Is it possible to convince 7  billion souls to follow a single idea; a single New World Order? I am going to tell you a story. A story about a painted sky and how visual proof may be the weakest proof of all.

How could a few to gain control of the minds and motives of the mass of the global human population, currently estimated at over 7 billion?  Is there a method other than military take-over and coercion, war or hunger? There are many methods despots could employ ranging from monopoly on global food supply, corporate military government, electro-magnetic warfare, propaganda, indoctrination through our school system, vaccines and neurotoxic ‘dumbing down’ to name but a few.  There is another theory; involving what is know as Project Blue Beam (PBB).

What is Project Blue Beam

A google search does not reveal a lot of current information regarding PBB but it is believed to have been created by NASA and the US Psy-ops division in order to trigger an emotional reaction through the use of computer generated apparitions, modulated microwave images and sounds and voices directed into the brains of individuals or groups of individuals.

In principle, it could make use of the sky as a holographic projection screen for space-based laser image generating satellites. These projectors could project simultaneous 3D images to the four corners of the planet, in every language by region and religion. These holographic images could potentially be anything from the second coming of Christ or Mohammad or the Anti-Christ to a false flag alien invasion.

Is there a possibility for this technology to be used for the soul purpose of creating global social mind control by using the sky as a televised, daily propaganda tool?

 Lights Mysterious Sights

They have control thru Agenda 21, Monsanto, the Crown, and corporate ownership of vast tracts of land, enterprises and governments as well as control of the production and movement of resources. Whether or not the sky does turn into a projector screen for propaganda and control is yet to be seen. But it is abundantly clear that there is nothing normal about the sky any more.

Chemtrails in my opinion,  are a part of PBB; if it exists under that or any other moniker. The chemtrails as we have seen come in a variety of colors, patterns and dispersal rates and shapes. Is this a backdrop to hide activity beyond the plasma/haze?

There are a number of lay-person articles that suggest that PBB technology would require the use of barium and strontium particulates to prepare the sky for holographic imaging or projection. We have lab analysis of soil and water to verify the increasing presence of these particulates from all over the planet.

Over the last several years there is an increasing body of photographic evidence to support the formation of a screen or plasma like film. The chemtrails are dispersing into haze that obscures the sun and is colored various blues, greens, shades of pink, grey, silver and white. This haze is so effective that at times one cannot visualize the planes in the sky that normally would be visible. The haze allows the sun to glare through, a very high UV index and since it’s reflective nature casts shadows, on the ground it can appear to be a clear day.

Cloaked Craft, Aurora

Aside from the generally recognized chemtrail trails and fallout patterns we are now seeing consistent and predictive man-made shapes and patterns within the chemical clouds. Nature and water vapour are much more random.


I began to see triangular shapes a couple of years ago which lead me to a youtube channel: Industrealsurrealism, the creator of this channel provides ample visual evidence to suggest the presence of the secret Aurora craft in our skys – creating clouds.

Windows 7 wallpapr, please note the mist – coming out of the cumuluc cloud? This misty haxe is consistent with the appearance of the triangular shapes.

Mysterious Sounds

I researched google and youtube for reports of strange sounds and I got goosebumps realizing a well played movie always has sound effects! The variety of noises reported is amazing – their decibil intensity obvious when you listen to just one of the videos below. That they could be heard over great distances, in a caphony – with an alien invasion overhead – the sounds of fighting or trumpets heralding the arrival of Christ!

The implication is that while I can refuse to look up at the sky I cannot close my ears or my brain to the noise or ELF frequencies!

Being awake may not be of any use after all. I found hundreds of reports from all parts of the globe, many are very similar – loud creaking, pulsing hums and high pitched whines and squeals. Rhythmic gongs – like the sound of an army marching – two by two by two.

Recall Lords of the Rings where the people were huddled beneath the earth looking skyward, filled with terror as the Orcs marched to the wall, the beating march shaking the earth and deafening the living for miles. Lives hanging by a thread – the seige began.

Trumpets heard around the world? Now the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared to blow them. Rev 8:6-13

The Game of Death

“Television is a power — we know that, but it remained theoretical,” Nick told  the daily Le Parisien on Wednesday. “I asked myself, is it so strong that  it can turn us into potential torturers?” Christopher Nick

Scene from The Game of Death

In 1962 a psychologist named Stanley Milgram performed a psychological test where participants in a lab setting were asked to administer electric shocks to another person for providing incorrect answers to a list of questions. The person being shocked was behind a screen and there was an authorative figure urging the participant to continue increasing voltage in spite of the cries of pain from the person being shocked.

The object of the test was to show how normal obedient citizens could be driven to take part in mass murder – such as occurred in Germany in WWII. This experiment was repeated in 2010 by a French film maker Christophe Nick, this time disguised as a TV Game show called The Game of Death.

Nick had a TV studio set up and as in Milgrams test the audience and the participants did not know, believing it a real TV program. The filmmakers premise was to show how reality television can push people to ever more outrageous limits; that TV had become a powerful propaganda and behavioral tool.

In the game participants had to punish the other contestant with increasing voltage for giving incorrect answers administering shocks to them of up to 460 volts. The Game show host and the audience were engaged in egging the contestant on.

In Milgrams 1962 experiment 62.5% of the subjects could be encouraged, browbeaten or intimidated into seeing the test through to its conclusion by delivering scores of shocks of increasing intensity to the maximum of 450 volts. In The Game  of Death, 81% of contestants go all the way by administering more than 20 shocks of up to a maximum of 460 volts. I should note that the person receiving the shocks was an actor and no humans were hurt in the experiment.

The film maker points out;

 “For the past 10 years, most commercial channels have used humiliation, violence and cruelty to create increasingly extreme programs,” Nick says in one of his voice-overs. “[Future] television can — without possible opposition — organize the death of a person as entertainment, and 8 out of 10 people will submit to that.”

Read more, see more and listen more:

Game of Death: French TV Shocks with Torture Experiment – TIME,8599,1972981,00.html#ixzz2jjU3WCNLLinks:

Arizona, Jan 2012

Stonehenge, Jan 2012

United States, 2012

Banff AB, Jan 2012

Langley, BC, March 2012

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