supreme Court and The Katrina Virus

A Prelude/Reference Book/Appendix

Book 7

By David Andrew Christenson

ISBN 978-0-9846893-8-5 Hardback SCKV

ISBN 978-0-9846893-9-2 EBook SCKV

LCCN 2012933074

Copyright 1-724163643

Persimmon Publishing

Box 6374

Miramar Beach, Florida 32550

An Epic Constitutional Crisis. I am talking about the political destruction of all three branches (Executive, Judicial and Legislative) of our Federal Government. One hundred and fifty five million Americans and Canadians may be infected with The Katrina Virus. Did the United States Supreme Court participate in the criminal cover-up? Misprision is a crime/felony. In simple terms it means that you had knowledge of a crime and did nothing. Did the Supreme Court have knowledge? YES! I gave them the knowledge. The real question is: what did the Supreme Court do with the knowledge of The Katrina Virus and the cover-up?









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