Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Hey , it’s 2014! Where the heck is the free energy they have been talking about since Tesla and Einstein”? Well you are not alone!

This article will attempt to explain the current state of the implementation and replication of free energy devices. Free energy is always an interesting topic for those who wish to obtain either free energy or cost effective energy, an energy independence technology. There are a lot of free energy devices out there and you can even build some of them for a few dollars. But hey, it’s all trial and error. So we have set out to give you some hints to help you save some money!

This article addresses popular free energy devices that have already been replicated and tested by folks just like you!

Popular Free Energy Websites:
Patrick J. Kelly – Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices
Jerry Decker – KeelyNet
Rex Research, PO Box 19250, Jean, NV 89019 USA
Jean-Louis Naudin – JLN Labs
Sterling D. Allan – PESWIKI

A good website that explain development of energy research and reveal some scam with a logical explanation:
Revolution-Green – Breakthrough Energy News


In this article, the term “free energy device” means:

– device that produces energy out of nothing
– device that produces energy with cheaper consumption
– device that has a more efficient output
– device that produce no pollution / less pollution
– device that can increase the efficiency of another device
– the device must be cheap or at least cheaper than commercially available competing devices
– the device must be better than commercially available competing devices


I have added other definitions as well because a true 100% free energy device is pretty rare. To be clear, a machine that can produce EXTRA energy for your money should also be considered in this category. For example, if your car gets 25 MPG, but you add something to the car that gets you 40 MPG, then you just gained 15 MPG of free energy.

It is very unfortunate that there are a lot of scam in this field. This is a very promising market for all of those scammer. Many website offer free energy solution that is not an actual free energy solution, or not yet a free energy solution. A lot of people have waste thousand dollar or much more because of this scammer. There are also many books that offer free energy technology but most are concept without any working prototype. This article will help you recognize those scammer.

OK. Let’s get started!

I will give a classification of the succesess and the failures of free energy device implementations. This will be completely subjective, based on my own experience and understanding. Let us first review the device that is considered a true free energy source by some people, solar and wind.


Solar energy: Fail
While the sun may provide the energy for free, the cost to capture and store that energy is very expensive. The solar panel used to capture electricity, the solar controller to manage the battery, the battery, and the inverter to convert it to household usable electricity, are all super pricey! The life expectancy of the solar panel is low, the output power will decline each year. The battery also has short life too. Between 2 to 3 years for the cheap model, 5 to 6 years for AGM, and some very expensive one can last for 25 years. Solar energy is more expensive than coal based or diesel based energy generation, many times over.

Yes, it is a green energy, but this review is about free energy. From a free energy perspective, solar energy start up costs are currently just too expensive, and that is not FREE. The chemtrails in the sky also create uniform clouds cover that dim the sun and reduce the efficiency of solar panel too.


Wind energy: Fail
The problem with wind energy is availability, it needs to be in a location where the wind is continuous, stable. The uniform clouds made by chemtrails also reduce wind too. It is also expensive.


Geothermal: Fail
Geothermal energy utilize the heat of the earth to produce electricity. It is risky and require a big invesment. This is usually done by the government, not by individual. The main risk of geothermal is earth quake. Because we have to dig deep in the ground and the operation may induce vibration at deep layer, earth quake may become frequent or more dangerous. There are some effort to reduce this risk, but since this is a new technology, we do not yet know of its reliability:
Geothermal without the Earthquakes


Hydro energy: Declining
Once upon a time, H20 water was a good source of energy, but ever since the “global weirding”, water has become more and more scarce. (See Map Below) How many people have a useable river near their house now? For people who have been blessed by usable river, hydro energy is a good free energy source.

Note: You will note that certain countries experience more droughts than others, but that the African continent and India suffer the most from serious droughts.



The devices that have claimed to be a “free energy device” with many concerns:

Magnet only motor: Fail
A common example is Howard Johnson replication, no one has been able to replicate this kind of motor yet. The replicator can’t even make the motor to rotate! Only the inventor seems to know how to make it work. Failed replication is sign of faux technology. Howard Johnson motor design can be read here:


Electric Motor: Fail
Some examples are Robert Adams, Komrey Converter, Rotary Attraction, etc. No one achieves more output than input yet. It is agreed that motor with single coil is weaker than the one using a core (iron inside the coil). Adding a magnet will definately increase the power. Adding a rare magnet will increase the power even more. The electric motor replication that uses a “neo magnet” supposed to be more powerful than a commercial motor that only uses a ceramic magnet, yet poor design and theory often resulted in a less efficient motor.
www.thehydrogenshop.com/Over_Unity_PDF/Robert%20Adams%20Thermal%20Motor.pdf – Instruction to make Robert Adam motor, no one get extra energy yet.
www.icehouse.net/john1/kromrey.html – Design for Komrey converter, no one get extra energy yet.
www.free-energy.ws/electric-motor-secrets/attraction-motor.html – Design for Rotary Attraction motor, even the inventor still do not get extra energy.
www.fuellesspower.com – sell free energy motor design, but no positive confirmation from free energy researcher.
www.free-energy.ws/edwin-gray.html – EV Gray motor. Once running with very little energy, but no one can successfully replicate it anymore.


Scalar capture: Fail
Some examples are Lester Hendershot, Cadeceus coil circuit, Bashar coil, pyramid, vortex coil, Flat spiral coil, rodin coil, etc. Replication does not produce any output.
Some examples are Lester Hendershot, Cadeceus coil circuit, Bashar coil, pyramid, vortex coil, Flat spiral coil, rodin coil, etc. Replication does not produce any output. Example website:
– www.rexresearch.com/hendershot/hendershot.htm – Instruction of Hendershot coil. Despite a clear instruction and clear trace of working replication, no one can succeed today.
– basharspacetimeantenna.wordpress.com – Instruction to make Bashar coil. Despite many replication and effort, no one yet capable of extracting energy from the coil.
– www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmngHEhu3wI – Instruction to extract energy from self made pyramid. No one seems to replicate yet despite of clear instruction.
– www.youtube.com/user/MarkoRodin/videos – Information for Rodin coil. No one yet able to extract extra energy from the coil.


Earth Electric Potential: Maybe
Some example are the Tesla aerial antenna and earth powered joule thief. It does produce output, but it’s too small to be practical for everyday use. It does generate something, it’s cheap to make, and the rest is free, but can only light an LED or something smaller.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPmSbvssYUc – Example of earth electricity utilization.
www.nuenergy.org/nikola-tesla-radiant-energy-system/ – Explaining Tesla’s capturing earth potential with aerial antenna


Crystal battery: FAIL
The goal is to make crystal produce voltage. Most implementation end up producing galvanic battery. The cost to make and the power it produce is very bad compared to commercially available zinc carbon battery.
An example of instruction can be found here: laserhacker.com/?p=326


Motor charger: FAIL
Some example are Bedini SSG, Bedini monopoly, with many other variations. Most implementation produce a weak motor with weak output and very bad efficiency if compared to commercially available charger. Even if it does work, the cost to produce the device would be able to cover the electricity bill for many many years. But no one able to replicate an overunity motor charger yet.
www.icehouse.net/john1/bearden.html , http://www.icehouse.net/john1/foreward.html – Design for self loop motor, no one can succeesfully replicated yet.
www.icehouse.net/john1/index100.htm – design for monopole motor. Only few people claim to have observe positive results, many many other people can not even charge battery.
panacea-bocaf.org/johnbedini.htm – Information for Bedini SG.


Coil charger: FAIL
Some example are joule thief, Imhotep relay charger, radiant charger, solid state Bedini, joule ringer, 555 – 2N3055 circuit, etc. Some aspect of this device was explained at previous article. Most implementation can not even properly charge the battery because the output is too small, no longer a charger anymore, but just battery rejuvenator. Many implementations can’t even compete against a commercial charger. The price is cheap, but still more expensive that cheap charger from China.


Capacitor charger: FAIL
This device charge battery with voltage collected to a capacitor first. The performance seems similar to commercially available chargers.


Coil induction: Fail
An example is Gegene, which use flat spiral coil to capture the induction from induction cooker. Other example is Tariel Kapanadze Generator. They may be to power light bulb, but no one able to closed loop it yet. Lighting light bulb do not require spesific power, they will lit even with low power. The brightness may not indicate the pwoer being used.


Water fuel: Maybe
Some example are hydroxy system, Stanley Meyer, Bob Boyce, GEET, etc. No replication can run a car in a self sustain way yet, but many people has succesfully increase the power / mileage of their car. The cost-performance ratio is comparable than other car power modification. In most implementation, this device require fuel system modification. Sometimes, the user get more gain from this fuel system modification than the hydroxy device. Their weakness is in safety, reliability and water consumption. Some popular HHO system are split cell, dry cell, series cell and tubular cell. There are also a lot of scam. Some example of website:
watersparkplugs.com – Use plasma spark plug to make engine run with water. It still not a reality: “Investment capital is sought right now to develop working prototypes”.
www.waterforfuel.com – Use electrolysis, currently advertise as mileage improver. Not yet able to make water as fuel: “At This Moment we are also working on a 100% water conversion kit.”
www.hydroxygarage.com – Use electrolysis, currently advertise as mileage improver. Not yet able to make water as fuel.
www.advancedhho.com – Use electrolysis, currently advertise as mileage improver. Not yet able to make water as fuel.
truegreensolutions.net – Use electrolysis, the website claim: “Our Water Splitting Devices can transform any vehicle to utilize water as its primary source of fuel, and is well suited for just about all wielding applications. Our Air Reclaimer’s placed on the exhaust systems will drastically cut down NOx greenhouse gases associated with the burning of hydrogen in internal combustion engines.”. But in reality the company only sell part of Stanley Meyer replication device and still does not have the solution that can deliver the claim, not yet verified to transform any vehicle to utilize water as its primary source of fuel.
waterpoweredcar.com/hydrogencellreview.html – A good infomation for scam in this technology.


Scalar fuel: Maybe
Some example are joe cell, the hull effect, crystal, cemenite. Some people claim they can produce a fuelless operation, but the condition is not stable. Many people are able to increase the power / mileage of an existing system. The hardest part is the setup. Once the system run, the boost would not consume anything.

Case example:
– the hull effect : work only at spesific rpm, but will really increase power/mileage at that working rpm
– joe cell: some people do obtain fuelless, but no one able to do it again. Most people can not even increase their car power/mileage. Most cell sit on the desk for testing.
– crystal: there is one success case, Jim Clark, able to increase mileage / power considerably, but mention the implementation will need ECU / fuel mix change modification. Otherwise the effect can be unnoticeable on standard gasoline based car, but work great better for diesel based car.
– cemenite, my own invention : will increase power / mileage up to a certain point, where an ECU / fuel mixture modification is needed. Commercial version do not have this limitation but only available in Indonesia.


Mechanical: FAIL
An example is gravity wheel. Many people can not even make it rotate 360 degree. Some that utilize flywheel also see deceleration.


Unfortunately, the future of the current technology to create free energy is not so bright. Thousands of home researchers struggle to solve this problem daily, only to fail repeatedly. Many were repeating the mistakes of their predecessors.

It is unfortunate that there are no websites on the internet that can help the newbie out. Save them some time with the knowledge of failed experiments would be helpful in moving these ideas forward. It also seems that the free energy movement has become stagnant for decades, where is the progress?


How to recognize failure
Complete measurement is very important to know if you have failed or not. Most people ignore this step. For example, if you make a charger, then measure input power and the time it needs to charge a healthy battery. Some people get excited seeing how fast the charging voltage climb on a bad battery, that is not something to be excited about. If you can not exceed the performance of commercially available charger, then you obviously failed.

Another example, LED lighting using coils. Many people were excited that they can lit light with very small power. They do not realize that even that very small power is still very inefficient. Even though many “expert” of free energy claim that LED, neon, CFL and CCFL is powered by voltage in reality, what power light is current. If you need only voltage, you do not need to crank up the input current just to make it brighter. A high power LED need 20mA at 5V according to wiki. So, if you need 50mA just to lit a LED at 12V, the it is obvious that you failed. Light bulb lamp also often being used to demonstrate free energy, when in reality light bulb can be lit with small power. Although the brightness can be used to indicate how much power was being used, the video or photo may not be able to show the real brightness of the lamp. Most fake video use dim room for the demonstration. In reality, video won’t show the filament even on a brightly lit room.

It is very important to know the limit / the requirement of the load before deciding that you get free energy.


If you have tried a few of these experiments and you would like to be part of an online community, please let us know. I think it’s important to help one another, and so many people are really not only in need of free energy, but I think together we can actually make it happen. We can LEARN from each others mistakes and speed up the process by having some encouraging results. We can share our failures with one another which only helps us ALL in the long run.

I may update this article in the future with other failures of previous researchers.

Please contact me anytime, bring something to the discussion, or just drop a line. I would love to help!

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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

28 thoughts on “Free Energy Review ; How many of them work?”
    1. I think most of the replicator fail.

      I have few people testify that they can get excess power just by using normal generator and normal motor. So excess energy can be obtained even without special design. Unfortunately most of them have problem sharing their knowledge because they only self learned.

  1. thanks sir Sucahyo;

    I viewed also your free energy charger using the stingo ? what is the difference between the bedini and your charger? i am interested to explore your innovation could you please send me detailed steps?

    Thanks very much.

    1. The main difference is:
      – stingo do not use of 2N3055 because of its inefficiency.
      – the ON time is short, so it is much more efficient. For example, 1000 miliamp input can produce 500 miliamp output. Bedini SG produce much less than that, often under 100mA. Which give rise to the theory about charging with voltage without current.
      – the output alternate between radiant and normal electricity to prevent the radiant from turning the battery weird (can not be charged by normal charger)

      You can find more information here for stingo:

      and here, explaining why even Bedini do not use radiant technology in his charger line up:

  2. i tried to replicate the simple bedini sg, my purpose is to prove that the battery will not run down however all testings run down the battery . i need help

    1. I only know two people succeed in creating simple Bedini SG that can make the charged battery full before the source run out, one is Bedini, other is IIRC Norman Wootan. Not Peter Lindemann, not Aaron Murakami, not Eric Dollard, not Tom Bearden.

      Both make the source run down.

      However, there is a trick, if you do it in new battery, then it would not run down for some minutes because the radiant will increase the source battery capacity. But it will run down after that.

      What is more important is if your radiant output is too pure, then the charged battery may refuse charge from normal charger. You can read more here:

  3. Just remember that Tesla was considered crazy thinking an alternating current would be the answer to electrical power and that is the standard today. There’s got to be some genius out there they can figure all of this out and go forward with what Tesla was originally experimenting with that no one would give funds to because it was free electricity.

  4. Hello, Sucahyo
    I very much agree with your submission here about various free energy devices.
    i have followed many forums in a bid to get a working device, but all to avail. Until i asked my self the question you asked “where are the working replicated devices with all the free energy forums” Bedini solid state SG was the only thing i got out of all those time and money spent. But also abandoned it when i learnt that even the Bedini abandoned radiant charging. I have already tried your stingo, i love it, very few coil and great result. Thanks for giving up.

    1. Thank you, I am glad that you like stingo. What people should realize is although there are many people who claim to be an expert in free energy, those people never produce working free energy device themself.

      Many “pay to know” information are simply theory with only potential but without working implementation.

  5. As I said, I have dabbled with other technologies. You give no values to these simplistic circuits but claim it will charge six times faster. I found a great deal on run capacitors for your design, 50uf, 370-440 volt for $6.00 each, switch was also $6.00 locally, full wave bridge rectifiers from mouser at $3.60 each including shipping, cords, clamps, misc – charges at just over 1 amp. Those caps normally run $15-20 each. You need to add more caps for more current and faster charge however, battery charging and recovery is not about speed and neither is the above design 1st pic above) that John Bedini posted years ago.

    1. Please keep in mind that even when Bedini sold charger, it do not use radiant technology but use capacitor dumping method.

      read more reagarding problem charging with radiant here:

      That is expensive. The charging speed will depend on the capacitor value. I never try to charge with that method, most of chinese emergency light charger use that method. But 6 times faster is done not with the above circuit, but with the circuit in the link, which should be classified as radiant charger. Here is the detail:
      stingo with dual coil, 12V 2.5A input, 1A output, charge 12V 70Ah lead acid within 15 hours.
      stingo with one coil, around 12V 1A input, 350 mA output, charge two 1.2V 1000mAh nicad in series under 15 minutes.

      Other charger:
      For 1000mAh battery, with 500mA charging current, 1 hours 40 minutes.

      For 700mAh to 1200mAh battery, with 500mA charging current, 1.5 hours to 3 hours.

      (Bedini) Reinaissance Charger, RC-2A12 (2 Amp output):
      Fully discharged 25 AH or 200 CCA Battery . . approx. 11 Hours
      Fully discharged 50 AH or 400 CCA Battery . . approx. 22 Hours
      Fully discharged 100 AH or 850 CCA Battery . approx. 44 Hours

      Reinaissance Charger, RC-1AU
      Fully discharged 1AH (1,000mAh) Battery . . approx. 2-4 HRS
      Fully discharged 3AH (3,000mAh) Battery . . approx. 4-8 HRS
      Fully discharged 7AH (7,000mAh) Battery . . approx. 8-14 HRS

  6. I have made and used the Bedini SSG. Simple to make. Simple wiring. Not expensive. Best of all, I had no problem using it to charge batteries. I have some electronics background and have played with several technologies, the SSG was quick, simple, cheap and worked immediately.

    1. Bedini SSG is not simple nor cheap because it need wheel. The solid state version of radiant charger is more simple.

      If you can not make it charge faster than the fastest charger in the market, or if you can not charge without heating up the battery then building SSG has no benefit. Charger like bellow should be more simple. Work, although you need to be careful with electrical shock:

      There are people who can get amazing result, but replicating them seems to be almost impossible.

      So I satisfied with my stingo which can charge 6 times faster and do not heat up the battery much.

  7. maybe ppl who do not believe, are not just not believing because its free, but maybe because they made intensive research about the subject, empirical research based on scientific studies in may field of science, then it turn out to be just ‘ utopic ‘ . maybe ur grand-grand-grand-grand-grand children will live through free energy systems build today (without paying for it and its energy making..) since then the world have to pay alot for that supposedly ‘free energy’ , destroying environment, countries, people etc… so maybe ur grand-grand-grand-grand-grand children will never exist ..

    1. The problem is, there is a lot of scammer that try to take advantage of people’s noble dream. Unfortunately, scammer have the most exposure and popularity.

      Honest people sooner or later fall into a failure road.

  8. hello, free energy will be available when the inventor will forget to try to make money about it,how can you spread the good news if you became a target from the people who want to suppress it,the answer is no,,,,,,if they fprget about making money, then it will be much harder fpr the gouverment to suppress it because you will be more quiter and low profile.

    1. One big problem is to make anyone else believe you. The invention can not spread if people do not believe or have no skill/tool to replicate. Some people also do not believe in free thing too, they think that something cheap could never be good.

      In that case, it would be better to sell it.

      Sometimes it is better to sell it. It is heart breaking when knowing our invention can change the world, we share it for free, but no one willing to take it.

  9. I have developed an alternator that cancels all back torque!
    Standard alternators, when connected to an electrical load, exhibit the phenomena of back EMF drag.
    My machine through its principle, does not have this problem.
    The output of the machine has no relationship to the rotational energy requirements of the small drive motor, so the word “efficiency” has no meaning here.
    Efficiency, normally refers to the ratio between input and output.
    An electrostatic charge is shuttled back and forth between two rotary capacitors indefinitely.
    This doesn’t “use up” the power, as the charge is constantly RECYCLED.
    So to placate those who doggedly stick to the (man made) “law” of conservation of energy, we should not be upsetting these people.
    By the way, there is no formula for the idea of conservation of energy!
    The machine also automatically “tops up” the small (9 microamps) of otherwise leaked power that occurs through imperfect insulation.
    Full details of my machine are available at:

  10. I do not buy that these are almost all fails. I am a former USAF Microwave electronics tech. The opposite logical force active in nature to ENTROPY is EXTROPY. EXTROPY is the ability of energy under the proper conditions to
    self organize, and even more importantly to attract limitless amounts of additional energy of the same type or of different types. Without this principle LIFE, MIND, SELF AWARENESS, and even SPIRIT probably would not exist. Unfortunately most out there have only been taught that ENTROPY exists, and they reach a point were they can not think outside that box. I want to emphasize, that often no matter the strength of there desire, they will not be able to conceive of it, and will use dogma, ridicule, and plausible deniability, even violent acts of force to press their view upon others.

    However, despite all the barriers to going forwards with it in the U.S., with 5 herniated discs, 2 total hip replacements, and systemic nerve damage, I was still able to comprehend EXTROPIC principles of electricity, and using basic scientific method to build a basic electrical component, that functions EXTROPICLY. The second law of thermodynamics is only correct if one uses only a very limited subset of the possible ways in which energy functions.
    For those who can comprehend, go to http://www.cheniere.org/
    If you make the mistake of going to Wikipedia, you will get a description of this man that is wholly falsified, and that in literal legal terms Libel & Slander. Those who think Wikipedia is some sort of scientific authority, are the truly ignorant among us. I wish good fortune to all of you out there who aspire to get the real full body of science out to the public, although it may be too late for the U.S. somewhere else it will eventually prevail.

    1. The scope of this article is only for free energy device replication. From replication perspective, has device ever been replicated, and if it is, what is the results.

      I do not understand entropy or extropy, but I believe that magnetism and electricity are interacting with orgone energy. I still researching a way to convert orgone to electricity, but I think I can convert electricity to the corect type of orgone. I implement this to stingo zapper, an electronic healing device. After simple modification the circuit is now can produce good orgone too, the user will felt calm and even sleep while the cure effect still work. Please try stingo zapper.


      Another implementation that do not use electricity nor magnetism is cemenite. In free energy uses, cemenite will increase mileage or car power, will increase the heat, fire length and usage of gas stove, and can improve the efficiency of refrigerator with correct placement. The knowledge is based from Karl Reichenbach. Please try cemenite.

      cheniere.org is the website of Tom Bearden. Since he do not have a working free energy device and no one able to implement his theory to real application, I consider Tom Bearden theory as still false. His theory was developed to explain John Bedini SSG. But his theory can not explain the cool charging of radiant electricity. It seems people do not know that faster switching (low signal fall time) will produce a more pure radiant, indicated by a cooler charging. Also many do not know that capacitor charging is not the same as coil flyback charging. Capacitor charging is the same as normal charging, capacitor charging is not radiant charging, so it will heat up the load battery just like what normal charging do. more here:

      For your health, I wish you can try stingo zapper and cemenite.

      1. I think Alexexander J. Federowicz see it from the inventor perspective. That defeat the purpose of “free” energy. If they really produce energy out of nothing, but we still have to buy it and depend to the inventor, then we still not free. That would be the same as we have today, to buy solar or hydro energy from the existing electric company.

  11. Have you heard of the Keshe Foundation, the plasma generator, the magrav motor? We are all desperate to see one in action.

    1. Yes, but evaluation will need to wait until there are succesfull replication (not demonstration by the inventor) or failed replication. Also patented device can not be freely replicated, the replication must obtain permission first.

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