I do not believe in climate change, I do not believe in SRM, and I believe that we can neutralize chemtrails by ourselves without waiting for others (like the government or the EPA) to do it for us. I have been insulted for not buying into the global warming or climate change hoax. SRM also falls short of truth in my opinion, and believe it or not, I have successfully found a way to neutralize the effects of chemtrails.

The proof is available , take it or leave it. How do I know I can change the weather? I have positively done it myself!


The effect of Climate Change
In NASA’s website, the effect of climate change:
NASA – Global Climate Change – The current and future consequences of global change

Below are some of the regional impacts of global change forecast by the IPCC:

  • North America: Decreasing snowpack in the western mountains; 5-20 percent increase in yields of rain-fed agriculture in some regions; increased frequency, intensity and duration of heat waves in cities that currently experience them.
  • Latin America: Gradual replacement of tropical forest by savannah in eastern Amazonia; risk of significant biodiversity loss through species extinction in many tropical areas; significant changes in water availability for human consumption, agriculture and energy generation.
  • Europe: Increased risk of inland flash floods; more frequent coastal flooding and increased erosion from storms and sea level rise; glacial retreat in mountainous areas; reduced snow cover and winter tourism; extensive species losses; reductions of crop productivity in southern Europe.
  • Africa: By 2020, between 75 and 250 million people are projected to be exposed to increased water stress; yields from rain-fed agriculture could be reduced by up to 50 percent in some regions by 2020; agricultural production, including access to food, may be severely compromised.
  • Asia: Freshwater availability projected to decrease in Central, South, East and Southeast Asia by the 2050s; coastal areas will be at risk due to increased flooding; death rate from disease associated with floods and droughts expected to rise in some regions.

Global Climate Change: Recent Impacts

  • Cold days, cold nights and frost less frequent over land areas
  • More frequent hot days and nights
  • Heat waves more frequent over most land areas
  • Increased incidence of extreme high sea level
  • Global area affected by drought has increased (since 1970s)
  • Increase in intense tropical cyclone activity in North Atlantic (since 1970)

Global Climate Change: Future Trends

  • Contraction of snow cover areas, increased thaw in permafrost regions, decrease in sea ice extent
  • Increased frequency of hot extremes, heat waves and heavy precipitation
  • Increase in tropical cyclone intensity
  • Precipitation increases in high latitudes
  • Precipitation decreases in subtropical land regions
  • Decreased water resources in many semi-arid areas, including western U.S. and Mediterranean basin

Most of the problem related to weather, which is lack of rain or too intense rain. The problem related to raising sea level can be explained with sinking land. The reduce of arctic ice can be explained with the sudden increase of man oil exploration at the north.


When people use cemenite, the weather often respond / change within the same day. The people who was having lack of rain get drizzle or little rain immediately. The people who was having too intense rain report the rain intensity reduced immediately. Their testimony can be read in the cemenite group:

Some of them use only a small cemenite, roughly 7 cm diameter, but even they reported noticeable effects immediately. In essence, using cemenite proves that the current understanding of global warming or climate change can easily be debunked. Scientists may be even be wrong about the possibilities and causes of climate changes on our planet as well.

If you have tried cemenite like I have, if you have actually achieved revitalization and clear weather because of the use of cemenite, then you would know exactly what I am talking about. This is no THEORY, this is a tried and true experiment that actually works.

As an added note, I do NOT sell cemenite, I just teach others how to use it!

When you have used cemenite for the sky, you will notice that the one that cause the problem came from the sky, the trails, or chemtrails. When the cemenite was first used, the sky often become clear, nimbus start showing up, the sky gradually turning blue. After few days, chemtrails will often showed up more, trying to undo the effect of cemenite. When you use cemenite, it will become clear how chemtrails damage the weather. They eliminate low nimbus clouds and replace them with high cirrus clouds that either do not produce any rain or produce very intense rain. After that it become a battle for weather. When the chemtrails win, the weather will become violent, the rain is very intense, causing flood or landslide, creating casualities. Or the day and night become very hot. The sky will be filled with clouds but rain will not happen for days or even weeks.

During this time, cemenite can only effective at very small radius, maybe only few km. You may see rain that only happen within your area. You may see nimbus that never showed up elsewhere. You may see birds flying around and chirp but never gone far. You may see blue sky only above you. During this time you can see the relation ship between the white aerosol sky with the temperature.

David Keith may claim that:
Wired – Bill Gates Funds Research Into Climate Hacking
“Solar-radiation management may be the only human response that can fend off rapid and high-consequence climate change impacts,”

However, you will see how the day and night were hot when the sky is filled with particle / aerosol from chemtrails. You will see how the weather was actually worse when the sky is filled with chemtrails stuff. You will learn by yourself that David Keith statement is simply false. People who support Daivd Keith will try to ridicule this kind of approach, so they invent various way to debunk cemenite. If you want to know the effect of cemenite, ask people who already make it, or better, make cemenite yourself.

I hope you can get results like mine. Sky filled with DOR will have bad look:
Wilhelm Reich ~ CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering) OROP Desert, Part 1: Space Ships, DOR & Drought ( Publications of the Orgone Institute, Vol. VI, Nos. 14, July 1954 )
(1) “Stillness & “Bleakness” ~
A “stillness” and “bleakness” spread over the landscape, rather well delineated against unaffected surrounding regions. The stillness is expressed in a real cessation of life expressions in the atmosphere. The birds stop singing: the frogs stop croaking. There’s no sound of life anywhere. The birds fly low or hide in the trees. Animals crawl over the ground with greatly reduced motility. The leaves of the trees and the needles of the evergreens look very “sad”; they droop, lose turgor and erectility. Every bit of sparkle or luster disappears from the lakes and the air. The trees look black, as though dying. The impression is actually that of blackness, or better, bleakness. It is not something that “came into the landscape”. It is, rather, the sparkle of Life that went out of the landscape.

I found that we can prevent the above symptom with cemenite. I hope you can see something like this, green plant’s leaves, blue sky with healthy clouds and birds fly high:

I hope this can become an inspiration for you. If you would like to discuss cemenite further, please feel free to contact me at info@thetruthdenied.com

Good luck in improving your weather and your environment.


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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

4 thoughts on “Debunk climate change & SRM with cemenite!”
  1. Thanks for the instruction on making the cemenite. I made enough of the network wire curls to fill completely my 7 cm x 5 cm mold. I verified they were all three winds and between 5 and 10 mm, and using your picture, all would in the correct direction. After the portland cement set, I froze the device in a plastic container of water. When I removed it from the freezer about 24 hrs later, there was absolutely no clear ice. The device had fuzzy white ice all around it. What would have caused the this bad result? I don’t want to spend the time making another without knowing something about what I did wrong.

    1. The ice around cemenite will be white, but 1cm near cemenite should be more transparent that the white part.

      The experiment need to be done few times to be sure, because the energy inside the refrigerator does not easily change.

      Try other test too, bring it in your car see if you can notice the difference in car power.

  2. hi. just a quick question here – is cemenite the same as holy hand grenades and such? i have a friend from whom i can purchase hhg s but i would like to know what cemenite is before i do so.

    thanks so much for this website and the great info.

    good luck to us all –


    1. Hello, unfortunately, holy hand grenades will usually produce different results from cemenite. People who put HHG or orgonite in the open usually eliminate the low clouds. There are many orgonite / hhg video that show this phenomena. Their sky has no clouds and very often has no birds flying around. When I ask them to improve their own local weather with orgonite, I get shunned, insulted, being called as an agent and banned.

      Here is an example, I demand a gifter to stop tornado and flood in his area, just like he promised before, but I get a collaborated attack instead:

      You can read/download instruction on how to make cemenite here:

      Cemenite power / correctness is measured with water freezing and engine boost. It is not measured with psychic reading no bovis reading nor aura reading nor hand sensing.

      Here is an example of water freezing results, I pusposefully choose the results of other, so you know other people can sucessfully make cemenite too, note how the ice is clearing near the cemenite:

      Orgonite would probably produce ice like this, white ice accumulated at the device:

      So, while cemenite will probably fail in orgonite type of measurement, orgonite will mostly fail in water freezing or engine boost test.

      The goal for water freezing test is to make the ice around the device clear. The goal of engine boost test is to increase engine power and mileage. Bad device will make white ice, and can make engine loose power enough to reduce top speed and make the engine rough.

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