WARNING: The fact is, there is so much circulating around this “missing plane incident”, that the truth which exists somewhere in space and time is no longer available. Sad really, but maybe, just maybe we can all learn something from it.

Rumors are flying around the world as tabloid  readers, families and friends of the Malaysian Airlines jetliner passengers and news reporters seek to uncover the truth. I must say that it’s getting weirder by the minute, and harder  to  keep track of the countless reports at any given time. In the past, planes have crashed, gone missing and  in some cases the wreckage discovered years later, and of course some remain  forever a mystery. Nevertheless, I think it is important to keep an eye on the  Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that went missing on Saturday March 8th, 2014 1:30 A.M. Investigators   hoping that  past communications from the pilots could explain why Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 veered off course have  come  up empty-handed. There are many observations and theories, which is fine, but is this plane truly lost? If so, is there a viable explanation?

Questions  that have been asked by theorists:

*Was this a planned Hijacking?

*Authorities have no answers as to why the planes  sattelite transmitters were manually turned off. Could it have been  an electrical malfunction due to a fire?

*Was suicide involved?

(Be sure to scroll down this article for information on CLOAKED CRAFTS in our skies, it will be sure to astound you. This is truly unsettling.)

Original story is here:

Missing Malaysia Airline plane is an unprecedented aviation mystery


March 11, 2014    BEFORE IT’S NEWS    report stated :

“Villagers near Marang, on Malaysia’s eastern coast, told police they heard a “loud and frightening noise” for about two minutes Saturday morning, according to Tom Phillips, a Telegraph correspondent in Kuala Lumpur. Eight Marang islanders have filed police reports about hearing a loud and frightening noise. Some even ran toward the sound to see what was causing it – but saw nothing. That was about nine hours after the plane took off. ”

Several other  reports also claim many witnesses heard a large bang, but again, they saw nothing.

“One of villagers, Alias Salleh, 36, said he and seven fellow villagers were seated on a bench about 400 meters from the Marang beach at 1.20 A.M. when they heard a noise that sounded like the fan of a jet engine.

Alias Salleh, a truck driver told Malaysia’s The Sun Daily, he and friends ran towards the source of the noise, “but did not see anything unusual.”

The noise sounded like “the fan of a jet engine,” said Mr Salleh.”

Seems that global mainstream news is not reporting the witnesses on the ground, and I have to wonder why? Also, I am not so sure that I could personally identify a noise  that sounded like  “the fan of a jet engine,”…as I have never heard one before. But I am curious about cloaked craft, so shall we?

Four people in particular who boarded the missing Malaysian plane are being investigated, two for stolen passports and two other passport-related suspects. Those four suspects plus twenty people on board involved in cutting edge electric technology. some used for defense purposes, raise a question with  reporter Deborah Dupre’ about electronic weaponry hiding the plane.

Sunday, Deborah Dupré reported about electronic weaponry that has the capacity to “cloak” planes so they appear to have vanished in the article: Malaysia Plane Hidden With Electronic Weaponry? 20 High-Tech EW Defense Passengers

Dupre’ writes :

“New electronic weapons allow jamming, blinding, deafening and more, so that a plane could possibly vanish from radar detection and security systems would not be activated. Basic radar Electronic Counter-Measure strategies used in electronic warfare (EW) are: 1) radar interference, 2) target modifications, and 3) changing electrical properties of air.

“A U.S. intelligence assessment described to The Daily Beast by current and former U.S. intelligence officials, concluded any Israeli attack on Iran would go far beyond fighter plane airstrikes and would likely deploy EW against Iran’s electric grid, Internet, cellphone network, and emergency frequencies for firemen and police officers.  

“For example, Israel has developed a weapon capable of mimicking a maintenance cellphone signal that commands a cell network to ‘sleep,’  effectively stopping transmissions, officials confirmed. The Israelis also have jammers capable of creating interference within Iran’s emergency frequencies for first responders. 

“In a 2007, ‘the Syrian military got a taste of this warfare when Israeli planes ‘spoofed’ the country’s air-defense radars, at first making it appear that no jets were in the sky and then in an instant making the radar believe the sky was filled with hundreds of planes.” 

“Last year, it was announced that new stealth technology makes airplanes invisible not only to radar, it also renders them hidden to the human eye as well — “just like an invisibility cloak in a Hollywood sci-fi thriller,” reported Military.com.  

“China had just touted its work on a “cloaking” technology using a hexagonal array of glass-like panels to bend light around an object, obscuring it from view, as though hidden by an invisibility cloak. Experts confirmed that the technology was legit — and not unlike American and European projects from the past few years.” ~ Dupre’ 

Reporter Dupre’ is not the only one who is looking at Cloaking technology.

Cloaked Craft in our Skies: ET or Military technology?

3-18-2014 UPDATES

Proof of cloaked craft? As a reporter and radio host, I have interviewed some of the best  researchers in the UFO Field investigations areas, one who comes to mind and is fairly new on the UFO scene  and  is   a resident of New Orlean’s  , UFO photographer and researcher, Mr. Sean Gautreaux. In my  past interviews with Gautreaux, I found his videos of cloaked triangular craft  to be extraordinary, as well he brings something new to the front, that being thousands of hours of time lapse film that exposes only glimpses of these flying  machines. Hard to believe, but some of  his  photography actually captures mile wide craft that is unnerving, so much so that Gautreaux  has caught the attention of  Film maker Jose Escamilla . Our last interview with Sean can be found here: //www.thetruthdenied.com/news/2013/07/03/film-maker-jose-escamillo-bill-bryson-and-sean-gautreaux-talk-moonrodsand-upcoming-films/


3-15-14  I recently spoke with Sean Gautreaux and asked him the following question:

Lopez: Sean, do you have any evidence to support  that cloaked crafts exist?

Gautreaux :Yes. It has always been the goal  of  militaries around the globe to hide their assets. Camouflage in many varieties have been used to fool enemies. In  WW2, the tops of planes were painted with earth-colored paint to match the surroundings on the ground, while the bottoms were painted blue or silver to reflect the seas or skies while  flying above. Combat clothing also began to change, allowing soldiers to blend more easily into their surroundings, simulating “cloaking” at a basic level. Modern technologies have brought this basic idea to many new levels. The internet is littered with stories about universities using different techniques to hide objects. We have seen a video of an American soldier running with a cloaking uniform in Iraq. We have seen video of tanks using cloaking panels to not only hide their shape and temperature, but to project their shape as different objects, such as non-threatening, civilian cars. Speaking of cars, Mercedes Benz now sells a cloaked car on the civilian market for $300,000.

Has the US military experimented with these modern techniques? Guaranteed, and they are always way ahead of the private sector. Will they reveal this to the public? Not a chance. The reason? National security… The craft I see above almost daily are cloaked, but they are not perfect. There are glitches in the matrix. A friend once asked me, “How do you prove you have naked pictures of the invisible man?” My response, “He smokes.” And that is basically it. Their exhaust (and their wakes through the clouds) give them away. When they are above, one way to find them is not necessarily to immediately define their edges, but to follow their exhaust. If looking at a satellite photo to find a small ship on the ocean, one will often notice the wake first and trace the wake back to the object making the disturbance. The same applies for above, whether it is making a wake through the clouds, or expelling exhaust (glitch). Follow the wake to the tightest concentration of cloud material/plasma, and one will often find the back engines of the craft and be able to trace out the shape of the craft from there. The public release of the B2 and F-117 “stealth” aircraft in the 1980’s should be a clue. Publicly, they were said to be radar invisible due to their shape and fuselage coating. Would their designers want a visible cloak as well? Indeed. There is enough information on the internet now-a-days to point to the existence of visual cloaking, whether it be a “super black” paint job using carbon nano fibers to absorb light, or electro-chromatic panels to project the background, or the existence of leading edge electrical currents to bend light around an object. It has always been their goal. It has been achieved. And do the craft I document resemble the “stealth” craft designed back in the 1970’s? Yes. The saw tooth back edges are almost  always prevalent and sometimes very obvious. The newer fleet has been deployed.” `Sean Gautreax 

Cloaking technology from BAE makes a tank (left) show up on radar screens in disguise (right). It's one of many "invisibility cloaks" being developed.
Cloaking technology from BAE makes a tank (left) show up on radar screens in disguise (right). It’s one of many “invisibility cloaks” being developed.Ironically, in December of 2013, FOX NEWS did a report on Cloaking Technology in CHINA.written by reporter   and p
The following is an excerpt from the report:New stealth technology makes airplanes invisible not only to radar, it renders them hidden to the human eye as well – just like an invisibility cloak in a Hollywood sci-fi thriller.News reports from China last week touted the country’s work on a “cloaking” technology that uses a hexagonal array of glass-like panels to bend light around an object, obscuring it from view as though hidden by an invisibility cloak. Experts say the technology is legit – and not unlike American and European projects from the past few years.“The general public … might not hear about how far the U.S. has really come, because it is and should remain classified,” firearms expert Chris Sajnog, a former Navy SEAL, told FoxNews.com. “Other countries are still playing catch-up — but they’re closing the gap.”


China is hardly alone in seeking a way to evade radar systems and the naked eye. Here’s a few recent examples:March 2013 : The University of Texas used “mantle cloaking” to cancel out light waves that bounce off a shielded object.Nov. 2012: Duke University disappeared a cylinder by guiding light around it before putting those photons back on their path.Nov. 2012: Fractal Antenna Systems has a microwave invisibility cloak that can reportedly make an entire person disappear.October 2011: University of Texas tech uses the mirage effect, in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.But while classified work progresses, several public projects from universities and military supply companies show just how real this futuristic technology is.” More here : Fox News CLOAKING TECHNOLOGYFor more on Cloaking Technology, Please visit Sean’s  YOU TUBE channel  here: Industrial Surrealism

Website: http://www.art504.com/, Watch Sean’s latest video http://youtu.be/geQN7_uDEbk

Malaysia article: The Truth Denied
Malaysia’s acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein speaks about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Photo: Reuters


World news reports continue with a variety of  theories as to what happened to the  missing  Malaysian Airlines plane.  As  TTD stated in earlier reports, it is nothing short of bizzar. Could this be a classic cover-up, distraction; a possible multi-layered disinfo-propaganda machine at it’s best, or is there any truth to be extracted from the ‘around the clock’ coverage? Even mainstream news channels are beginning to answer to conspiracy theories, but what are their motives? The biggest question we have on our minds is DO PLANES GO MISSING? If so, how?  

Serious facts to consider:

* 25 countries are involved in the search for the missing plane

*Malaysian authorities revealed the search area has now been extended to 6.2 million square kilometres.

*China and Kazakhstan have taken the lead  and are searching a northern corridor that extends to the shores of the Caspian Sea.

* Australia is leading the search of the deep waters of the Indian ocean between its own northwest coast and Indonesia, along with extensive aid  from the U.S.

*Militant groups associated with  the missing plane have been ruled out

* 53-year-old  Captian Zaharie Ahmad Shah, and  co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27 have been ruled out as hijackers, records reported “clean”.

* Huang said China has  conducted  meticulous investigations into all the Chinese passengers, and did not find any evidence of ” sabotage activity”.

* Flight 370’s route change was NOT PLANNED, verified

If you would like to follow Malaysia Airlines comments, please visit the following:

Public Statement(s)  from Malaysia Airlines

Monday, March 17, 05:30 PM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident – MH370 Press Briefing by Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport


Satellite Firm Says Its Data Could Offer Location of Missing Flight

The information from the company, Inmarsat, could prove to be a valuable break in the frustrating search for the plane with 239 people aboard that mysteriously disappeared from radar screens a week ago, now hunted by a multinational array of ships and planes that have fanned out for thousands of square miles.


Conspiracy Theories  Include:

3-18-14 :

US Navy Weapons Demo

Cloaking the Airplane DEMO by Chinese Government

UFO ET Intervention : wormhole theory

The Truth Denied has the exclusive on covering the aforementioned possibilities in a later article. Stay Tuned!


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